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Money Can Interfere In Relationships And We Have The Stories To Prove It

Out of all the things that couples fight about, money ranks the highest. It can be one of the most divisive issues that partners are forced to confront in their relationship.

For some people, it can become too big a burden to bear. Have a look below and see as people share the moments where money interfered with their relationship.

When they refused to find work, things became too much.

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“I paid for food, dates, even gave him some money for rent once. I worked a full-time job and did everything. The tipping point was when we got in a fight and he said that he deserved to be treated like a king!!!!" - BuzzFeed Community u/Ayanna Reyes-Rios

Some save with an eye toward the future, while others savor the moment.

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Reddit user Gainster1990 prides themselves on their ability to save money.

Unfortunately, their partner doesn't share the same opinion. What's worse, she berates her boyfriend simply because he doesn't spend money aimlessly.

When the REPO people come calling, trouble is on the horizon.

Redditor GrumblingTinter woke up at 2 AM to the sound of her partner's car being repossessed. Not only did he not tell her that he'd fallen behind on payments, but he didn't even attempt to contact the bank for an extension — he just ignored the situation entirely.

Friends don't let friends join MLMs.

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BuzzFeed Community member sarah2431 refused to buy any products from her friend after she joined a multi-level marketing scheme.

She was accused of not caring when really all she was trying to do was look out for her friend's best interests.

A person's good nature can also be a detriment.

"She could not stop spending on me, with constant 50-70$ items, and I told her to stop as I didn't need any of that stuff, although I appreciated it. She wouldn't, so I had to end the relationship(this among many other issues) and I just couldn't give back enough." - Reddit u/Chance_the_dogger

Money can even come between a mother and her child.

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While kittenbags was on a vacation in San Francisco, they used their mother's credit card (a struggling waitress at the time) to buy souvenirs for the entire family.

After she received the bill in the mail, she didn't talk to her child for six months.

When their charity as a friend and roommate was taken advantage of.

"After almost two months, I asked her to either clean up after herself or contribute financially. Rather than be accountable on either front, she chose to go back home and cut me out of her life." - BuzzFeed Community u/mkcohen89

Greedy even in your time of need.

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When sh8892 and her boyfriend were out on a date to the zoo, she began to feel faint and asked him to buy her a banana to raise her blood sugar. He outright refused — even though he made more money than she did and could easily afford it.

Spending money you don't have with fake friends.

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"She spent all of my money hanging out with friends and the house was a mess," Reddit user unbrokenbastard explained. "Both people need to contribute."

It supposedly got so bad, that they wound up divorcing.

When people show you who they really are — believe them.

BuzzFeed Community member jillh4914ac205 was dating a man who had just gotten out of the Marine Corps. She co-signed a car lease with him, with the promise he'd find work. Not only did he refuse to get a job, but he was adamant about not doing any roles which he deemed to be "women's work."

This Reddit user told her boyfriend that she wanted to go back to school.

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"He was supportive until I realized I miscalculated how much I would have to borrow. Only then, once he heard that, did his true colors show. I was suddenly not smart enough to pass my classes and would never be able to find a job and pay off my loans." - BuzzFeed Community u/tms2109

Grief and money are a poor combination.

As this user explains, their entire familial situation was forever changed after their grandparents passed away and left a sizable inheritance to their mother/aunts/uncle. All the money did was begat a web of betrayal, lies, and jealousy.

A surprise plane ticket to Peru becomes a point of contention.

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"After I stated several times he didn’t have to do that, he still wanted to. Jump to months later after the trip when he brings it up in conversation of him, wanting me to pay him back." - BuzzFeed Community u/josephsays

The only thing worse than a thief is a liar.

BuzzFeed Community member himalayall said that once while she was living with her then-roommate, some money went missing from her top drawer. The next month, she deducted the amount from her rent owing. Slowly but surely, her 'friend' stopped talking to her and moved out.

Her boyfriend was literally sucking the life from her.

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"He made me quit my job because he thought I was cheating instead of going to work. After we ran out of money, he made me go sell my plasma for money but he wouldn’t do so himself." - BuzzFeed Community u/Kalee T.