10+ Times People Hacked Ikea Furniture To Make It Look More Expensive

I have to admit something to you: I have expensive taste when it comes to house decor. Having said that, I don't necessarily want to spend a ton of money on decorating.

That's why I'm always looking for creative ways to make things look more expensive than they actually are. These folks hacked their Ikea furniture, and you won't believe the before-and-after pics.

1. This HEMNES Dresser Hack

If you can believe it, you won't need any power tools to accomplish this look. Just paint over the dresser and use wooden dowels to create this cool retro look. I bet it's time-consuming but totally worth it.

2. This KALLAX Upgrade

If you have a hard time following Ikea furniture assembly instructions, this might be difficult for you. But if you're up for a challenge then go for it. This is a neat idea to turn a KALLAX unit into storage.

3. From Plain Cabinet To Greenhouse

Wouldn't it be cool if you could create your own cabinet greenhouse? Well, this lady did just that using an Ikea RUDSTA.

She removed the glass shelves, installed a grow light, a fan, and added magnetic shelves. Wow, this looks spectacular.

4. This Raised Bed With Storage

Have you ever thought about making a raised bed? How about adding some extra storage while you're at it? Take a look at this video that shows you exactly how to use KALLAX units to do so.

5. This MALM Dresser Upgrade

You don't have to end up spending a lot of money to make an Ikea furniture piece look stunning. This lady added decorative knobs and molding and painted the whole thing. Now it looks like a brand new piece, no?

6. This BILLY Bookcase Revamp

This creative lady turned her plain Ikea BILLY bookcases into something out of a Marrakesh home. I love how she made them look oval. What a neat trick on her part, huh? See the whole process in her TikTok video.

7. This Industrial-Style Dresser Look

How do you turn a simple TARVA dresser into something a lot more polished? Here's how you do it. This lady painted it and stained it. Then, she cut up a belt to make these super cool handles.

8. This KALLAX Transformation

It's amazing what you can do with an Ikea KALLAX unit, huh? This person made it over to look like this cutest little corner unit. Don't you love how rustic it looks with the burlap elements? Isn't it is so pretty?

9. This Plant Stand

I've been looking for a nice plant stand so I can propagate my Pothos. Checking out what this lady did here is giving me a great idea. She totally elevated the look of this piece, no?

10. This BESTA Makeover

This lady was able to transform her BESTA unit into a fabulous entry cabinet I have ever seen. I think this idea would also work for a sweet powder room. Don't you think so? This unit looks so chic.

11. This Built-In Fireplace

I bet you're asking how do you go from this to this, huh? You'll need two double BESTA units, four door panels, and two drawers. You'll also need an electric fireplace. Wow, isn't this so impressive?

12. This Headboard Hack

Oh my goodness, you absolutely have to see this transformation video. This creative lady made a decorative headboard for her bed using a piece of an IVAR bookshelf. She then created this amazing pattern and voilĂ . How gorgeous is this?

13. This BILLY Bookcase Hack

Here's a step-by-step tutorial that shows you exactly how this person made a built-in BILLY bookcase. Wow, I think this looks so cool. I never realized that something like this was even possible. Don't you love it?

Who knew that you could save money by buying inexpensive Ikea furniture pieces and elevating them like this, huh?

All of these projects are giving me so many awesome creative ideas. Which one impressed you the most here? Have you done something like this before?