20 People Who Sure Think They're Funny

Not every joke lands. If that were true, we'd have a world full of professional comedians. It sucks when something we try doesn't hit as well as we'd like, but if every joke was funny, none of them would be!

To honor those misses, here's a list of some people who sure think they're funny, but it's up to the internet to decide if that's true.

Stylin' on 'em.

"I coach HS Volleyball and always dress nicely for our matches. I told my team if they beat our rivals I’d give them 20$ to buy me an outfit at a thrift store for our last match. They picked out this beauty," wrote the model in the photo. The hair was a nice touch.

"No appointment needed [...]."

I understand the pun, but it does also look like they're welcoming the Walken family into their establishment.

"The chances of being killed by a baby are low, but not zero."

And when they're twins, that chance doubles. Better start sleeping with one eye open.

"Drove by this on my way home."

What's worse is they didn't even take the tire. They just removed it and left there as some sort of message.

"Shirt like it was made for me!"

I'm pretty sure a table saw can handle all of those, meaning you always win!

"How my local library identifies the Romance Section."

It's a shame that every male romance protagonist has to sign away his shirt when he gets the role. I hope they all get them back one day.

"Our toilet seat broke so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square."

What possessed her to get square toilets in the first place? that feels so incredibly wrong, even more so with the round seat.

"Puzzle for those who want to kill their nervous system."

Or give themselves a headache. Or cause them eye strain. Or have black webbing haunt their every thought and nightmare.

"A 10 minute walk in 91 degrees only to see someone locked up two of the nets. What's the point of this?"

They're jealous they never made it in their basketball career, so now they're on a villainous mission to prevent anyone else from ever enjoying basketball.

"Got a notification to clear my Roomba’s brushes. This wasn’t what I expected."

I often wondered if a Roomba could evolve into an electronic replacement for a pet. By the looks of this, it'd be a cat.

"Husband puts his coffee mug next to 2 empty coasters."

Easy solution, just glue coasters to the bottoms of all the mugs. Now he can't help but use one.

"My mum is using her brand new phone as a stand for her old phone."

This somehow feels like a flex. "I could use my shiny new phone, but I don't want to. Not only that, but I'll use my new expensive one to prop up my old one, to make it feel lesser."

"Easy to lift handles my ass."

It is for this exact reason that I have trust issues. Too many boxes have failed me at the worst possible time.

"Just bought a house. Evidently we have squatters."

Are they squatters if they live outside the house? Sounds more like loitering to me.

"I heard my 5 yr old say 'I just sawed dead people.' In a VERY concerned voice. Turned around to see this."

On the bright side, you now know he's able to identify potential crime scenes! You've taught him well.

"I asked for salt on my fries, so they gave me salt on my fries..."

You would not believe the amount of debate this one picture sparked in the comments. People get really passionate about salt on their fries.

"Saw this helpful sign yesterday at about 3:00."

What's going to happen here on Saturday? A party? A meteor strike? Maybe those who randomly meet here at this time are soulmates destined to be together?

"Well... They tried their best."

With this weather lately, this is how I feel when I have to go outside too.

"I made a sheath for a single pepperoni."

Now you'll always have a snack on the go. The snack might not be filling or satisfying, but you'll have it!

"I’ll take ten."

I'm sure your kid is great and not at all a menace, but that's not a risk I'm willing to take. Better to keep them all away.

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