20 People Who Made Us Belly Laugh Today

Laughing a minimum of 17 times a day can keep the doctor away, or at least that's what the U.S. Preventive Medicine claims. So if you have yet to reach your daily target of giggles per day, perhaps these hilarious pictures posted to the internet will do the trick.

They certainly had as cackling, but more often than not, it was Reddit's responses to the photos that made our stomachs hurt from ugly laughing so much. Take a look for yourself, after all, laughter is the best medicine!

"My friend had a family emergency so I agreed to watch his dog (who looks like mine). Mine was extremely unimpressed by her doppleganger." — RealRedKan

On the subject of uncanny doppelgangers, take a lot at this adorable pup that doesn't seem to be enjoying the company of its lookalike.

In fact, we almost see a little bit of resentment in her eyes. But we suppose that we can't really blame her for being bitter towards the imposter stealing her limelight.

This is like the time I saw my ex's new girlfriend at Trader Joe's

What's that Olivia Rodrigo quote? Do you call her, almost say my name? 'Cause let's be honest, we kinda do sound the same!

"This exists now, enjoy." — Hollow-Bamboo

If you've ever stumbled upon a book from the Animorphs series and not been completely horrified by their metamorphic cover, we're both impressed and concerned for your emotional stability.

We could never hold back our terror when starring at children who slowly transformed into animals. But we're willing to put that freight aside for the only Animorphs we actually do enjoy β€” Jamie Lee Curtis turning into a yogurt cup.

Need we say more.

"Propane Hank is my spirit animal." — Tyflowshun

What better way to let customers know that you're out of gas than by drawing Hank Hill, the assistant manager of Strickland Propane from the animated series King of the Hill, as a propane tank.

It seems pretty brilliant to us, and we weren't alone in this thought. Other Redditors were also quick to share their enjoyment of the doodle in typical Reddit fashion β€” puns!

"Propane hank? I think you mean propank," writes user SkyfangR, garnering laughs from even the original poster themselves.

"This boat runs on gas." — Most_Chance_2090

This boat docked in Halifax, Nova Scotia may have fell victim to some pretty unfortunate vandalism but at least the addition made for one hilarious photo.

The local Canadian students who painted the boat probably don't think so, but Reddit sure does.

"I could probably win a race with this boat," says Redditor brianishere2, and we're cackling.

"My dog feels about cats the same way I feel about humans." — ashlijune

Clearly, this dog and its owner dislike affection, and that's completely valid, especially in the midst of a pandemic where you want to keep six feet from another being.

But it's the pup's mid-howl and pleading eyes captured in this photo that have us snorting.

"Lost your spouse?? Lol." — skinnysammy

If your partner has a tendency of wandering, which then requires you to hunt them down during every shopping trip, be sure to check aisle three first.

This store has a lane dedicated to lost spouses and we can only imagine how effective it is as reuniting separated couples.

Sure, it may not be surrounded by the most exciting merchandise but it's certainly still a good idea. And here's to hoping more retailers follow suit.

"Meep-meep!" — LouisBalfour82

Sure, you could get a dent in your car fixed at a body shop. Or, you could do what this genius car owner did by simply giving the dent a purpose.

And by purpose, we mean sticking a Wile E. Coyote decal in the recess so it looks like the iconic Looney Tunes character crashed into the side of the vehicle.

"Is it? " — Roexr

That's a good question, one that only Reddit could have the answer to.

"They're in a pickle," replies Reddit Mahossen in the comments.

"It’s beyond meat," suggests another.

And our favorite: "They just squash it unless one has a bad tempeh," says user MadroxKran. Genius!

"I'm trying to get my cat to stop sniffing my shoes, but she insisted she doesn't have a problem." — Hexaphim

As much as she tries to keep denying it, this cat clearly has a sniffing problem. If a shoe smells so bad it causes a feline to dry-heave, there are definitely some underlying issues.

Let's break them down. One, the cat has one strange addiction. The sooner she accepts it, the faster her recovery will be.

And two, this Redditor needs to invest in some shoe deodorizer to prevent the smell of his sneakers from literally gagging a cat.

"The last straw." — Duck_man_

We don't blame this Redditor for wanting a divorce, we'd want one too if we stumbled upon this horrific discovery and the culprit was a spouse.

Who in their right mind would impale a roll of toilet paper like this when there's a clear tube in the middle for a reason. We have to laugh at this photo because if we don't we'll start crying.

"Hopefully their *[sic]* hiring somebody that can spell." — Lord_Fusor

"I too hope THEY'RE hiring someone who can spell," writes Redditor bry2k200, correctly the original poster.

We don't know what's funnier β€” the misspelling of the word 'drive-thru' someone spotted at this Wendy's drive-thru or the fact that the person who did point out the error got called out for their own spelling mistake.

"They got their phone number game down." — Paracortex

Indeed they do! But they shouldn't just stop there. Reddit took the liberty of coming up with some other marketing solutions and we're chuckling at all of them.

"'When you think of poop, think of us,'" suggests one Redditor, and we have to admit the slogan is quite catchy.

However, it's another catchphrase by a fellow user that totally nails down the plumping company's theme perfectly.

"'P-E-P Eight hundred POOP, get your [waste] through the pearly gates at St. Pete Plumbing!" writes HumbleInspector9554.

Everything about the phrase is absolutely heavenly!

"My cats discovering they’re no longer the babies." — Grapril

Bringing home a new family member is an adjustment for everyone in a household, including furry friends.

These two felines seemingly weren't ready for the change and it's written all over their adorable, and hilariously confused, faces.

But we're sure that once all parties are comfortable, these kitties will be protecting the newest addition as if it was their own!

"A notice at my local paint store." — j_bone1979

This isn't the most typical of signs you'd expect to see at a paint store. But alas, it exists for a seemingly peculiar reason.

What exactly could the reason be to necessitate such a sign? We'll likely never know the answer. So we'll just giggle at the framed paper to keep our curiosity at bay.

"My wife took a picture of our youngest son and showed it to me. I responded saying I think I've seen that before." — featherwolf

"The kid isn't yours, Bigfoot is his father," says Redditor Critical-Captain in the comments under the post.

And they may be on to something because the resemblance between the two is certainly uncanny. This adorable little kid is undeniably the spawn of Sasquatch. Or plot twist...he is Bigfoot.

"The only reason that the Arabian Sand Boa (Eryx Jayakari) has survived this long is that its prey can't stop laughing in time to escape." — WildAnimus

Yes, we're laughing at this googly-eyed snake that looks as if it were created by a four-year-old. The simplicity of its face makes the creature appear like it's a very distant, and less evolved, version of a reptile.

However, if this snake was even within a six-foot radius of us we'd suppress our giggles as quickly as they appeared.

"What a difference a year makes." — BaddTuna

Okay, this picture deserves one of those mid-breakdown laughs where your tears turn into silent, open-mouthed chuckles.

It's incredible to think that just a year ago consumers were flocking to stores to get their hands on as many disinfecting products to protect themselves against the COVID-19 virus.

And now, retailers are selling those same products for a tiny fraction of their jacked-up prices during the midst of the pandemic. * sigh *

"Just how small of a car are they expecting?"— plsletmestayincanada

We honestly can't answer this question. Even the minuscule Smart car likely wouldn't fit in this space.

So what exactly is this spot intended for? If we're guessing, perhaps a motorcycle or Vespa could fit in the space. And if that's the case, then a more accurate sign for the teeny space would be "Small Vehicle Sign."

"Passed by a US Postal Branch recently." — NegaGamer

If we haven't made it abundantly clear, let us state it; we love a good pun.

While the original poster of this 'postal branch' made an excellent joke, we were equally as impressed by another Redditor who carried the pun on.

"Ask if you can talk to the branch manager," writes user Complicated_Shadows. And if that's not peak humor, we don't know what is.

"A Bumblebee got into our house and stung our kitten. Ended up turning her into Thanos." — scrubbingbubbles2

We have to declare our sincere apologies for laughing at this little kitty. It's certainly not the cat's pain that made our bellies jiggle (We're not that heartless!). Rather, it's all the iconic resemblances Reddit noticed whilst glaring at the kitty's swollen chin.

Of course, there's the honorable mention of Marvel's biggest villain, Thanos, as stated by the original poster. But it didn't stop there.

Other users suggested additional lookalikes, such as Winnie-the-Pooh's BFF, Tigger, the masked superhero Crimson Chin from Fairy Odd Parents, and even Hellboy actor Ron Perlman.

Yup, we see them all and we seriously hate that we're still giggling.