15+ Surprises That Provided People With Some Perspective

Be it time or size, process or product, an unexpected moment or change can really make us think. From a curious little thought to an entire shift in worldview, these changes can come at the strangest of times.

These sorts of moments can be seen in this list, featuring 15+ surprises that provided people with some perspective.

"This 1925 invitation to watch the solar eclipse with special spectacles included."

This makes a solar eclipse seem like a much fancier event than it is, but I do think those glasses are pretty stylish, let's bring them back.

"This really old oven comes with instructions for cooking various foods."

Were all appliances this helpful? I'd trade an oven window for this any day.

"My tuxedo cat Wednesday has white lines going down each leg. From underneath she looks skeletal."

Who needs Halloween decorations when you have her all-year-round?

"[A] little mirror that flips to a toothbrush holder in my new apartment."

This is so cute! Handy, functional, and a great space saver.

"Found a chip almost as big as my hand."

Imagine the dipping possibilities with this thing. I'm craving French onion dip at the mere thought.

"This 'castle' house near where I live."

I think we should return to castles. Just small ones, the size of modern houses. Wouldn't we all feel fancier, a little more regal?

"Some old Russian Pepsi that I found."

The letters on the front are, apparently, a direct pronunciation match to 'Pepsi Cola' rather than a translation attempt!

"My backpack is so old this is the picture on the cell phone pocket."

From when backpacks (and everything else) were built to last!

"This truck full of pineapples."

I don't think I've ever seen anything smaller than a semi transporting produce, but they fit an impressive amount of pineapples on there!

"There are glowing street light poles in a park in my town."

These are so pretty. Imagine how much more colorful life would be with just a few more lights.

"Our new car came with lighted seatbelt buckles."

A few more lights wouldn't only bring color, but functionality too!

"I baked a whole can of croissants without unrolling it."

Huh. I never considered the fact that you could just do that. I know what I'm adding to my shopping list.

"A beaver took down this huge tree."

Beavers are scary powerful. If they ever evolve past just needing trees, every structure known to man would be in danger.

"Old church turned Mexican restaurant."

Old churches being repurposed into other things is my favorite type of recycling.

"Whoever tagged this train car made sure not to obscure any information."

These people just want their art to be seen, not to put anyone or anything in actual danger!

"Underground high voltage cables are warm enough to melt snow."

So if we had enough of these we could just forgo snowplows? No more needing to shovel the bottom of the driveway twice?

"Using a leaf as a funnel."

Wait. Wait, hold on. This is so smart. I'll never buy a funnel again!

"My mom found a whole potato in the bag of french fries tonight."

"Thought you could buy your way out of making your own fries? Forget it, cut them yourself."

"Over 10 years wear on my scaffolding hammer."

And it still works great! A great worker's tool and emotional outlet tool.

"[A] street lamp fell over into the snow outside my apartment. Turns out they’re massive [...]."

Perspective, literal perspective from standing under one, is a hell of a thing. You think maybe it's about the size of your head then boom! They're at least three times that.

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