18+ Things That Really Missed The Mark

It is amazing how far off the mark some things can be. From "accidentally" creating oddly sexual tables, to buying teddy bears for your partner that have real teeth in them, the world is full of people who just didn't quite get the memo.

So, in order to celebrate some of the a mixture of the most baffling and generally daft people out there, here are 18+ things that really missed the mark.

"Of course I can paint you on a horse! I've totally seen one before"

Reddit | DaughterOfDevin

This painter was either lying about knowing what a horse was, or they had seen some damn strange horses in their time!

"Giving a grown man some hard wood!"

Reddit | seminolewilliam

I'm fairly certain that the person who made this didn't mean to make their table as thicc as this. Or, perhaps they are just really into tables...

This Cat's Hoodie

Reddit | falkenpunch9

That cat really needs to be careful about where it sits! Also, it needs to stop pulling terrifying faces like on the left, especially while wearing a jumper that potentially says such a horrific thing!

"My blind cat loves the outdoors."

Reddit | Vanilakush

Okay, this one is very adorable. It must love the feeling of the sun on its fur... or the smell of that wall.

"Duct tape painted car."

Reddit | Cocktailprof

This is actually quite impressive! Those lines would have been nowhere near that straight if I'd have tried to "paint" a car like this.

"Turns out dressing rooms aren't safe from tall people."

Reddit | emzieees

Tall people really are the scourge of stall doors everywhere. What gives them the right to be so tall eh?

"Jersey of the Year award goes to..."

Reddit | Circabb

He's been my favourite player for years. A very solid player, but he can get a bit teste-y now and again.


Reddit | ItzzCarl

That kid was so scared of the lion from Madagascar that he broke the sound barrier trying to escape!

"Unfortunate sign outage."

Reddit | XJadynX

I don't know what you're dunkin' them in, and frankly I don't care, please stop.

"If my daughter keeps doing her own eye makeup, child protective services are gonna come knocking pretty soon."

Reddit | TheTonz

This person took to the comments to say that their wife does their daughter's makeup on the off-chance that she wears any, however she had gone rogue in this instance.

"Getting that bread."

Reddit | pseudosanegirl

Now, I like bread as much as the next guy... but this is absolute insanity!

"This will never not be funny."

Reddit | dcQueso

I know that there is a part of you thinking, "Pfft, how childish!" However, there is a bigger part of you thinking, "Still pretty funny though."

"The Valentine's Day card I bought for my husband."

Reddit | shallywally

It's always good to see that some drunken decisions aren't mistakes!

"My GF hinted she wants a teddy bear for Valentine's day. I hope she likes it."

Reddit | MentalRobot

What could she not like about it? The hideous dead eyes? The disgustingly pronounced teeth? Who knows?!

"We were playing darts when this happened... I was about to win."

Reddit | RobGr

If the other guy had thrown that at the reset button intentionally, then that is the most amazing rage quitting I've ever seen.

"My local pet shelter's idea of a nice valentine's celebration."

Reddit | ItsNotAna

One other person also pointed out that there was a zoo that was taking donations to name their cockroaches and rats after exes.

"So happy they will be protected by camouflage uniforms in space."

Reddit | groshretro

Always good to be able to blend in with all of the foliage that there is in space in case of an emergency.

"Well he's not wrong."

Reddit | buckyhead8

This kid knew exactly what he was doing, and I love it! Life would be so much better if this animal actually existed in the world.

We need an app for that now, too.

What an age we live in, when we can be stranded because our car doesn't get a cell signal, but there's just enough of a signal to tweet about it all. #awkward, amirite?

"Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake..."

Reddit | SaltyDogBiscuit

You know your relationship with your in-laws has really matured when you can be open and honest with each other and don't have to hide your true feelings anymore.

Cursed pepperonis.

At least with ham and pineapple you get a classic mix of sweet and salty, but kiwi slices alone? I'll pass, thanks.

"I'm not sure anything has been cared about less than this pizza."

Reddit | Sharkbyte12

At least at the end of the day it's still technically edible, I suppose. But if there aren't tears over the sizes of slices, I'd be shocked.

The mark has been well and truly missed.

Reddit | PlayfulYetBored

But the sign and the door locking policy? Totally on point.

"Baby Yoda" and "thong" are not two things I ever thought would go in the same sentence.

But here we are. Is nothing sacred?

"How I help this world."

Reddit | Muddather

Everybody knows that duct tape holds the world together, not electrical tape. Come on man, pick up your game.

"Meanwhile in Russia (Novosobirsk) they are laying roads and curbs directly on snow."

Reddit | BlackViperMWG

Well the hot asphalt will just melt the snow right out of the way, won't it? Isn't that how this works?

Even the five-year-old who was assigned this little art project could tell something wasn't quite right with it.

Reddit | dafreak999

As the kid whispered to the uploader, "They look like boy wieners." It's kind of too bad they didn't have him around when they designed this because he's definitely not wrong.

Panic buying is a pretty bad idea at the best of times, but these two manage to take it to a pretty ridiculous extreme.

Reddit | namakius

Even if hoarding gas like this were somehow a good idea, these two are going to learn the hard way that these containers aren't water-tight.

All it takes is one little open flame and they've got a massive problem.

I'll admit that I'm not sure exactly how somebody missed the mark here, but it's clear things didn't go according to plan.

Reddit | backflipper5k

Nothing really jumps out at me as a way to explain how the horse even got up there, but I'm legitimately curious to know what happened here.

I'm also accepting the possibility that we'll never know.

Either somebody didn't label these elevator buttons correctly, or we're dealing with some truly advanced people-moving tech here.

Reddit | ApeCommando

So it's guess it's up to you: Would you like to go to the left or down and to the right?

Maybe this is what Willy Wonka meant when he said his Wonka-vator could go "square ways."

This is a pretty weird sweater design, but this lady accidentally found the most unfortunate way to wear it.


I'm not sure where Mickey is normally supposed to be sticking his head, but I think it's fairly safe to say that it's not in here.

While it's good to see that this machine's makers thought of their blind customers, it looks like they didn't quite think hard enough.

Reddit | PCG_SneakyTurtle

While it's very clear which numbers are which on this pad, they still don't have any way of knowing whether they'll end up with a candy bar or, apparently, a tuna salad kit.

Yeah, pretty big difference there.

It may be silly not to wrap your willy, but it's even sillier to put pins right through the center of the packages like this.

Reddit | Thumbs0fDestiny

And while it's normally nice and responsible to give these away for free, the unfortunate truth is that "free" in this case means "worthless."

It's clear here that this person missed the mark, but that's the only thing that's clear about this picture.

Reddit | [deleted]

Apparently, they were trying to measure the height of their room in Cheerios and found out that honey is, at best, an unreliable adhesive.

Your guess is as good as mine as to why they did any of this, though. At least the ants will be happy?

While we may not get people to agree on whether pineapple is an acceptable pizza topping, it shouldn't be hard to spot the mistake here.

Reddit | adamsappol

Yeah, the uploader's coworker apparently forgot to select cheese in their order and this was the result.

I guess at least someone thought it was worth trying, though.

In fairness, these images weren't ever supposed to go together.

Reddit | pb-86

But yeah, not only did things turn out in a pretty unfortunate way, but that goofy facial expression really isn't helping matters here.

It's an unfortunate fact of life that sometimes, other people miss your mark for you.

Reddit | ThatOneGuyFrom93

Even putting aside that mint vanilla mac and cheese looks like something Dr. Seuss would come up with, there's no way that flavor combination isn't super weird.

And I say that as someone who adores mint.

The customer didn't miss the mark here, but someone along the shipping line certainly did.

Reddit | bmartin1989

What they wanted was a record player, but they instead somehow ended up with 100 laptop chargers.

I'm not sure they'll be able to use that many in a lifetime.

"Happy Valentine's Day guys."

Reddit | ViewtifulGary89

I really feel that they started quite optimistic with "Be Mine" and "Marry Me", but then just lowballed it with "Heart Burn."

Coming soon from Apple, cat mode.

Reddit | Marubolas

Because curiosity isn't just going to kill the cat, it's also going to get you locked out of your phone for a decade.

"Her clock is upside down."


Christ, it must be a nightmare trying to plan to see this woman. I mean, she must have realized that she was turning up places at odd hours mustn't she?

Watch that next hill, it's a doozy.

Reddit | Slick-Rick-843

That's the kind of face plant that you have to wonder if it will bloom and flower come spring.