15 Camping Hacks That Make The Great Outdoors Even Better

Ah, the great outdoors. They already have the word "great" in their name, so how could they get any better? Well, if you're about to embark on a camping trip for the first time or the 100th time, these tips will have you covered. Take a look at these helpful hacks to make your next camping trip go off without a hitch.

Keep your tent or camper tidy.

Want to keep sand, dirt, and grass out of your space? Bring along an over-the-door shoe hanger and leave it outside. Goodbye to sleeping on uncomfortable bits of dirt!

Keep your cooler cool for longer.

Unsplash | Steve Johnson

"Instead of using bagged ice or ice substitutes in your cooler, freeze water bottles and pack them around your food. Your cooler stays dry and you get fresh cold drinking water."

Ants, be gone.

Unsplash | The Digital Marketing Collaboration

"Put the legs of your camping table in cups of water so that ants can't get to your food."

As another user noted, just make sure your table isn't wood! You'll damage the wood with water.

Pop some eggs in a portable blender bottle.

"When camping crack a dozen eggs into your Tupperware Quick Shake Container (remove the blender disk). Then, you can pour out your eggs one by one when you’re ready to fix them at the campsite."

Escape the heat with some DIY A/C.

"Jury rigged an air conditioner out of a foam ice chest, 2 USB powered fans, a USB hub, and a USB wall adapter." This is also a good solution for anyone without A/C, tbh.

Create more light.

"Need more light when you’re camping? Put a water bottle on top of your phone flashlight for a lantern effect." iamg0d on Reddit suggested.

This is extremely smart!

Keep your TP safe.

If you're not sure how to store your TP (and want to protect it from the elements), fashion out a Folgers container and use it as a TP holder!

Make some outdoor lighting with some candles and stakes!

Using some craft dowels and some candles, you can create your own outdoor lighting stakes! Try boiling the candles to make it easy to insert the stakes.

Lay out all your condiments in an easy-to-clean tin.

"Next time that you grill out for the family... this makes a great (And not so easy to spill) serving dish for condiments!"

This would be such easy cleanup, too!

Pre-mix your food and write the recipes on the containers.

"I premix my dry ingredients for my pancake mix and write everything on the container! I bring my sourcream and vanilla pre-measured and mixed together as well," Laura Kusyk said on Facebook.

Pick up bathing cloths if you don't have access to showers.

These water-activated cloths are ideal for when you don't have access to shower facilities! You can also use rinse-free shampoo or dry shampoo to keep your hair squeaky clean.

Be prepared to get a fire going.

Unsplash | Ricardo Gomez Angel

"Roll cotton balls in Vaseline to use as fire starters. Pack them in a Ziploc bag or small container when you go camping. They burn for at least 3 minutes at a decent size flame, 1 or 2 are plenty to get a fire going."

Make a DIY washing machine with a bucket and a plunger.

Throw your clothes and your washing detergent in the bucket, fill it with water, and use the plunger to agitate the clothes around to get them nice and clean!

Use TicTac boxes to store spices.

Honestly, I love the idea of reusing something you'd otherwise throw away. This is also a great way to distribute the condiment you're using, thanks to the tiny TicTac opening!

Sleep with some peace of mind.

"Bring duct tape when you go camping to get rid of bugs in your tent," Crusadera said on Reddit.

As someone who hates bugs a LOT, this is a life-saving tip.