People Had To Do A Double Take With These 20 Confusing Pictures

There are a lot of things out there that we have a good idea of. We know what they look like, and we know what to expect when we see them. So when we see something that looks completely different from what we're expecting, it's kind of wild.

I'm not gonna lie, these images kind of took me out for a second. But when you look a little closer, you'll realize they aren't quite what they seem.

"Monster dog devouring people on the beach."

Also known as Dogzilla. You'd better watch out for giant dogs running rampant on a beach near you.

For real, though, I wonder how much patience it would've taken to get a picture like this. Not only would you have to wait for your dog to yawn, but you'd have to have people around, too.

"Floating island in the Gulf of Bothnia."

I seriously thought this was a weird cloud at first. Then I realized that it's land, and the way the water is reflecting the clouds is making it look like it's floating. It just so happens that the water is incredibly still. What a cool optical illusion!

"I thought it was a person at first."

Those bag holders are so tricky! I swear I've seen them and thought they were people before. The fact that there's a bag that fell into the middle and has folded in a way that makes it look like there's a pair of legs and feet there is probably what's selling this one.

"Saw this as a thumbnail and had to do a double take."

I swear, when I first looked at this, it nearly gave me a heart attack! I straight up thought those shoes were two screaming heads. The fact that they're sort of a peachy color really doesn't help.

"Does anyone else see an orangutan or is it just me?"

I'm not going to lie, it took me a few seconds to realize that the weird hill off to the side isn't an orangutan in an enclosure. It's so amazing how our eyes can play tricks on us like this.

"Took this to sell online. Large green egg stand looks like top and bottom are side by side."

Okay, this is downright confusing. I honestly couldn't even tell what I was looking at for a while. But the smaller cross at the top of the image is actually the top of the table, and it isn't next to the larger cross, which is the bottom. It's just so weird.

"Discovered a small horse standing on another horse."

Ah, horses. Not just a great method of transportation for humankind, but also...for horse kind? As much as it looks like there is a smaller horse balancing on top of a larger one, they're probably actually around the same size. Perspective is a crazy thing.

"Flying cat."

Pictures like these may make us believe that cats can fly (and at this point, I wouldn't really be surprised). I'm honestly still a little unsure as to whether this cat is jumping midair, or if it's outside, hanging onto the screen door or something.

"Two-headed deer."

Nothing to see here, just a deer family. Completely normal. You know, except for the one with two heads.

Thankfully, I'm pretty sure it's just two deer standing really close to one another, and it isn't actually a two-headed deer. At least, I really, really hope that's the case.

"S-shaped block of flats in Hungary."

I bet you anything the people who built this building did that on purpose. The illusion would definitely work at a certain time of day, and during a sunny day as well. When you look closely, though, you can see the edges of the blue parts of the building. It's not quite as crazy as it seems.

Unstable legs.

It doesn't help that this person is wearing wide-legged pants (which is a totally fine fashion choice!). The ankle cutoff part is facing one direction, while the rest of the pants are facing another. It makes this person look like their legs are about to fall apart.

"Magic carpet."

Imagine being anywhere where the water is so clear, you might not even notice it at first. That's got to be, like, water in its purest form or something. Even though I know that woman is floating on water, it just looks like she's floating midair. Especially with that shadow.

"That's a very long cow."

No, cows didn't magically start growing longer. That's just two cows sitting right next to each other, at an angle that makes it look like there's only one, long body. Honestly, though, cows are big enough. We don't need them to get any bigger.

"Species: Unknown."

Man, here I was thinking we were about to discover a new kind of animal that would turn the taxonomy system on its head. Sadly, that's just two animals standing close to one another at a weird angle. You can even see the ostrich's head if you look closely enough.

"Spider cat."

Wait, how many legs to cats have? At this point, there such enigmatic creatures that nothing really surprises me anymore. You could tell me a cat has two heads and eight legs, and I would believe it.

Thankfully, this picture is just a case of the mirror playing tricks on us.

"A huge wall."

I've seen buildings like this before, where it looks like it's super flat. I know it's just the angle that the picture is taken at, but it's still really weird. It's like people built buildings like these on purpose, because they knew it would mess everyone up.

"I got gum on my shoe."

So, if you're thinking that this is a shoe with gum on it, you would be incorrect. For some reason I can never understand, people make clothes with strange and oftentimes clever illusions to them.

Fashion is a wild and subjective world, but I could never see myself wearing something like this.

"Camera runs off water."

I remember being told time and time again as a kid that water and electricity do not mix. That's why looking at something like this is a little cringey. Like, I know the plug isn't dangling in the glass of water. But the fact that it looks like it does is giving me a headache.

"My full cup of milk that made the cup look upside down."

I guess putting milk in a white mug is going to make it look solid. I probably would've seen that in real life and wondered why the mug was upside down. But that thing is so full, how would you drink it without spilling?

"My wife has eyeliner I keep mistaking for a battery."

Okay, that's just uncanny. It looks exactly like a double-A battery. Like, down to the black and copper ends.

If you drop it and it falls over, does that mean it's empty?