30 People Who Were In The Right Place At The Right Time

The internet loves seeing things that should never have happened given the odds stacked against them!

And so, from people who ran into Keanu Reeves under truly strange circumstances to individuals who crushed shipping containers with their heads, here are 30 people who were in the right place at the right time!

"Met Keanu Reeves once when I was 14, and again when I was 17. Oddly enough, Neo was wearing the same t-shirt both times."

In adding to the story, this person wrote:

"What's hilarious was that both times were at the same exact club as well. My dad worked on a few of his basses over the years and got me some tickets and passes when his band, Dogstar, came around. Pics were taken on disposable cameras circa '95 & '98. I didn’t notice the anomaly until years later."

"Now gimme that, you!"

That man is so afraid while that monkey is so delighted, it's a truly fantastic contrast.

"The moment my eldest met her new baby sister."

One knowledgeable person did add, "The best advice I got was to make sure I wasn't holding the new baby when the first child met the new baby. Make sure to hold the first child and approach the new baby together."

Although, I don't know how well that actually works.

"Luckily for the people in the truck, their search for a lawyer was over before it began."

That guy looks remarkably pleased considering a truck has just rammed into his face.

"My dad took this picture at the exact moment my mom got chomped by an ostrich."

And those ostriches can really pack a chomp as well. I like the way that the other one is just watching on.

"Pigeon perfectly photobombs GF."

I would rather this happened as opposed to the pigeon pooping on my head during a picture being taken.

"This shipping container does not spark joy."

So that explains why all of my packages turn up dented! They've all been attacked by the woman with the iron head!

"He heard the treat bag open."

I have a lot of friends who have the same expression whenever I say, "I'm going the bar."

"My mom killed a wasp while closing the garage door."

That is one hell of an incredible shot that they managed to pull off. I normally just swat them.

"Dad joke resulting in a most unflattering bridal picture. Happy belated Fathers' Day, old man."

Good to see that no matter how old a dad gets, the dad jokes only get more powerful.

"This can happen when you blink faster than the shutter on the camera."

Someone else did point out that the other explanation is that this poor child is actually possessed.

"Hero bird saves guy from $300 fine..."

It is also very possible that the bird was the one who was going over the speed limit in the first place.

"That must have hurt real bad."

Getting hit by a bus can do a fair bit of damage, but this woman must be made of steel or the like.

"Fishing Osprey photobombed my dolphin shot."

I like how it looks as though this Osprey is just saying, "Hey! Look what I caught!"

The Smelliest Moment Of All...

"My lifelong friend tried to sneak a tender candid photo me holding her new baby for the first time. Instead, she captured the EXACT moment her baby ripped a man-sized fart, straight on my lap," the person who uploaded this wrote.

"Here is my favorite picture of my grandma. She was having a hard time with the mixer."

That is the look of a person who has been completely defeated. I often have this expression whenever I'm near a kitchen.

"Perfectly timed roman candle shot."

"We need something to get people excited about Star Wars again."

"What if we just triple the size of the lightsabers?"


"Tried to capture the moment I proposed to my girlfriend this weekend."

I know that it might have seemed annoying at the time, but I think that this photo is actually much better than the intended one!

"This little dude managed to open my pizza delivery within 20 seconds of delivery drop off."

I hope this situation didn't become a story they'd have to tell their grandkids about fighting possum for a pizza, but you have to admit, that would be a good story.

"Found this in an old family photo album."

The best part of this is that it's so old, you just know the parents probably didn't have a camera in their pockets, so somebody had to run to grab the camera to capture this moment, while the child continued to be outwitted by the toilet seat.

"Thrilling chase underway here..."

You'd halfway expect to see this on mission in Grand Theft Auto, and it would be as ridiculous as it was crushingly difficult, as if the writers were taking out their frustrations on players as weirdly as they can.

"I think I found him!"

I just love how unconcerned and downright chill this dog looks. He might have caused his owner weeks of worry and heartache, but he's just content with life right now.

"I can't believe I actually got a picture of the cops pulling over the Emergency Donut Vehicle."

Okay, obviously this is a meeting that was fated, but more importantly, there's an Emergency Donut Vehicle?? Why was I not informed? It's not just police officers who have donut emergencies, you know!

"Saddest moment ever..."

This is heartbreaking. I hate it when you cannot remember where you parked your house.

"Suppressing every childhood video game urge in me right now…."

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto missions, amirite? Although, given how often such maneuvers ended in flaming death, it's probably for the best to just keep right on suppressing those childhood video game urges.

"A lady pulled her phone out and snapped a photo just as i dived into the ball pit. Only saw the photo uploaded to Facebook a few days later, but it's honestly my favourite photo."

There's something so wholesome about a grown man being caught attacking a ball pit with complete abandon, isn't there? Just dinosaurs, basketball, and ball pit glory, he's kicking it old school.

"God will break this one up."

Yep, usually if there's anything that two rambunctious puppers can agree on, it's that thunder and lightning are worse than the vacuum. They ought to be a split second away from dropping that toy they're fighting over and running for the safety of the basement.

"My dog Maple not making a corner."

Maple doesn't seem too disheartened by falling over, she's still got her eyes on the prize as well...the duck!

"When I went to Switzerland and happened to look exactly like this random wood statue."

They're such twins it's kind of spooky, like she either dressed up like this carving before leaving that morning, or someone used her as the model before starting their work. It's just uncanny.

"Somehow ended up behind these 2 cars at the same location a couple days apart."

And this is why those cop shows where the detective says they "don't believe in coincidences" just doesn't ring true. This is clearly just an amusing coincidence — Maine is a small state, but not that small!

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