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24 Hilariously Perfect Solutions For Everyday Problems

Work smart, not hard.

Not only do I believe in that mantra, I live by it. So do these clever people, who all found solutions to their problems by thinking outside the box.

Let's dive in and see if we can find anything to us in our daily lives, shall we?

Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride vehicle at all times.


This has big "kid who makes so much trouble in class that he has to have a box around his desk" energy.

When you've got three under three, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Want to take your cats outside, but don't want them to run away?

Reddit | gregbuckskin

Leash 'em up to the dogs. Not only do they get to play outside, but they'll be forced to make friends with the dogs. This is a no-lose scenario, people.

Human beings have become far too used to ignoring caution signs.

Reddit | steviosjb

Someone had to actually slap a sticker on this to tell people, "Hey, here's a sign, do you see the sign? Here it is, dummy." That's hysterical to me. Good job, humanity.

So your desk chair keeps sinking.

Reddit | hawkerocker

The hydraulics are shot, but it's still a good chair. What do you do? Grab some LEGOs and improvise, of course. Let's be real, those things are strong enough to hold up entire buildings.

I can see how owning a pet chameleon could become challenging.

Reddit | btrdtoast

This solution to letting a chameleon have some outdoor time is kind of genius, I'm gonna be honest.

Also, that chameleon looks smug af. Maybe the whole thing was his idea? Justice for that chameleon.

A self-aware Prius owner? I never thought I'd see the day.

Reddit | HooniganMike

No one gets bullied more than Prius owners (unless you owned a PT Cruiser back in the day). At least this one stopped the bullying in it tracks.

Laziness, but make it fashion.

Reddit | colby979

Got a pile of laundry that never gets washed? Short on funds for a proper Christmas tree? Grab some fairy lights and solve both problems in one go. Boom, home decor.

We've all had a car fix we couldn't afford.

These things happen! I love the creativity of this one, tbh. And I can't fault that paint job. Is it safe? Nah. Do I appreciate the use of color and the art of it all? Yeah.

Your pet is not cool with being left alone.

Reddit | SShirodkarMD

Well, that's one way to solve that problem. Anyone with a clingy pet knows the hilarity of trying to get them to leave you alone for five minutes. Hey, you could have worse problems.

Solicitors need not interact.

Imgur | WhyWouldntI

This is a fantastic way to get people to leave you the hell alone. I do not want you coming to my door! Leave me alone! If I wanted to learn something or buy something, I'd hit up Google.

That's one way to keep a baby in once place.

Reddit | viralcar

Anyone who's had or been near a baby knows how weirdly fast they move. If you need to get something done... well, I'm not saying you should tie your baby to anything, but I can't fault this last-ditch solution.

That sign can't stop me, because I can't read.

Imgur | tiste

Anywhere that doesn't allow dogs is somewhere I do not want to be. I live in a city where dogs are allowed in grocery stores, malls, and restaurants. I know, I know. You're jealous.

Tell me it doesn't usually snow where you live without telling me it doesn't usually snow where you live.

Reddit | reduxde

As a Canadian, there's nothing funnier to me than when people improvise during sudden snowfalls. As far as DIY shovels go, I'm giving this one an 8 — it works for clearing the sidewalk!

Someone keeps taking your chair.

Reddit | starkravingsober

Write on it and politely ask them not to take it. Now that is problem-solving at its very core, my friends. Now whether I'd want to sit on that chair remains to be seen.

Here's what to do when you don't want to share your microwave.

Reddit | fealytouchy

I'm not sure how often the issue of sharing a microwave comes up, but I guess enough for this particular person to resort to locking it up. If it works, it works.

Trouble getting up in the morning?

Reddit | MarkArrows

With this simple three-step solution, you'll never sleep past your alarm again! Your neighbors might wonder why you run to your car in pajamas every morning, but that's a different problem.

Well, that's one way to do it.

Reddit | RalphiesBoogers

Instead of replacing the air filter in their a/c unit, this person decided to just tape the filter to that office chair in front of the unit. I have no idea why, but it seems to be working for them.

Living with roommates is hard.

Reddit | emzieees

If your roommates are prone to stealing your booze AND never tidy up after themselves, this solution will solve both of those problems. Simply hide your bottles in the dishwasher. They'll never look there!

I'd take this over crunches any day.

Imgur | Monilicious

In order to get the coveted six-pack, it takes a lot of hard work. Maybe even too much hard work. So, just buy one of these to save yourself all that trouble and money.

Why throw away perfectly good socks?

Imgur | Kshandoo

Having a hole in one of your socks is so annoying — especially when the other 99% of the sock is fine! With a little marker magic, that problem will be fixed in no time.


Reddit | skollierabbit

This photo is the perfect example of when DIYs go wrong. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. The effectiveness of this solution is totally up for debate but, hey, if you're in a pinch it'll work.

The hack every woman needs.

Instagram | @giadre26

Here's a tip to effectively end all conversations with that person who just won't leave you alone. Nothing like the tried and true fake error message to get them off your back.

The best use of googly eyes ever.

Reddit | Hollowland

Sure, googly eyes are usually reserved for kids' craft projects, but this works, too! This one-eyed cutie got a bit of a new look thanks to some creative thinking.

Never get a door slip again.


Now, I don't know if it's legal to bribe or tip UPS employees, but I do know this is a great way to guarantee you always get your package on time.