12+ Obvious Hacks That Were In Front Of Our Faces The Whole Time

Have you ever racked your brain trying to solve a problem, only to have someone come along and solve it for you in the most obvious way? Yeah — we've all been there.

That's basically these hacks are: simple solutions that are so obvious, yet someone else had to point them out to us first. Go ahead and learn some of these hacks,, and then maybe the next time there's a problem, you'll be the one to save the day.

This one is for all the tea-drinkers out there.

If you find the tea bag tag keeps making its way into your tea, there's a simple solution for that: use a binder clip to weigh it down! Or, if your cup has a handle, I always loop the string around that a few times to keep it anchored in place.

Keep the game going!

Laminate board game cards so you can reuse them again and again! Not only will you never have to worry about running out, but there's less waste this way, too!

Fix a button when you're in a pinch.

If the top button pops off your pants and you're in a rush, just use a heavy-duty collector's pin. Honestly, this actually looks pretty good to me!

This hack is an oldie but a goodie.

An upside-down Command hook on your garbage can will keep the bag in place and save you a ton of frustration. There's a reason why people keep sharing this hack and that's because it works!

Binder clips to the rescue (again)!

If you need to keep a careful eye on the temperature while you're cooking, use a binder clip to hold your thermometer in place. That way, your hands will be free while you prep other parts of the recipe.

Get some sun while working from home.

There's no doubt some fresh air and sunshine will boost your productivity but make sure you bring a cardboard box to keep the sun's glare off your laptop screen. You can cut out a special hole for your computer, or honestly just take the flaps off the box and use it as-is. Both ways work — trust me.

This was an accidental hack, but it still works.

Okay, so this Reddit user may have had a few too many because they discovered they used their eyeglasses case as a chip clip the next morning. Is an accidental lifehack still a hack? I say, yes it is.

Never underestimate the power of tongs.

If you're trying to be eco-friendly and reuse plastic bags more often, here's a great tip for washing them. Use a pair of tongs to keep the bag open when it's drying, and pat yourself on the back for doing your part to reduce and reuse.

A quick fix for the summer season.

There's nothing worse than losing your hose attachment just as you're getting ready to do some yard work. Luckily, you have a plastic bottle laying around, you can create a makeshift attachment that'll work until you can get a replacement.

Do you know what this little square of fabric is for?

Most sofas and chairs come with a little swatch of fabric. While many assume that swatch is to patch up holes, it's actually to test cleaning detergents on. That makes so much sense!

Keep your earbuds safe.

Mint tins make the perfect storage container for earbuds or AirPods. Best of all, they are virtually free which is good news for all of our wallets.

Someone just changed the dinner party game.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how 90% of the time I see a punch bowl, the serving spoon has slipped in prompting someone to inevitably fish it out with their hands. Ewww... But, if you have a regular spoon, just thread it through the handle to keep it in place.

Why didn't I think of this sooner?

If you're in the middle of a DIY project or assembling some furniture, an egg carton makes a great organizer for all those small parts. Who knew the humble egg carton could be so useful, huh?

This one is so obvious, and yet, I never thought of it.

The next time you have some leftover cake (or really, any leftover food that's prone to squishing), use the lid of your Tupperware container as a bade to make a DIY dome. No more squished cake!