10+ Life Hacks That People Should Be Using Daily

The internet is a wonderful place to be.

In addition to adorable dog memes, we've been gifted an endless supply of life hacks that will make your life easier.

Recently, TikToker, @thelifebath, got the ball rolling on users sharing their most mind-blowing hacks.

We've learned everything from preventing stale chips to opening stubborn jars to keeping your hands warm while eating ice cream.

Here are 10+ life hacks that people should be using daily.

Eat chips and dip together with items you already have at home.

Instead of having to hold a separate container of dip, TikTok user @thelifebath blew minds with this hack that involves putting a martini glass full of dip in the middle of a bowl of chips!

Use a pot and lid to get the most out of any squeezable food packaging.

Once you make your mac and cheese this way, you'll never go back.

You put the pouch in the pot and then squeeze out everything using a pot lid.

Spill liquid from one container to another with no spills.

Sick of getting burned when you pour hot liquids? This hack is a life-saver.

Simply place a spoon underneath where the pour starts to gracefully guide the water.

Bang a jar against a counter to get it to easily open.

There are some jars that not even the Hulk can open.

Take your aggression out on it instead by banging it against a counter. The lid should easily come right off after that.

Store chips without needing a bag clip.

No one likes stale chips, so use this hack by @emmalapagous to remedy that.

You fold both sides of the chip bag together, roll down the bag, and then unfold both sides to create a seal.

Fold your shirts upright to keep your clothes organized.

Marie Kondo would be so proud.

You fold your shirts and then place them file folder style in your drawer. This will make clothes easier to grab and more organized.

Split a pill in half by pressing it face down.

If you want your days of biting a pill in half or using a knife to be over, this hack is for you.

Just make sure you press hard!

Use a cardboard tube to store wrapping paper.

Sick of leftover wrapping paper unraveling and messing up your space?

Try this hack by cutting an empty wrapping paper tube, slicing it down the middle, and then placing it over the wrapping paper.

Put your hot straighter in a coffee mug to protect your countertop.

Every girl has had this struggle at least once.

Instead of risking burning your counter or carpet, simply place the hot tool in a heat-safe mug!

Save the plastic from your block of cheese to store it again.

All you have to do is cut the cheese (plastic wrap and all), take out the cheese, and then add the plastic wrap back on the end.

Blow into your box of wine to get every last drop.

Winos, listen up: this hack is for you.

Never throw out good wine again by blowing into the spout like you're blowing up a balloon.

Check the gas logo on your dashboard to know which side the gas tank is on.

This is perfect for when you're using a friend's car or you've rented one.

The arrow points to what side the gas tank is on.

Place your pint of ice cream into a mug to prevent cold hands.

How didn't we think of this?!

It couldn't be easier: just take out your pint of choice, take off the lid, and plop it into a mug.

Cut peppers like a professional chef.

This hack by TikTok user @danceswithpugs will make you feel like Gordon Ramsay in no time.

Simply cut the bottom and top off and then slice through the middle. From there, guide your knife through in a circle.