32 People Whose DIY Turned Into A DIY Tho?

It used to be the case that people found a hobby and they did it as best as they could. Maybe it was woodworking, or candle making, or baking, or whatever. The point is, you'd do something and you'd do it well. Now, with the internet, Pinterest, and WikiHow, everybody thinks they're good at everything, despite what the evidence has to offer.

1. For those times that you want to look like a playable character from a mid-'90s Sega Saturn fighting game, but all you have handy is a Sprite bottle.

Reddit | Fwanko

And also, what is going on with the ring hanging from it? Is it decorative or practical? Is this all some pop culture reference that's just going way over my head?

2. As weird as this is, I'm really glad that's where it went after cutting the hole out of the crotch.

I'm feeling a little self-conscious that the waistband alone of these underwear looks fancier than any underwear I've ever owned.

3. This one's giving me a bit of an internal crisis. On the one hand, the pun game is strong. On the other hand...well, just look at it.

Reddit | bruce_forscythe

Apropos of absolutely nothing, seeing that picture of Liam Neeson in a tux on a Nissan is making me really want a one-off James Bond movie where Liam Neeson goes on Bond's final mission.

4. Get all the perks of a sunroof, without getting any extra sun, or the ability to feel the wind.

Reddit | Reddit

Really, it's just to impress people who see your car from afar but not close enough to inspect it. But boy, oh boy, if you point to your car for someone on the 10th floor of a building, they're sure to be 15% more impressed by you.

5. Of all the movies to inspire someone's nail look, it had to be Jurassic Park.

Reddit | rinvevo

And just like the theme park, this person was far more worried about whether they could than whether they should.

6. This is going to make for a few awkward conversations during the zombie apocalypse when everyone turns to you for help.

Reddit | Reposter-Bot

Or maybe the cannon is practical and I'm just some jerk making fun of it. Who knows?

7. Not sure what to do with your old tube TV? Why not use it as the mount for your new TV?

Reddit | jaakobola

More than anything, I'm super skeptical about how little tape they're using to hold this thing together.

8. Yes, this is a scarf...made of socks...on display...for sale...at a store.

Reddit | BlueIndustries

All this time you were wondering what happened to your missing socks. It turns out hipster elves were stealing them and "upcycling" them into trendy scarves.

9. I wouldn't have thought it was possible, but I think this upholstery just offered me a mint.

Reddit | Die_Like_A_Rockstar

Unlike most cars, you never lose money in the back seat. In fact, every time you ride in it, you get out with a crisp twenty in your pocket and a full belly.

10. When people talk about throwing shade at each other, this is the shade I think they're talking about.

Reddit | SeriousMichael

I know that the whole point of this article is "why, though?" but like, why, though? Who looked at a lampshade and was like, "You know what this needs? Some insulating foam and a whole lot of sticks."

11. Anyone suggesting that I build this kind of contraption is seriously underestimating both my laziness and my willingness to just pour bowls of food into my mouth and hope for the best.

Reddit | giedow1995

12. When the convenience store is all out of the yellow bags of M&Ms.

Reddit | hannahc137-420

Someone in the comments on this picture suggested that you could try putting caramel into the hot glue gun and now that's all I can think about.

13. The perfect night-light, if your ultimate goal is to make sure that you never sleep again.

Reddit | PraxisLD

This would be creepy enough on its own, but did it really need feet?

14. Now I'm no expert on either makeup or apples, but I'm almost positive this is a really bad idea.

Reddit | whatsmyfullname

Also, that's just a really dumb title for a video. Either you're trying to say that sneaking makeup into class is a prank or you're just combining two totally different things in one list. Make up your mind.

15. Still better than "Live, Love, Laugh," if we're being totally honest.

Reddit | princess_boo_bear

I have a personal rule to never pay more than $10 for anything I see advertised with a Big Gulp cup in the background.

16. And here you thought gender reveal parties were the dumbest thing you could do with your kid.

Reddit | raydioactivity

The only way this could be weirder is if they kept doing a new one every year. "Harrison's 'Bum'pkin 2030" is gonna be a lot less cute.

17. When you literally can't see the forest for the trees.

Reddit | rory1616

There are already birch trees out the window! You don't need to paint them on! Do you not understand the purpose of windows?

18. Everything about this is killing me inside.

Reddit | pasta755

If I came across this in real life, and there wasn't treasure underneath it, I think I'd be duty-bound to just burn the whole apartment down.

19. You know how both doors and tables are useful? Well, not anymore!

Reddit | Cowherder

I have to think that whoever wrote the ad and called it a "great entryway piece" is trolling us. It was a great entryway piece when it was a door.

20. I fell and hit my head just looking at this picture.

Reddit | wallawalla22

Like, I hate it and everything, but I also wouldn't mind watching a video of someone trying to ride this in a half-pipe.

21. Have a bad case of the butter fingers? Just add a handle to your smartphone to help make sure you never lose hold of your property again.

Reddit | johnsterp

Not too sure how well it's gonna fit in your pocket though.

22. This seems like a solution to a problem that absolutely nobody was having.

Just imagine the cleanup involved in this apple-peeling massacre. I'm also super skeptical of the jump cuts in this gif where, presumably it all went wrong and they had to fix it at least twice.

23. And what "DIY tho?" list from 2018 would be complete without the biggest "why?" question of the year.

Twitter | @HoldMyPurseGirl

I appreciate a good meme as much as anybody, but I'm pretty sure Salt Bae never sent anyone to the hospital. Just sayin'.

24. If you're a fan of twisted ankles, then by all means...these T-Rex heels are for you

I Waste So Much Time | I Waste So Much Time

However, personally, I like being able to walk without worrying about destroying myself in the process.

25. Serious question: Can marshmallows be used to apply foundation? 

Twitter | @okneverok

Because that would save me a lot of money. Plus, I could just wash the marshmallow off and eat it afterward.

I'm kidding. Settle down.

26. Baby Doll Coat Rack, anyone?

Reddit | Design Sponge

Nothing says, "Let's freak out our guests so we never have to entertain again," better than this coat rack DIY. Just imagine walking into someone's home and putting your coat on a plastic baby doll limb...

27. I have yet to decide if this is genius, ridiculous, or totally dangerous.

Reddit | white_privlage

It's likely all of the above, but I'd probably still take it for a spin around the block.

28. Sometimes, DIY just means taking stuff apart to see how it works.

Instagram | @sean_wotherspoon

And, just like the coroner who will eventually do the autopsy, the guy who did this ended up with more questions than answers.

29. When you ask your landlord to fix a leaky ceiling, I think you'd expect a little more than this.

Reddit | gringrant

The time and effort that went into making this contraption surely would have been equal to the cost of calling someone to fix it.

I still don't get how the hell this helps anything.

30. People in Sweden are over here giving themselves the Michelin Man aesthetic.

Picbon | @victoriavalek

Why couldn't these people wear gel bracelets on their arms and giggle about their secret dirty meanings instead, like a normal person?

31. Bunny or riled-up koala bear?

Reddit | SaintJimmy1

Again: I'm not one to talk, but it really, really seems like this one shouldn't be that hard. I guess at the end of the day, a fruit plate is still a fruit plate.

32. Appetizing, no? I think my gag reflex just kicked in

Katherine Marie | Katherine Marie

Some of you may think this idea would be great for a Halloween party, but I'm going to have to strongly disagree. Food should never look like bloody bandages. Period.

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