20 Things Girls Will Def Get

We've come a long way with gender equality, but at the end of the day, there are just some things that men don't understand the same way girls do. Maybe it's embedded in our DNA, maybe there is an unspoken connection between females, or maybe I'm just grossly over-exaggerating. Either way, here are some photos that girls will definitely get.

1. When you learn the truth about that dude you've been dating.

Twitter | @girlposts

It's all "Baby, listen" and "I love you, I'm sorry" until she starts swinging that thing around like a baseball bat ala Queen Bae/slay/lemonae.

2. Girls will get this, but they'll never ask for this.

Imgur | Imgur

Every girl understands the pain of a botched trip to the salon. What's a girl to do? Schedule your haircuts around hat season and hope you can rock the cute velvet baseball cap look, I guess.

3. Ooooh, tell 'em.

Reddit | greenecc89

Seriously, since when is this kinda stuff anyone else's business? How about you mind your own and worry about yourself instead of trying to wedge in your opinions about someone else's waistline.

4. There is nothing more terrifying than a grate in heels.

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You do your best to tread lightly, tiptoeing across the holes in a feeble attempt to avoid tragedy, but sometimes it's impossible to avoid. We will forever live in fear.

5. One of the many strategies utilized by females.

Me.me | Me.me

Strategic outfit planning is just part of the agenda. Throw in makeup, hair, nails, and accessories, and you've got yourself a uniform for game time. You just gotta make sure that the rest of your team knows to suit up, too.

6. It gets cold where I am, okay?

Instagram | Instagram

If no one is seeing my legs, you better believe that shit is going to be long enough to perm. It takes a long time to shave, it grows back itchy, and razors are expensive. You know what? After making this list, I might just say screw it this summer. Leg hair, don't care.

7. YouTube tutorials have changed the face of childhood.

Me.me | Me.me

I very vividly remember my favorite outfit in the ninth grade. It was an white tank top with the South Park characters on it, grossly oversized khaki cargo pants with a drawstring waist, and several butterfly clips in my pixie cut. This is really unfair.

8. For those of you who don't know this, Huda lashes average at about $20 and can get as high as $40. 

Instagram | @glamtrashy_xo

I've eaten a $3 slice of pizza that I dropped in the grass, you better believe I'd crawl through broken glass for $40 eyelashes.

9. Literally me right now.

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

My ripped jeans are cuffed at the ankles and my calves are lookin' smooth AF, but don't be fooled...a mere two inches out of eyesight, I'm rockin' the winter leg from number 6.

Note to the editor: I'm sorry you had to read that, please don't judge me. And don't tell anyone else in the office, I'm really hoping this stays under the radar. Be cool.

10. Issa look.

Instagram | @mizz_miracle80

A bad one, but a look nonetheless. It sucks, hopping out of the shower feeling fresh and clean, only to look in the mirror and lock eyes with the mascara monster, but it's better than the alternative, which is not taking a shower. Please continue to shower.

11. This is the absolute worst.

Twitter | @KristaKaylynn

It feels like your sunglasses grew six extra arms and morphed into some weird accessory octopus, and all the tentacles are wrapped around pieces of your hair with their suction cups affixed to your forehead. They're hard to untangle, is what I'm trying to say.

12. Getting your eyebrows even is one thing, and getting your wings even is another.

Instagram | @the.real.fails

Getting them both done at the same time means that you're easily adding an extra hour or two to your beauty routine. This photo speaks volumes.

13. Completely accurate.

Imgur | Imgur

You know why? Because I want you to stop taking my damn picture, but I also don't want to look stupid in the pictures you DO take, so I panic and start...doing things. We'll call it posing, but honestly, it's just torture until you stop taking my photo.

14. The bigger the wing, the higher you soar.

Instagram | @glamtrashy_xo

One time, I drew wings so big they wrapped around my ears, and on that same day, I won the lottery. Then I went to pick up my $5 billion lottery winnings, and the man behind the counter told me that my wings inspired him to pursue his life's passion. That man? Albert Einstein.

15. Real recognizes real.

Instagram | Instagram

That applies to love, friendship, and boobs. Unless you got those fancy high-end celebrity boobs that are indistinguishable from real ones, but seriously, who can afford that? Except me, of course. I recently won $5 billion in the lottery.

16. There is only one thing worse than a tight ponytail... 

Twitter | @FemalePains

...and that's the way your head feels after having a tight ponytail in for an entire day. Ow.

17. When you've reached this point in your life, there is only one option.

Facebook | Makeup Feed

It's time to start your own reality show so that no one ever has to see you off-camera. Force others to view you through a lens. Bonus points if it's sepia-toned.

18. Selfies aren't as easy as they look.

Instagram | @dundunbleep

There's lots of stuff you have to consider, like angles and lighting. Want proof? Look at pretty much any dude's selfie — or better yet, the ones your parents take.

19. I refuse to believe this is on purpose.

We Heart It | We Heart It

This poor girl must have been interrupted while she was getting ready, because there's no way that this hairstyle was intentional. Right guys? I'm not gonna have to do this to stay cool, am I? :(

20. Get your damn shoes off the bed.

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You sleep there, what gives? Are you really cool with rolling around in whatever you walked through the day? I hope you're not sharing that bed with anyone, because if it were me, I'd be pretty choked.

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