10+ Rules The ‘Avengers’ Stars Have To Follow To Keep Their Job

Today, we're taking a long hard look at the strange rules people who are Avengers have to live by.

Because if you're going to be part of the biggest franchise of all time, they're not going to make it easy.

So you wanna be an Avenger, huh?


Well kid, there is a strict set of rules you’re going to have to follow.

If you wanna act for this mega-franchise pal, here are the laws you must abide by. And be warned, break em’ and… well, you’ll see, buckaroo.

1. No DC.

DC Universe

We here round’ Marvel like to stick to our own kind, yahear?

Anyone who signs on to be an Avenger must also agree not to appear in DC Movies. Keep your friends close and your enemies… far away.

2. Reshoots.


Say you're all done doing a movie, but suddenly you're called back to redo a bunch of stuff you did months ago.

This is what the people in the Marvel Universe have to agree to do.

3. Press Tours.


You work long and hard on a Marvel movie, you just wanna kick back and relax, right? Nope.

You gotta hit that red carpet, go in for interviews, everything you can to promote this movie.

4. You become a toy.

20th Century Fox

Obviously, in a movie that's pretty targeted at kids, your character is going to become an action figure at some point.

And kids are probably going to dress as you for Halloween, too.

5. Diets.


You think you're pressured to stay in shape?

Imagine being an Avenger, where you have to play a Greek god or you have to sport "America's... ahem, behind'.

6. The Franchise


If you want to be a superhero, you're going to have to appear in a bunch of superhero movies.

Actors are frequently signed on for a couple of films, not just one

7. Image.


In order to be a superhero, you have to act like one in real life too. All Marvel actors have to maintain a good public image.

You want kids to think "I wanna be like him when I grow up".

8. Take the money.


There have been a couple of actors kicked out because at first, they asked for too much money.

Movies like Iron Man were a gamble back in 2008, so when Terrance Howard asked for more, they sent him packing.

9. Stunts.


Some actors like to do their own stunts, but you can't if you work for Marvel.

They prefer to leave the stunting to the pros. Probably to protect their huge actors.

10. No Spoilers!


This is obvious, but Marvel likes to keep their movies.

So, obviously, actors need to keep their mouths shut about what's going to happen in the next movie.

11. This is a rule that's broken, however...


A couple of times by Tom Holland, who once revealed he was going to be in three SpiderMan movies. We, of course, know about two.

Mark Ruffalo even revealed everyone dies in Infinity War. Oops.

12. Makeup.


Sometimes, to be an alien or something equally as weird, you have to go through intense makeup sessions.

Actors who play superheroes have to agree to that, or else they’ll find someone else who will.

13. Background Checks


Obviously, Marvel wants their actors to be on the up and up. So, they do extensive background checks on everyone who wants to play a part in their franchise. Hero or villain.

14. Training


Not only are you required to stay in peak physical condition, but you also have to train to be a skilled fighter as well.

You go through a bunch of combat training, some choreography, the whole shebang.

15. Leave your creative differences aside.

Universal Studios

Edward Norton, who played the green beast The Hulk, got the axe from Marvel for future films due to apparent disagreements between him and the entertainment company on and off set.

16. Being in a MCU means potentially making cameos in other films.

Marvel StudiosF

And there's no backing out. If a crossover is written in the story, MCU actors are contractually obligated to appear in those movies, even if its not centered on their character.

17. No smoking.


Disney instituted a full ban on smoking in movies, and since Marvel is owned by Disney, any smoking in comics and movies is banned.

18. Being a hero in real life.

Instagram | @teamcevans

While this may not be a contractual rule, it is definitely something the public expects.

Chris Evans has his own children's foundation called Christopher's Haven that is a space for families to find comfort in while their children battle cancer.