20+ Hacks As Random As Life Itself

Oh, life. It can be so unpredictable, so unexpected. Some might even call it random. Before we start pondering the mysteries and beauties of life, let's bring it back down to earth with a few practical hacks.

They might not solve all the big questions, but they will help you out with a few neat tips. Solve the little problems with these hacks, then get back to wondering about your existence.

1. Hang it right the first time

Reddit | BeaulaGoo

Use tape to mark where the holes are on those tricky wall mounts. Place the tape over the holes and mark them with a pencil. Stick the tape on the wall and drill directly through the tape. VoilĂ ! Your item has been hung correctly!

2. Make a mega Ziploc

Reddit | Vega_128

If you need to protect a large item, you can stick two Ziploc bags together by turning one inside out. Why didn't I know about this sooner?

3. Homemade tortilla chips

Reddit | JMJV

Leftover tortillas don't need to go to waste. Sprinkle some olive oil, parmesan, and garlic, and bake them in the oven in a few minutes for homemade chips. Reddit user JMJV came up with this tasty hack!

4. Use emojis to sort your contacts

Reddit | heidismiles

Add an emoji somewhere in a contact's name so you can find them quickly in your phone. This is perfect for people who depend on visual reminders.

5. Hold open sketchbooks with hangers

Reddit | jennifer_lori_

Pants hangers make the perfect sketchbook holders, especially if you have a project that needs to dry. Your artwork will stay beautiful with this trick.

6. Trick your kids into taking their medicine

Reddit | tht1d00d

Is it mean? A little, but it's also for their health! Really, what kid is going to know the difference?

7. Introducing the super hanger

Reddit | randomusefulbits

Use shower curtain rings to hang up multiple shirts on one hanger. This trick works for scarves and belts, too! Your closet will thank you for this hack.

8. Infinite green onion

Reddit | syncroblackz

Stick your green onion stems in a cup of water and watch them grow back like magic. Well, I guess it's more science than magic, but still, the point is that you can grow your own green onions at home and that's awesome.

9. Keep your laptop cool with a couple of forks

Reddit | lol_80005

Place the forks under your laptop to prop it up and prevent overheating. Once again, forks prove they are the most useful utensil.

10. Need to ripen some avocados?

Imgur | cesarkuriyama

Try sticking them in a drink koozy overnight. Just remember not to leave them in there or else they will ripen past the point of no return.

11. Eliminate paint spills

Imgur | Imakepussiesfart

The design of the paint can has pretty much stayed the same all these years, and let's just say it's not ideal when it comes to pouring paint. With two strips of tape, this problem can easily be solved.

12. The polite way to dunk an Oreo

Reddit | Eredhel

Use a fork to dunk your Oreo in milk to keep your fingers clean. This is also a good idea if you run into a tall glass/low milk situation.

13. Is there anything a binder clip can't do?

Reddit | siketeach

Not only does this hack keep your tootpaste off the counter, you can roll up the tube as it starts to get empty. I like hacks that are doubly useful, don't you?

14. If you've ever made the office coffee run, pay attention to this

Reddit | abubblestory

Don't risk spilling all those precious coffees. Cut a drink holder in half and stick them inside the to-go bags for a more stable trip back to the office.

15. Keep this one in mind the next time you travel

Reddit | BrReg

Stick your toothbrush in one of those disposable cups found in any hotel room. It works perfectly as a toothbrush holder!

16. A slinky can keep away greedy chipmunks

Reddit | dillhole73

Coil a slinky around your birdfeeder to keep those hungry chipmunks away. C'mon guys, that food is for the birds!

17. Shower caddy or spice rack? You decide.

Reddit | LutzExpertTera

A shower caddy will work well as a spice rack if you happen to have narrow cabinets in your home. I bet you could use this for other pantry items, as well.

18. Don't lose any more Tupperware lids

Reddit | AluminumWoman

Use a permanent marker to label your Tupperware containers and lids. Now, you'll never struggle when it comes to finding the right lid again!

19. The better way to restock your ice cube tray

Reddit | BoboftheDead84

Fill up a water bottle and bring it over to the tray while it's already in the freezer. My mind is actually blown with this one. I'm embarrassed to say how many times I've spilled water everywhere trying to do this deceptively simple task.

20. DIY lightbox

Reddit | eddiethellama

An overturned plastic tub plus your phone's light equals a really effective DIY lightbox for all your crafty needs. Definitely going to remember this one for the future.

21. Need a candle?

Reddit | J_A_N_I_T_O_R

Make a small cup out of an orange peel and add a bit of olive oil to make a DIY candle that could be used in emergencies. Be careful with this hack and remember to never leave the candle unattended.

22. Don't throw away that toothpaste box!

Reddit | CC-animations

Your toothpaste box is the perfect way to keep your toothbrush off your counter. This a great hack for traveling, too!

23. Make your shoes sparkle

Reddit | Kervtuza

Try using Vim on the soles of your shoes to whiten them and remove tough grass stains. Who doesn't love a pair of squeaky-clean kicks?

24. Do a tape sweep after you've broken glass

Reddit | zacharyan6

If you've dropped a glass, use a piece of tape to collect any small shards that you may have missed. This tip could really prevent a nasty injury.

25. Keep your fingers clean with chopsticks

Reddit | Mainemountains

Use chopsticks when eating messy snacks like cheese puffs. No more cheesy residue on your fingers!

26. The best way to distract your dog

Reddit | ninefourteen

If you need your dog to sit still for a photo, try putting a treat on your phone. The things we do for the 'gram.

27. Save space in your freezer

Reddit | draven171

Remove food from the box and transfer it to a freezer-safe Ziploc bag. Don't forget to save the cooking instructions!

28. Here's a creative idea for stained shirts

Reddit | illdefinedleap

If you have a stain on a piece of clothing that will not come out, try embroidering a patch over the stain. How lovely!

29. Use zip ties to secure a power bar

Reddit | ck_mster

You can put a power bar just about anywhere with the help of some zip ties. This is actually so smart!

30. Extend a hose

Reddit | NickCageMatch

If your hose can't quite reach its destination, try using a dustpan to guide the water to where it needs to go. This is one mighty clever hack, if I do say so myself.

31. Soften butter instantly

Reddit | randomusefulbits

Mmmmm...butter. Everyone loves butter, except when it shreds your bread into a million pieces. No more bread confetti thanks to this hack.