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After A Mom Makes Sandwiches For A Children's Playdate, She Gets Slammed By Her Neighbor

Living in a family-oriented neighborhood can be great if you are a parent with kids. This way, your playdates are easy with having kids come right next door or down the block. But, it can also be complicated when your priorities and other parent's priorities aren't 100% lined up. When you disagree with other parents, this can cause a bit of conflict.

One mom wrote on Reddit seeking advice about new neighbors that moved into the neighborhood.

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"My neighbor moved in not to long ago with her two sons. Seeing that she had a lot of unpacking to do, I went over to her house and offered to babysit her kids for her. She thanked me, and walked her kids over to my house," she wrote.

She shared that her daughter hit it off with the boys.

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"I kept some of my son’s toys from when he was younger (he has moved out already) and set them up in my yard."

So far, so good, right? Well, keep reading...

"My daughter is fairly extroverted and immediately went outside to play with them," the mom continued.

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Around noon, the mom decided to make some lunch for all the kids.

"I made some turkey sandwiches with American cheese."

"A simple lunch that we always have. I brought out some plates so that the kids could eat outside on our benches."

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"The kids loved it and 30 minutes later the sandwiches were gone and they were back playing soccer and tag," she wrote.

Later in the day, when the neighbor came to pick her sons up, she had an issue with the mom and her lunch option.

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Long after the kids were gone and had gone home, the new neighbor returned to the mom's home knocking on her door.

She essentially got angry about the mother feeding her two sons sandwiches for lunch.

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She claimed her kids are "growing boys" and needed "good food," not "whatever she fed them."

The mom was taken aback and shocked, but laughed it off.

"I shut the door in her face. My daughter didn’t really hear any of our conversation, but she asked me. I just told her that the neighbor didn’t like sandwiches."

"She didn’t bother to ask further and watched some shows in her room."

"My husband just laughed, and so did I," she continued.

However, when she asked her friends, they sided with the new neighbor.

"Three of my close friends told me that I was rude and I should have just given them something better."

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"We had mashed potatoes and some leftover pork that wouldn’t take more than 29 minutes to heat up and serve, but I didn’t feel like giving them that," she added.

The mom asked Reddit if she was wrong for her lunches and her reaction.

Many said the mom was totally in the right.

"I feel like an absurd number of people ate a turkey sandwich for lunch today and they’re probably going to continue with their lives happily."

"No good deed goes unpunished I guess."


"Hope she doesn’t ever need a neighbor to babysit in a jam," one person commented.

Others were just confused (which, quite frankly, as am I).

"I thought the issue was going to be allergy or religion-related."

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"I do think you should have confirmed with your neighbor about food because that easily could have become a disaster."

"That being said..."

"I don't know why a turkey sandwich is bad or why your neighbor and friends think they needed something "better," another person added.

Many said that this mom should "end it" with the neighbor moving forward.

"Your neighbor is whackadoodle and you should file this under "Lesson Learned". Don't ever do her another favor."

"Clearly, you're no pushover but "I have diarrhea" are the three words that can get anyone out of anything -- keep that in your back pocket, just in case," someone else said.

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