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Smart Parenting Hacks That Make Life With Kids Easier

Most parents will do anything to make their lives a little easier. Thankfully, we live in the age of the internet and there's an abundance of parenting hacks being shared out there.

I've rounded up a few popular ones and some I've tried myself. I hope these hacks come in handy for all the mamas and papas out there!

Make a DIY ball pit with PVC pipes and pool noodles.

Reddit | ChronicallyChilll

What kid wouldn't want their own ball pit at home? Honestly, I want one and I'm well past the recommended age for these things.

An elastic bungee cord will keep all your kid's dishes in place.

Reddit | robertsnotes

Those plastic kiddie dishes tend to move around the dishwasher during a cycle, but not anymore. This is actually a brilliant idea.

Bring crayons to the doctor's office.

Reddit | anastasiabeverhousen

Let your kids doodle on that paper pad while you wait for the doctor. It'll help pass the time and calm their nerves if they are a little scared of doctor's appointments.

Use a cookie sheet as a magnet board.

Diply | Emily McWilliams

A cheap cookie sheet from the dollar store and some alphabet magnets are a fun and cheap activity for kids. It also helps them practice their spelling and literacy skills!

Hack a wipes container.

Diply | Emily McWilliams

Secure your wipes package to the lid of the container with hair elastics so you can have extra storage space underneath. This is a diaper bag game-changer.

Help your kids put their shoes on the right foot.

Diply | Emily McWilliams

Cut a sticker in half and place the pieces in their shoes. Your kids will know to line the halves up when they put their on their shoes.

Put glow sticks in the bath for a fun activity.

Diply | Emily McWilliams

If bathtime can be a struggle, try making it more fun by tossing a few glowsticks in the bath. Even the most stubborn kid won't be able to resist this!

Stop soap waste.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Wrap an elastic around your liquid soap pump. It'll create a little buffer that will stop your kid from pumping out way too much soap and save you some money.

Wash plastic toys in the dishwasher.

Pop Goes The Page

Most plastic toys are dishwasher-safe and this will save you a ton of time from cleaning them individually. Use a mesh laundry bag to keep smaller toys together.

Store crayons in a popsicle mold.


You can find these at any dollar store and they are the perfect size and shape for holding crayons. I love hacks from the dollar store, don't you?

Make a toy jail.

Instagram | @servidio_education_solutions

When your kids forget to put away their toys, lock them up and have them earn the toys back by completing a chore. Is this smart or what?

Put multiple soothers in their crib.

The Mother Load

If your baby needs a soother to fall asleep, make sure to put in a few in their crib. That way, one will always be within reach and you won't have to wake up to find one for them.

Put tape over the speakers of loud toys.

Diply | Emily McWilliams

If you're looking for a little peace and quiet, lower the volume on your kid's toys with a little scotch tape. Ahhh, that's better.

Use a shower caddy to store your bottles.

Facebook | Brook McDaniel

A spice rack will work, too! Just mount it to the wall and you have a one-stop shop for bottles and soothers.

Make sleeping in the car more comfortable.

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The SlumberSling is a crash-tested product that will keep your child's head from slumping forward when they nap in the car. My son always sleeps on long car rides, so this seems like a genius idea!