35 People Who Are In Some Serious Hot Water

There are some situations that we find ourselves in that are both at once funny and quite unsettlingly terrifying, from getting your head stuck in a fence to setting off the world's biggest fire extinguisher by accident.

And, with this idea in mind, please enjoy these 17+ people who are in some serious hot water!

From Misplaced Concentration To Shocking Realization...

Reddit | SonicMcQueen

The fact that he is only covering his face with little sunglasses in these pictures is also making me incredibly uncomfortable!

"Found my wife's phone in the toilet yesterday. We weren't sure which of our three kids put it there... until my wife scrolled through her pictures today."

Reddit | footeperu

Wow, that kid's expression is as cold as ice. They do not care in the slightest about this act of aggression!

"Thought this deserved a dollar..."

Reddit | blckshdw95

This guy looks like what could have happened to Gru from Despicable Me if he had pursued playing the accordion instead of being an evil genius...or whatever his deal is in those films.

"We have a [six-week-old] baby, our neighbours knew we were having a little trouble getting her to sleep!! They made us this great little cross stitch."

Reddit | Roy2501

Ah, there really is nothing as relaxing as the sound of a crying baby in the middle of the night is there?

"So my 5yo cousin got into trouble yesterday..."

Reddit | mcnugget_64

I miss the days when I could shout "avocado bum" and it would be met with raucous laughter instead of a command to leave the restaurant I'm in.

"Someone accidentally set off the fire suppression system in a military hanger."

Reddit | Juno012

There's no way that I would stick around if I had caused this. I would just walk off into the sunset and start life afresh as a hermit.

"The boyfriend got in trouble yesterday. He sent flours to my office today to apologize."

Reddit | Nessie_Assassin

This is one hell of a gamble! Hopefully the person who posted this is a fan of Stranger Than Fiction!

"I thought golf was supposed to be relaxed!"

Reddit | daysOFinnocence

Actually, a lot of the people that I know who play golf are wildly furious whenever they play! They take it far too seriously for a sport that is just an expensive excuse to walk slowly along some nice grass.

"Dangers in the world..."

Reddit | queensamaira

There is literally nothing worse than this on the planet... Oh, dear God, no! I have become the very thing that I hate!

Have Mercy!

Reddit | beardsnflannels

If you were having an emotional breakdown, what snack do you think would pull you back from the edge? I'd probably just have to go with McNuggets — something easy, quietly depressing, yet delicious.

"This man likes to live dangerously."

Reddit | NZTau

I mean, I suppose there isn't too much danger in this, as who really reads these messages in the paper anyway?

"Boom Box Ronnie has been getting into trouble."

Reddit | MetalsDeadAndSoAmI

I wish that one day I have a name as cool as Boom Box Ronnie.

Also, I don't really remember this MGMT album... Was it any good? (Another classic mid-to-late 2000s indie-rock reference for you there!)

"Walking to my first job this morning with a fresh cup of coffee. That's not cream, it's a crow pooped hole in one."

Reddit | rilescrane

Well, if being pooped on by a bird is meant to be good luck, then this must be one of the luckiest things that can happen to a person...probably.

"It's a secret you know..."

Reddit | duncan_D_sorderly

But I need to know! Please, let me know whatever you think was written here in the comments, for the sake of my happiness!

"I got this as my fortune [a] few days after I got diagnosed with alopecia areata (bald spots)."

Reddit | btstonymontana

I don't know why people read fortune cookies anymore. They're either hopelessly wrong or hopelessly wrong and cruel!

"Okay, so my little brother did this whilst nobody else was home. I think it's fair to say HE IS THE SPAWN OF SATAN."

Reddit | MathewRogers

I couldn't think of the best way to deal with this situation, but one incredibly ingenious person replied, "Open the dish washer and drag the glasses [off] the ledge, water spills into dish washer. Problem solved."

"Boy! You really messed up this time, didn't you?"

Reddit | AaronTheBeaner

Hey, you never know, he could just be surprising his partner with a nice bouquet of flowers! I mean, dear God, I hope that is the case here...

"How am I supposed to explain that to my wife."

Reddit | Fodziin

"Hey, did you get the movie tickets?"


"Where's Daniel?"

"Well, and you're not going to believe this..."

"There was a mix-up with an item I ordered from China, so the seller sent me a note and a little gift to tide me over until the correct item arrived."

My goodness, they're so right. Technology is cockamamie. I'll try my best tonot worried.

"Watching my girlfriend's tortoise while she's on vacation. She told me to keep him out of trouble."

This isn't just getting him into trouble, this is setting him up for a criminal charge!

"So my dad calls me the other day, says he got in trouble at the barn for cutting a [horse's] hair and everyone's pissed off. I felt bad for him until I got this picture from my mother."

I'm choosing to focus on the fact that the title says "a" horse. He just gave some random person's horse bangs?

"Apology Accepted."

You mean I don't have to pay for parking? Oh nooo, what an inconvenience, how will I go on?

"My [plus-sized] cat having trouble with his new cat tree."

The important thing is that he's trying. I've seen plus-sized cats who refuse to even get off the couch!

"Whoever she's texting, that dude is in trouble."

Sorry this photo is a collective six pixels, but I love seeing people get paragraph-long texts. I feel so invested in drama I have no part in.

"A tree fell on my house yesterday, but I have more emotions over this mishap."

A tree on your house is devastating, but insurance can help. No one can help you here.

"An apology to my future self."

Throw a $5 bill in there so future you can buy a drink to help them deal with this mess you're leaving them with.

"There's always one trouble maker in the group."

You say trouble maker, I say future mountain climber and adventurer.

"Think the neighbor had a little trouble with his driveway."

This is how I park, but I don't even have ice to blame. I'm just bad at parking and constantly over-correct myself.

"My coworker at the Walmart deli causes a lot of trouble for management."

I don't see why! This is pretty funny! It would cause me unnecessary worry and doubt in my choices, but it's funny!

"This book is just asking for trouble."

Remember, children's books are written by adults — they make these choices on purpose.

"To the guy whose name is Ian and has trouble at a certain coffee name is Chris."

Has this barista ever met someone named Quess? If so, can I meet them too? What a cool name.

"This was posted on a neighborhood app with my neighbor's apologies for his, and I quote, 'misbehaving emu'."

At least he's addressing it and apologizing openly instead of trying to hide his emu mishaps.

It Looks Very Sorry!


That pelican looks like it has really learned its lesson! Hopefully it will think twice in the future about biting people!

Instant Shame.

The irony here is that that is a Canadian bus. Literally and stereotypically.

"Girlfriend's mom was admitted to the hospital last night. This is the view from her room. Very efficient."

Reddit | allocate

"Wow, Mom, what a lovely room they have given you! Let's open the blinds and let some light in... Or, on second thought, let's keep them closed!"