Kid Wears Hot Dog Costume For School Pictures After Parents Dare Him To Do It

Student ID photos represent the blunder years for many of us. For a kid with a sense of humor, though, these once straightforward photos can become a source for hilarity.

It's all about dressing up.

Halloween is right around the corner, but the innate desire to dress up seems to be part of human nature. And if you're going to dress up, why not immortalize your outfit with a photo?

Craig Arsenault threw down a dare.

Facebook | Craig Arsenault

Arsenault lives in Maine with his wife and kids, and decided to dare his son, Jake, to do something a little out of the ordinary for his school's upcoming picture day.

Jake was game.

Facebook | CBS News

The elder Arsenault told CBS News that Jake likes to have fun. As for why the dare was made in the first place, we can only guess, because it's a little bit weird.

Craig dared his son to wear something like this.

It's not really what I'm used to when it comes to dares, but nonetheless, Craig threw down the gauntlet to his son. Yes, he dared little Jake to dress like a hot dog.

The paperwork was all in order.

Facebook | CBS News

Because teachers might understandably be a little weirded out by a kid in a full-body hot dog costume on picture day, Craig provided this handwritten permission note for school administrators.

At least Craig's happy.

Facebook | Craig Arsenault

He shared this post on Facebook, announcing the substance of the story (kid follows through after being dared to wear hot dog costume) without providing any context (why, just why?).

Here it is.

Facebook | Craig Arsenault

Pretty funny, I guess. I'm still a little bit in the dark about why he was dared to do this. Did the Arsenaults have an extra hot dog costume lying around or something?

You do you, kid.

Facebook | CBS News

If you were starting to wonder whether this was some fiendish plan that only Craig was in on, this pic seems to indicate that young Jake got at least some amusement out of the whole thing.

It's an interesting one.

Facebook | CBS News

Is Jake going to double up and use the hot dog costume for Halloween? If not, did his family buy an elaborate costume just to pull off the dare? What's going on here?

It's all good.

Facebook | Craig Arsenault

Unanswered questions aside, this seems like it was good fun on all parts. Nobody got hurt, things didn't get political and it didn't actively make the world a worse place. So you do you, hot dog kid.