Wishing Dust Worked! Mark Ruffalo Calls Reunion With Jennifer Garner 'Amazing'

Taylor Sakellis
mark ruffalo and jennifer garner
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Let's make one thing clear from the start — this is a house that respects, honors, and cherishes 13 Going on 30. Jenna Rink is our national hero and Matt Flamhaff is the man all men should strive to be. I just love seeing Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo's faces smushed together, but who can blame me?

Now, it's clear our wishing dust has worked as this iconic duo recently reunited.

Can you believe "13 Going on 30" came out 18 BLOODY YEARS AGO? 2004 feels like a lifetime ago.

13 going on 30

I've learned so much since I was the young woman first watching this film, which means I love it so much more now than I ever did before!

Do you know what else I love more than I ever did before? Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo.

mark ruffalo and jennifer garner 13 going on 30

This duo is truly one of my favorite Hollywood friendships that have stood the test of time and Tinsel Town's cruel fate of turning friends into enemies.

In fact, these two are quite the opposite — they're supportive of one another and their business endeavors.

Recently, Jennifer and Mark reunited for their new film, The Adam Project. "It was like we picked up where we left off," Mark told People about working with Jennifer again.

Joking of his and Jennifer's onscreen son in "The Adam Project", he said: "It was like Jenna and Matty went off and had Ryan Reynolds as a kid, and no one can understand how he got so tall."

Jennifer also had sweet words to say about Mark, adding: "I know he was excited to be with me and I was too. We had a great time."

"The Adam Project" director Shawn Levy recently told the publication: "It was my wife who suggested Jen Garner to play the mom."

"I shared the idea with [Ryan] and he loved it. He then, after the fact, pointed out to me that this was the 13 Going on 30 reunion."

"So even though it looks like the smartest marketing move ever, it was strangely accidental, but we got all the benefit of the chemistry that exists between Mark and Jen," he added.

13 going on 30
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Well, if that doesn't drag your butt out of bed to see The Adam Project then I'm not sure what will!

h/t: People