"Take Photos All Day or DON'T COME!" - Bride's UNBELIEVABLE Demand 😠

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Weddings can be a joyous occasion, but they can also put friendships to the test! 💍 When my bestie Jess got engaged, I was thrilled for her... until she asked me to be her photographer. 📸 I offered to snap some pics for free, but apparently, my amateur skills weren't up to snuff. 😅 Fast forward to a week before the big day, and Jess is in full-on panic mode. 😱 She wants me to capture every moment, but I've got other plans. ⏰ Will our friendship survive this wedding day drama? 🤔 Let's dive in and find out! 👀

🎉 A Bestie's Big Day... But at What Cost? 😬

violetsandlily | violetsandlily

💸 Budgeting for Bliss on a Shoestring 👰

violetsandlily | violetsandlily

📸 An Offer She Could Refuse? 🤔

violetsandlily | violetsandlily

😒 Thanks But No Thanks, Bestie 💔

violetsandlily | violetsandlily

😭 A Desperate Bride's Plea 🆘

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🤷‍♀️ No Photographer, No Problem... Right? 😅

violetsandlily | violetsandlily

🕰️ A Partial Commitment 📸

violetsandlily | violetsandlily

⏰ Prior Engagements vs. Wedding Duties 😕

violetsandlily | violetsandlily

😤 An Ultimatum: All or Nothing! 😠

violetsandlily | violetsandlily

🤔 AITA for Drawing the Line? 🚫

violetsandlily | violetsandlily

🎥 Lights, Camera, Friendship Friction! 😬

Well, well, well... it seems like this wedding photographer fiasco has struck a chord with the internet! 🌐 Some are siding with the budget-conscious bride, while others are firmly in the bestie's corner. 📸 Many are questioning why Jess didn't secure a photographer sooner, especially if she's in the catering biz. 🤔 Others are calling out her 'all or nothing' ultimatum as a major red flag. 🚩 And let's not forget the commenters who are wondering if this friendship is even worth saving after such a dramatic showdown! 😬 Buckle up, folks, because the internet has some thoughts, and they're not holding back! 🍿

Friendship over? Bridezilla shows true colors, NTA stands up

ahdrielle | ahdrielle

Friend demands photographer work full day for free, rescinds invite. NTA

themillfloss | themillfloss

Bridezilla demands pictures or no entry, friend is better off without.

No-Net8938 | No-Net8938

Entitled bridezilla demands free photos, gets called out. NTA

pfashby | pfashby

Bridezilla demands free photos, OP declines. NTA wins.

voluntold9276 | voluntold9276

Bridezilla gets what she deserves with snotty attitude 😤

Novel-Reward-378 | Novel-Reward-378

Photographer stands up to entitled bridezilla's unrealistic demands 😏

Holmes221bBSt | Holmes221bBSt

Bridezilla demands photos, but doesn't schedule time. NTA wins!

Quiet_Goat8086 | Quiet_Goat8086

Photographer offered free services, bride made impossible demands. NTA.

Wanderlust4416 | Wanderlust4416

Wedding photography favors backfire, NTA according to commenter.

RitaTome | RitaTome

Stand up for yourself! 💪 Don't let bridezilla push you around. NTA

robiatortilla | robiatortilla

Friendzilla alert! NTA, she's being ridiculous 😠

samusaranx3 | samusaranx3

Weddings bring out the worst. Bridezilla tries to use guest. NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Memories fade, pictures last" - OP NTA for denying bride's demands 👍

FitOrFat-1999 | FitOrFat-1999

Bridezilla demands free labor, gets called out by commenter 😂

Aggressive_Sea_339 | Aggressive_Sea_339

Photographer faced unreasonable demands from entitled bridezilla. NTA.

Diggitydave76 | Diggitydave76

Friend's entitled behavior and bad form. NTA.


Friendship over budget: Bridezilla demands too much. NTA wins.

RideAnotherDay | RideAnotherDay

Friendship should not be conditional. NTA for declining.

SpecialistAfter511 | SpecialistAfter511

Bridezilla demotes friend from favor to unpaid job. NTA.

Stabbyhorse | Stabbyhorse

Bridezilla demands photos all day, but 'NTA' commenter says simple weddings are just as meaningful 📸💍

Mr_Ariyeh | Mr_Ariyeh

Offered to officiate, but will help with planning instead 😊

stellazee | stellazee

Bridezilla demands all-day photos, passes on pro photographer. NTA wins.

followthe_sun | followthe_sun

Skipping the wedding was the right move 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting clear boundaries, NTA is the way to go! 👏

angstyart | angstyart

Kind photographer offers free wedding photography and takes over 500 photos 👏

rtaisoaa | rtaisoaa

Friend rescinds invite over photo request, NTA prevails 👏

anon466544 | anon466544

Friend offered to do free photography, bride declined rudely, then expected full day of shooting last minute and kicked friend out of the wedding. NTA, cut her off.

kokoromelody | kokoromelody

15 years with her? That's a special kind of love 😬

blablamcbla | blablamcbla

Bridezilla demands, photographer refuses, internet supports. NTA wins.

Weird-Roll6265 | Weird-Roll6265

Choosing beggar bridezilla gets what she deserves 😂📷

[deleted] | [deleted]

Former friend's entitled behavior backfires, iPhone pics for her wedding.

MissKrys2020 | MissKrys2020

Offered help, got uninvited: You dodged a bullet. NTA 👏

buttgers | buttgers

NTA. OP handled the situation with grace and self-respect. 👏

faqhiavelli | faqhiavelli

Bridezilla demands free photography, calls photographer NTA for refusing 😂

teresajs | teresajs

Bridezilla gets a reality check from a no-nonsense guest 🔥

MindfulTornado | MindfulTornado

NTA and a good riddance to toxic clients like Jess 🙌

swillshop | swillshop

True friendship should not be based on wedding photos 👯

Professional_Big_731 | Professional_Big_731

Bridezilla demands free photos, then uninvites backup photographer. NTA strikes back.

Buttercup_Bride | Buttercup_Bride

NTA and lost a friend over a bridezilla? Nah, good riddance 😒

Lillianrik | Lillianrik

Last minute bridezilla demands photographer or no attendance. NTA.

wirette | wirette

NTA's shocked reaction to bride's outrageous demand 🤯

kinky_clem | kinky_clem

NTA saves bride thousands but gets rudely declined. No sympathy.

the_greek_italian | the_greek_italian

Ungrateful bridezilla demands free photos, gets called out by friend.

Cookie1107 | Cookie1107

Bridezilla demands photos but blames photographer. Commenter defends photographer.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bridezilla demands endless photos, friend says NTA for refusing

Mean-Archer391 | Mean-Archer391

Friend demands wedding photographer, gets reasonable compromise. NTA wins.

Starlass1989 | Starlass1989

Offered a solution but got ultimatum from entitled bridezilla. NTA.

Amaryllis83 | Amaryllis83

A photographer shares their experience with entitled bridezilla 📷👰

Why_Is_Toby_In_Jail | Why_Is_Toby_In_Jail

Bridezilla demands perfect photos, refuses what she's offered. NTA prevails.

IgneusM | IgneusM

Valuing your time is important. Don't work for free! 🙅‍♂️

Hedgehog-Plane | Hedgehog-Plane

Photographer stands up to demanding bridezilla, internet applauds. 📱

creditspread | creditspread

NTA! Good on you for standing up to a bridezilla 🙌🏼

SkrogedScourge | SkrogedScourge

NTA stands up to entitled bridezilla, internet applauds 👏

WearingTime | WearingTime

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