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10+ Mistakes From '13 Going On 30' Fans Didn't Notice

13 Going on 30 is still flirty and thriving, even after all of these years.

The 2004 movie featured Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in a heartwarming story about love, growing up, and never losing your kid-at-heart.

But even this iconic rom-com had its faults. Are you curious as to what they are? Check out these 10+ mistakes that fans didn't notice.

*13 Going On 30* is one of the most iconic movies of all time.

It tells an amazing coming of age story about friendship, true love, and what it means to be a good person.

All of that while being hilarious! What's not to love?

However, just because the movie is incredibly beloved, that doesn't mean that it is perfect all around.

In fact, there are a lot of mistakes in the movie!

And we rounded up some of the best ones for you! Let's get into the fun!

1. The Diet Coke at Jenna's 13th birthday:

When the beverage was shown, it had a modern design that wasn't possible since this scene was set in the 1980s.

That wasn't the only Cola flub. There was another scene involving adult Jenna talking to Matt on the phone.

While she did, there was a Diet Coke logo in full view.

But when the camera panned away and came back for another shot of her on the phone, the can was turned around.

This meant that the logo was suddenly not in view anymore.

2. The Razzles package:

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In case you don't know what Razzles are, they were a popular chewing candy that eventually turns into gum.

Matt shared his blue package with Jenna in 1987, but the Razzles packages back then were white.

3. The wishing dust continuity error:

The movie needs some wishing dust to fix this mistake.

When Matt handed Jenna her dream house at the end of the movie, there was hardly any wishing dust on the top. But in a later clip, there was a ton.

4. Jenna's hand:

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When young Jenna was showing her mom the "30, Flirty and Thriving" article, she pointed to it.

When this happened, it was pretty obvious that a body double was used to portray the 13-year-old's hand.

5. The missing remote control:

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After waking up as 30, Jenna was understandably freaking out. In this scene, viewers saw a remote control next to a magazine on her glass table.

But it was magically sitting on the magazine in a later shot.

6. The woman in a purple dress appeared three times:

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Maybe she kept forgetting something?

Either way, during a conversation between Lucy and Jenna on the sidewalk, the same woman in the purple dress walked by three times.

7. The missing umbrella:

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After Jenna realized that there was a man in her bathroom, she grabbed an umbrella to protect herself.

When she did, she undid the strap around it. This was a clear continuity error since the strap is attached again in the next shot.

8. The Six Chicks had seven jackets:

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This mishap was shown when they arrived at Jenna's birthday party.

Another error took place during this scene. Jenna had been holding all of their jackets in a certain placement. But when the camera panned back, the placement was different.

9. You can see a microphone and microphone pole:

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Reflections are a tricky thing in Hollywood.

When Lucy closed the cab door after Jenna finally decided to get in, you could see the microphone and its pole in the reflection of the car.

10. Jenna's parents' phone number:

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When Jenna called her parents soon after waking up as 30, she only dialed seven numbers.

This made no sense since she was living in New York City and they were still in New Jersey. This would've required 11 keystrokes.

11. The disappearing basketball:

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While Jenna's boyfriend was a major mistake, an even bigger one was the disappearing basketball on the sofa.

It was there when they were sitting on his couch. But it soon disappeared and then reappeared in other shots.

12. Matt's color blindness:

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When Matt went to Jenna's office, he thought he was talking to Jenna when she had her back turned to him.

Thing is, it was Lucy all along, pretending to be Jenna.

This made no sense since Matt knew Jenna better than anyone else.

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In addition to this, you could see the top of Lucy's blond head.

Jenna was brunette while Lucy was blond, so it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

13. The level of Jenna's drink:

When Jenna was at the promotional party for Poise magazine, the drink in her hand kept changing from full to near-empty.

Since we didn't see her freshen up her drink or down some of it, this made no sense.

14. Jenna's makeup:

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When she was getting ready for her 13th birthday, Jenna went a little too brush happy on her makeup.

But when we saw her in the next shot, it was magically fixed. Tell us your secret, girl!

15. The missing magazines:

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Jenna loved magazines (and worked for them), but she couldn't always keep tabs on them.

In the scene when she wakes up as 30, there was a stack of magazines on the counter by the mirror.

But they're gone in the next shot.

Another mistake involving magazines was when they were stacked in such a way that Jenna could still see herself in the mirror.

But when she fell over a bookshelf and got back up, they were suddenly stacked much higher.

16. The cigarette change:

When Jenna is talking to Matt and his fiancée, at one point, they turn to leave.

Lucy, who is there, turns to walk away and she has a cigarette in her right hand and you see her switch it to her left hand. But in the next shot, it is back in her right hand.

17. The changing of the envelope:

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When Matt and Jenna meet at the park before they start the photoshoot, Jenna gives Matt an envelope with her left hand.

In the next shot, she gives it to him with her right hand.

18. "Nice to see you, folks.":

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When Jenna meets Matt's fiancée, Jenna introduces Matt to her boyfriend, Alex.

As Matt and Wendy leave, Alex says, "Nice to see you, folks," and then when they pass in front of him a moment later, he says it again.

19. Breaking the fourth wall:

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When Jenna and Matt are in the park, and Jenna asks Matt to take pictures for the magazine, pay close attention to the background.

You'll see a girl who is walking, turn and look directly at the camera and the actors.

20. School picture:

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When Jenna has her picture taken at school, she tells the photographer her name, and her hair is in front of her ears.

But in the photo that is taken, as you can see, her hair is behind her ears.

21. Matt stops dancing:

During the dance scene, you can see that Matt is dancing with everyone else. But when there is a close up on Richard, you can see in the background Matt has stopped dancing.

22. Jenna calls for a cab:

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While Jenna calls for a cab in one of the scenes, she runs in the street and stops.

The scene cuts to the cab hitting the brakes hard, but then when it cuts back to her, all the cars around her are in the same position as before.

Were you able to catch any more mistakes from *13 Going On 30*.

Or were you completely surprised by the mistakes we presented you with?

Either way, let us know down below in the comments! We would love to hear from you!

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