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Winnie The Cocker Spaniel Has Beautiful Eyes With Lashes Fit For A Disney Princess

Every animal is special in its own way, but occasionally, an animal has that extra something that makes the entire internet take notice.

The internet is a vast place, so it can sometimes be difficult to predict what qualities of which animals will go viral.

However, after you take a look at this specific pooch, you can immediately understand why she stands out.

Winnie is a super cute cocker spaniel.

Even though she was only born in October 2019, Winnie's already got over 325K followers on Instagram and almost 200K on Tik Tok.

Why? Because she has some seriously beautiful eyes.

I mean, those lashes are amazing.

As one Redditor noted, they look like they belong to a Disney character.

Those princesses would be so jealous of Winnie's natural look.

While she's an English cocker spaniel, some commenters have wondered if she's got a little bit of another breed mixed into her.

However, a little quick research of my own has led me to believe otherwise.

While hazel eyes may be less common in the breed, they aren't exactly uncommon, especially in dogs with lighter fur.

But while Winnie's eyes are beautiful, they are also dangerous.

Like, it would pretty much be impossible to say no to those eyes. She was born to beg for treats and get every single one.

It's probably a good thing my soft heart is only able to appreciate her from afar, because she would get so fat from treats.

If you want to see more of Winnie, be sure to follow her on Instagram @winnie_thecocker.

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