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German Shepherd With Dwarfism Is Two Years Old But Still Looks Like A Puppy

We often wish that our dogs could be puppies forever. Or at least, look like puppies. I never want to house train a teething puppy again.

That's probably why a German Shepherd named Ranger is getting so much love online.

You see, Ranger may look like a puppy, but he's actually two years old.

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Ranger has pituitary dwarfism, a rare disorder that can prevent a dog from becoming fully grown.

German Shepherds are predisposed to it and Ranger's was likely triggered after he contracted a parasite called Giardia as a puppy.

After his treatment for that was completed, his owner Shelby Mayo noticed that he had stopped growing at the rate expected.

Instagram | @ranger_thegshepherd

They returned to the vet, where he was diagnosed with dwarfism.

Though it has frozen Ranger in a permanent puppy appearance, it's not all perpetual cuteness.

Instagram | @ranger_thegshepherd

Pituitary dwarfism has a lot of other medical issues associated with it which if, untreated, can drastically shorten the dog's life.

For example, Ranger suffered from flaky skin and fur loss before vets figured out he had developed Hypothyroidism.

For many families, the specialized treatments would be too much to handle or afford.

Instagram | @ranger_thegshepherd

But Ranger's family is lucky. When they created an Instagram account, Ranger (of course) got tons of love and followers.

And when those followers learned of his health issues, they've been more than willing to help out. Thanks to that, Ranger has a bright and healthy future ahead of him.

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