36-Year-Old Man Defends Relationship With 81-Year-Old Wife

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Many people say you cannot help who you fall in love with. When you meet someone that you feel is the one, nothing else matters. Not where you are from, what you believe in, your race, gender, or even your age.

When people know they're in love, they don't care if anyone has anything to say about it, either. Even if you have a 25+ year age gap.

Many couples have age gaps between them.

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It's not every day that two people who fall in love are the same exact age. Sometimes, couples have a pretty big age gap between them. Just look at our parents, who sometimes have a 5-10 year age gap.

However, it's also not every day that you see someone in their 80s dating someone in their 30s.

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Mohamed Ibriham and his wife, Iris, are an exception to the rule. The two met on Facebook in 2019 and apparently fell madly in love with each other after talking on the website.

Iris' son Stephen had bought her a laptop and signed her up for Facebook.

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Iris joined a group specifically for atheists and that is where she originally met Mohamed. The two spoke for a few months before meeting in real life.

In November 2019, Iris flew to Cairo to meet Mohamed.

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Mohamed, who is originally from Egypt, is 36 years old, while Iris, who lives in England, is 81. Iris flew to Cairo to meet Mohamed in person after hitting it off online.

Mohamed paid for an apartment in the city when she visited.

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Mohamed apparently moved back in with his parents after he had a divorce from his previous marriage. When Iris visited, he made sure they were not staying at his parent's home.

Iris said the first night was "rough."

Iris on "This Morning" talking about relationship
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However, she means it in a pretty good way. Speaking to British chat show “This Morning”, Iris told the TV show hosts that she felt like she had "ridden a horse" after she was done with Mohamed and they went through a whole tube of KY Jelly.

After they met, the two tied the knot in November 2020.

Mohamed and Iris getting married
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Due to visa issues, however, the couple could not truly be together for 11 months. However, they were finally reunited and Mohamed moved to the U.K. to be with his bride.

Although the two are happy, many have a lot of hate towards their relationship.

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The age gap between Mohamed and Iris is 46 years, and many people are raising eyebrows at this fact. Some believe Mohamed is with Iris just for a visa.

However, Mohamed and Iris say it is not the case.

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Mohamed says that he does not need Iris' money and that he owns a bungalow in Cairo—saying he is a "rich man." He says he is with Iris because he is in love with her.

Mohamed shared that love knows "no differences."

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"The love does not know any difference between age, or countries. This is our life, Iris chose me and I chose Iris. I want to say for all the people who attack our love, it’s none of your business, focus your lives, go to hell. That is all," Mohamed said.

The couple is still together living in the U.K. and shares moments together on YouTube.

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While many have things to say about them, the two are happy and living together in the U.K. still. You can see their moments together on YouTube.