19 Stories About Women Supporting Women I Just Love

Sarah Kester
Cher and her friend in Clueless
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Not all heroes wear capes — some wear comfy flip-flops and expensive lipstick from Sephora.

We're talking about the warm and beautiful women of the world. While there is a special place in hell for women who don't support women, there is a special place in our hearts for the women who do!

Here, you will love these 19 stories about women supporting women.

The high heels

Elle and a professor at the salon
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While some women are at odds in the workforce, others band together.

Like the time this Redditor was at a scientific conference and they got a text from their female colleague to meet her in the bathroom. She was the first speaker to give a presentation, but she had broken her heel.

The Redditor would've offered to swap shoes, but hers wouldn't fit.

High heels
Unsplash | Laura Chouette

Suddenly, a bathroom stall door opened and an accomplished professor walked out holding her shoes up. "I have your size, dear. Nobody will give a damn if an old lady like me walks barefoot. I'll just say my feet hurt."

The tampons

Tampon box on table
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"I unexpectedly got my period while at a football game. I found the closest restroom I could and it was packed, there was a line. I ran in and screamed 'Ladies!! I need a tampon!!!' to about 35 women that I didn’t know. About 15 women pulled tampons out for me, and they let me skip the line so I could clean up. If that’s not women having each other’s backs, I don’t know what is!" —dutchtritan

The ex

Friends on laptop
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Since a woman's ex joined the military and blocked her on social media after their separation, she was unable to collect Basic Allowance for Housing or serve him divorce papers. Thankfully, she knew a girl he worked with called Jessica.

Jessica saw that he was already hooking up with other girls.

Jennifer Lopez clapping
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After the Redditor asked if Jessica would help her, she gave her his address and reported him to the military for receiving BAH under false pretenses and actively trying to avoid being served. This allowed the Redditor to get a quick divorce and she and Jessica are still friends!

The rescuer

Girl friends hugging
Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"My friend and I went out to a bar one night just to catch up, two guys came up to us and refused to leave, no matter how much we rejected them. It got to the point that we wanted to finish our drinks and leave when my brother's ex-girlfriend came over, pretended to be a friend we hadn’t seen in a while, told them to [expletive], and invited us to come and sit with her until the guys left."—donnes3

The airport besties

Bridesmaids walking onto airplane
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Running late for your flight is the worst! Especially when the security line is huge. This happened to one Redditor, who thankfully met a woman who was also on her flight. They teamed up to help each other make it to the terminal on time.

For example, one held onto their stuff so the other could use the bathroom.

Rachel and Phoebe jumping up and down
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When they got through security, they helped each other get their shoes and backpacks on. Then, one treated them to dinner. They never got each other's names, but these two strangers were there for each other so they could make their flight!

The compliment

Friends laughing
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"While I was abroad in Sweden, I went to a party. I was feeling nervous/self conscious because of my complexion (I’m Latina, so I was about the only brown-skinned girl at the party) when suddenly a Swedish girl came up from nowhere, grabbed me by the shoulders and said, 'You’re beautiful.' That comment was the push I needed, I never felt down again and enjoyed the whole night." —sarir46f3fb81d

The mom

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What's more supportive than a mom? After this Redditor's mom saw a girl being taken advantage of and drugged up, she helped her get clean and gave her a job at her business. She essentially took on the role of being her mother, which is so selfless!

The mentor

Friends in 'Book Smart'
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"I started my teaching career doing daily and long-term substituting. The woman who was my mentor for one of these gigs found out I was looking for a full-time job and nominated me for a position at a great school in the next county. She's the reason I got my first full time job, moved out on my own, and now have a growing savings account and confidence in my abilities." —sarahl4282166f2

The surprise friend

Friends walking
Unsplash | Joel Muniz

You never know who will end up being your friend.

The girl a Redditor used to hate ended up being her ally after some guys wrote a dirty song about the girl. It was about her being "easy" and "sleeping around." Even though they were never friends before, the Redditor stepped in and defended her.

The surprise treat

Lauren Conrad going "aww"
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"My friend and I were texting and she knew I was down because of a boy who treated me wrong. She simply reminded me what a great person I am and that any guy would be lucky to have me. Her words were enough, but she also sent me $5 on Venmo to treat myself to my favorite coffee that afternoon."—samahmozmonster

The guardian angel

Two Indian woman sitting together
Unsplash | Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty)

One Redditor had an Indian friend who was in a terrible arranged marriage. When she moved to America and knew no one, she became friends with an older woman who took her and her baby in. The kind woman let her live rent-free for a year and helped her get off her feet. If she didn't help, the Indian woman would probably still be in that bad relationship.

The free groceries

Unsplash | Maria Lin Kim

"I will never forget the woman who paid for my mom’s groceries when I was 7. She was a young, single mom and didn’t have enough to pay for the food items for us and a small birthday cake for my grandma. When she asked the clerk to take away the cake, this lady in line insisted that she pay for it all. That woman did so much more than help us with groceries — she inspired a young girl to grow up into the kind of woman who helps other women." —emileem3

The period stain

Cher and her best friend in Clueless
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Almost every woman has worried about a period stain showing on their clothes. Well, when it happened to one Redditor, the woman sitting behind her told her to quickly sit back down before anyone saw. She also gave her some pads to help. "I had never felt so grateful for a stranger."

The date night

Older women drinking wine
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"I’ve always had date nights on Fridays with my fiancé. After we broke up, my best friend would come visit every Friday night to have a 'date night' with me so I wouldn’t feel so lost. Keeping that routine helped me keep a sense of normalcy through a tough time. And it brought us closer as friends too." —catherinedugrs

The saint

Tired mom and her baby
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After a Redditor had given birth and was exhausted, a friend offered to drop by her house with a few things to help. While the Redditor told her she needed milk, she came by with bags and bags of groceries.

She had chips, juice, premade salads, fresh fruit and veggies, meat, and the soup and milk she had asked for.

Female friends in sunflower field
Unsplash | Antonino Visalli

She even got her maternity sanitary pads, nappies, and some nipple cream. She clearly knew what the new mom was going through and wanted to help. So sweet!

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