Gate that allows people and horses to pass, but not cars
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20 Good Ideas The World Must Be Ready For

A good idea can never be a bad thing. If it was bad, well, then it wouldn't be a good idea.

If you're having the kind of day where nothing seems to be working out, feast your eyes on these pics. It's refreshing to see creativity, good ideas and even good luck in action. It all just kind of comes together.

"The top slice of cheese in the package came with a perfect hole cutout for my bagel."

Cheese slice with perfectly-placed hole for bagel
reddit | nikofili

After seeing this pic, I'm a bit surprised that cheese manufacturers haven't started making special 'bagel edition' cheese slices with holes cut out of the middle. Maybe there's a niche market there?

"This shelf is designed to look like it is phasing into a wall."

Shelf looks like it's clipping through wall
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

It might not be for everyone, but if your aesthetic favors video games with sloppily placed objects clipping through walls, there could be no better wall decor.

"Traffic light signals with LEDs on the traffic pole."

Traffic signals with pole that lights up
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

There can be no doubt that these light-up poles help more people know if the light is green, red or amber. Aside from that, they just look pretty.

"A train carved from a pencil tip. Artist: Cindy Chinn."

Train carved out of pencil lead
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

When I see micro art like this, two things happen: I'm impressed by the finished product, and the thought of carving out such minute details gives me a headache.

"I make art from playing cards. Some of the cuts are smaller then a millimeter using only an exacto knife."

Intricate art made from cutting playing cards
reddit | DoctorPaulGregory

Have you ever looked at the back of a playing card and thought to cut out the designs with a knife? No? Well, this person has, and the results are very cool.

"Room entrance inspired by Narnia."

Room entrance hidden inside wardrobe
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

They don't make houses with secret rooms anymore, and that's a real shame. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have the entrance to your office or den look like this?

"Insect hotel."

An insect hotel
reddit | pt_xtn

It's interesting to see the many different habitats that have been created for bugs. Ecology aside, another reason to like this insect hotel is the fact that it would presumably keep the bugs out of your home.

"My hotel has a cutout to turn the water on before getting in."

Cutout in shower door provides access to faucet
reddit | jjjon_l

Anyone who's used a shower with a hard-to-reach faucet knows what it's like to get a blast of cold water every time they want to take a shower. This clever design removes the issue.

"Hippo table underwater effect."

Glass coffee table resembles an underwater hippo
reddit | ok___ing

I don't think I've ever been more delighted by a coffee table in my entire life. Sure, the glass will probably break eventually. Sure, it looks like an art piece that's worth thousands. All that matters is the hippo.

"These three ceiling fans run off of one motor."

Three ceiling fans running off of one motor
reddit | Hendo_AU

It's always good to see a design that minimizes the amount of energy required. Sure, that one motor needs power. But when it powers three fans, it's all worth it.

"Book Christmas tree."

Books on a shelf arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

This is a cute design, and it inspired me to consider something similar. Then I looked at my bookshelf and realized I had, like, two green books. Why are so many book spines black and red nowadays?

"My gym put an assortment of free Mother’s Day cards in the change rooms."

Gym providing free Mother's Day cards
reddit | ButterflyMichelle

Mother's Day is one of those events that can kind of sneak up on you. Placing these cards in plain sight both serves as a reminder as well as a source of emergency cards for anyone who's forgotten the big day. I hope they do it for other occasions as well.

"Iron curtain drapes."

Iron window bars modeled after curtains
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

The purpose of iron bars on windows is to prevent break-ins. The purpose of curtains is to provide privacy and shade the sun. This design does none of these things. Still, it's hard to quibble about something so whimsical.

"This hotel where the TV rotates."

Rotating TV in a hotel room
reddit | CockBastard

Some hotel suites just put TVs everywhere, but this hotel utilizes a more clever design. There aren't too many areas of a room that could use a rotating TV, but this location looks ideal.

"Tile was used to fill this crack in the concrete artistically."

Sidewalk crack filled in with tile
reddit | henrythedrip

Everyone knows that if you step up on a crack, you break your mother's back. I wonder what happens if you step on something that was once a crack, but is now a pretty mosaic.

"Indelible ink is dropped on your fingernail after voting to prevent people from voting twice in the Philippine elections."

Indelible ink placed on fingers to prevent voting fraud
reddit | Godfreee

Voter fraud can be tough to crack down on while an election is going on, because of the simple fact that so many people are heading to the polls. This is an elegant, foolproof solution.

"Old bench painted into a crab."

Old bench repainted as a crab
reddit | SomeoneFromGalar

It's incredible what a new coat of paint can do to something. It's also incredible how this artist took a completely rectangular bench and made it look like a crab.

"This doorframe is a miniature castle."

Miniature castle built into doorframe
reddit | StuartisUnoriginal

If you're asking why this doorframe is a miniature castle, you're probably thinking about this a little too much. The important thing to do is appreciate that it's a miniature castle, and hope for more doorframes to look like miniature castles.

"So I was trying to clean and he kept getting in the way."

Dog sitting in a baby seat
twitter | @DrHQuinzelll

Dogs are almost always very good boys and girls, but sometimes they can get underfoot. This solution might be a bit humiliating for the dog, but I'd categorize this under 'tough but fair.'

"This gate allows walkers and horses through but blocks vehicles."

Gate that allows people and horses to pass, but not cars
reddit | OneArmJack

I remember seeing a gate like this one time, declaring it as the dumbest gate ever to my hiking companions, then getting schooled on why it's actually the most clever gate ever.