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20 People Who Should Be Proud Of Their Creativity

Is there any better feeling than coming up with a new idea to solve a problem and having it actually work? Or maybe just finally seeing results to a skill you've been practicing for years and getting the vision for something cool out of your head?

Creativity is a process and a struggle for most of us so it's easy to relate to Hannibal from The A-Team when he says "I love it when a plan comes together." Because it's true! So all of the folks behind the creative endeavors below should be proud of their handiwork.


Reddit | mtomsky

Studio Ghibli fans ought to recognize this piece: it's the entirety of Princess Mononoke, done in wood layers.

The artist behind it started with a pencil sketch, rendered it digitally, cut each individual piece with a laser, and then assembled it all by hand.

Not available on all models.

Reddit | the123king-reddit

Clearly a lot less work went into this than the Princess Mononoke piece but it still has to bring some good smiles, right?

Because who expects to see a succulent garden in someone's bumper? Who even thinks to put one there?

"Did a photo restoration I'm pretty proud of and wanted to show it off."

Reddit | TheDiabetesHero

The uploader of this image sure did some remarkable work on it and is right to want to show it off.

It's not only colorized but cleaned up and much sharper than the original, but doesn't lose the character of the original's era. Frame that.

How appropriate!

Reddit | SuperXack

Only when it rains will you get to see the sea monster hiding on this dock. The artist who created it used a hydrophobic spray so the image repels water while the deck around it gets wet and darkens.

Watch out for these cows in particular.

Reddit | p11s

All it took was a little bit of white tape to give this sign a personal touch for the nearby herd of cows that drivers should be on the lookout for. You have to love the simple things.

Re-purposing genius.

Reddit | gregedout

Just because an umbrella has lost its membrane doesn't mean it can't serve the cause of dryness anymore. Just check out how someone has used an old umbrella as a new clothes line.

"My husband made this book-holder-opener for me to ease hand cramping."

Reddit | Nextdy

Where has this been all my life? It's so simple, too, just a diamond-shaped piece of wood with a thumb hole. So it has to be low-cost as well. Sign me up for one!

Okay, this was conceivable.

Reddit | rhm54

The quotes just leap to mind, don't they? But making Inigo Montoya's face with "Hello, my name is" stickers as your canvas is still an artistic feat and a half.

Almost as perfect as the movie itself.

Too good to slice?

Reddit | ShelbyElizabethCakes

This grad had to cancel her grad party but her cousin stepped up with this incredible cake featuring her favorite books to soften the blow.

The only problem with this is that it would be a shame to cut into it. It's artwork!

For your next Costco run...

Reddit | Lurkist

I don't know who made this gigantic motorized shopping cart but it's welcome any time I need to stock up on essentials. Honestly, Costco needs these just for folks picking up cat litter.

Just lean back.

Reddit | ChrisBaaij

I'm not sure what it would be like to live inside a house as crooked as this but considering it's designed that way rather than just having sunk, it must be an interesting experience.

But just pulling it off is an accomplishment.

Cleanliness is next to...

Reddit | lofihiphopbeatz

Hey, you can't be too careful these days so this church adapted their touch-free soap dispensers to instead dispense their holy water.

Just another way to know your church cares about your well being.

Not your garden variety artistic outlet.

Reddit | calebrowland98

Creativity is therapeutic, too. "My gf’s 75yo grandma copes with schizophrenia by producing a painting almost every day," the uploader of this pic shared. Great work and a wonderful outlet.

That's using your wallet, I suppose.

Reddit | f__h

When some Polish racing fans weren't allowed into the stands due to capacity restrictions, they decided to rent some bucket cranes to watch the race from above.

Or perhaps a crane company saw an opportunity to help out some racing fans who couldn't get a seat. Either way, it's an interesting solution.

Sourcing matters.

Reddit | fenderbender86

For those who want to know where their wool comes from, one local source went the extra mile and introduced wool buyers to the sheep it comes from. Sounds like a perfect combo to me.

Smiles all around.

Reddit | marcusjsmall

"My Nana knitted a blanket for a baby Elephant called Khanyisa in South Africa," shared the uploader of this pic. "[It] arrived yesterday from the UK after 4 months and she is so happy." Looks like the baby elephant is pretty happy, too!

I think she got it.

You know, it's one thing to paint a self-portrait but sculpting a portrait of yourself as you sculpt a portrait of yourself is on another level entirely. Just some terrifically cool stuff by Amanda Klish.

That...wasn't wrong.

Reddit | chiquitamichi

"There's a tree knot in my yard I thought looked like a regency era couple, so I brought them to life," explained the uploader of this pic. Couldn't have worked out much better!

What do you do on game night when Ben forgets the Monopoly board?

Reddit | adorasaurusrex

Make your own, of course. I think they're going to have to play with this board from now on. It's an inside joke now and much better than playing with the boring old original.

That's kinda cold.

Reddit | pastordan23

Not sure what purpose it serves to put the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East sticking out from the pavement but it's sort of a reward for customers at this ice cream parlor.

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