30 Great Design Ideas That Deserve A Chef's Kiss

Every now and then, an amazing design comes along that's just, well, just perfect. You might look at it and decide it deserves a chef's kiss. Or, like, a thousand.

And... yeah, you can probably guess where I'm going with this. These designs are just wonderful. They're the kinds that chefs everywhere will be lining up to kiss (don't worry I know that's not how it works).

"This sake glass with a hole in it for ice to keep it chilled."

I'll admit that I don't drink a lot of sake. But if I ever find myself in a Japanese restaurant and they serve their sake in bottles like this, I'd probably be in love. Such a cool way to chill a beverage without putting ice directly in it.

"Embark dog DNA testing kit symbol is a molecule that also looks like a doggie."

To be honest, even if I didn't have a dog, I'd probably still want one of these just because of the clever design. I can't tell if that means the design is good, or if I'm just simple-minded (or both).

"The best sheet sets have these tags."

Clearly, my sheets are not among the best (makes sense since they came from Amazon). That doesn't mean I can't appreciate this design idea, though. And maybe dream about having good sheets like this one day.

"A tea bags storage organizer in the form of a flower."

Something like this is so simple, yet so effective. There's room for so many tea bags, and it keeps them from being all jumbled together. Needless to say, I'm very in love with this design.

"My shirt’s extra button sewn onto the side tag."

I love it when shirts do things like this. Sure, I've never needed the extra button before, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the thought. It'll come in handy someday. Probably.

"Siri reminding me to turn off my alarm."

I love the fact that smartphones have finally become smart enough to recognize that no, no one wants to wake up at their regular time during holidays. Unless you work on that holiday. Then you might not want to turn that alarm off.

"This micro USB charging cable that has Christmas lights on it."

I love this beautiful, festive cable so much! With the Christmas season slowly creeping up on us, it's time to start decorating for the holidays. And something like this would be a great start.

"This mouse packaging has tabs to make it easy to open."

Sometimes, I think about how much better life would be if packages were a tiny bit easier to open. Just pulling a couple of tabs instead of screaming and crying while attempting to cut the package with a pair of scissors? Must be nice.

"I don't know about claims , but if it works seems good for groceries."

Actually, a lot of these biodegradable bags really work (I'm thinking of the dog poop bags I use, for one). I don't know why we haven't switched over to these from plastic yet.

"This packet of pasta has a drawing to gauge the quantity of pasta w/o a scale."

I don't know about you, but I'm really bad at eyeballing what 100 grams of dried pasta looks like. I really hope that, someday, all pasta packages come with helpful charts and guides that'll keep us from cooking too many noodles.

"NYC MTA posting signs explaining the work being done, how much it costs, and how it benefits riders."

Who would've thought that communicating with the people who have to use the service you're providing (that happens to be under construction) would be so easy? What a novel concept!

"Good guy The Guardian puts the article age before the headline."

Articles from several years ago may be outdated, but they can still have good information in them. Still, it's really nice when news websites actually tell you how old an article is. It isn't even that hard.

"When grocery stores give a price per mass, which helps evade some misleading packaging."

This is honestly such a good way to advertise things. It may not always be super necessary, but it's nice to just have that price breakdown right there in front of you.

"This claw machine at a restaurant kids play area gives you your money back if you don't receive an item."

Claw machines may seem like a lot of fun, but they're also a huge money sink if you aren't careful (or good). Well, not this machine. This is the good guy of claw machines.

"These upside-down charger sockets on a train table that prevent cable damage!"

I think that every outlet that's close to the ground or a surface should be upside down. Because that's one of the worst ways to fray you charging cable. How have we not seen this everywhere yet!?

"Captain Crunch Boxes show you exactly how full the box is from the factory."

The best part about this design is that it tells you exactly what to expect. No looking at the box and thinking you're getting one amount, only to open it and find that you didn't get nearly as much.

"Newest leggings I bought,.. have string holes on outside & inside, so you can move the cord wherever you prefer."

This right here is the revolution. This could change the way we wear pants forever! I, for one, find the cord on pants and leggings to be kind of annoying, so I'd love a way to keep them on the inside.

"This pump bottle is designed for you to get as much out of it as possible."

Finally! I swear, it feels like whoever invented pump bottles didn't think it through. There's always that little bit at the bottom that you can't reach, and a lot of the time it ends up getting wasted.

Can we have these bottles everywhere, please?

"This oat milk lets you mark down the day you opened it so you don’t drink it when expired."

A lot of beverages like oat milk only last for a few days after being opened. I don't see why they don't all come with little things like this to show us when to get rid of them.

"This book on money is designed like a credit/debit card."

This is such an insanely cool book cover. I know the old saying is to not judge a book by its cover, but just looking at this one is making me want to believe that it's really good.

"I absolutely will forget by then so thanks."

I feel like a lot of subscriptions bank on the fact that you're going to forget about your free trial and end up paying for a month (or many months!) by accident. But not this service. So thoughtful.

"Wegmans has a 'No Candy' Lane, so parents don't have to drag their kids past a wall of sugar if they don't want to."

This is also great for people who accidentally went grocery shopping while hungry, or people who have very little self control (like me). Really, it's just great for pretty much all of us.

"My dad found a face as the pocket of his pepperoni pizza pants."

Yes, this design is incredibly stupid. But, like, that's kind of why it's amazing. Seriously, who would've expected there to be a whole person's face inside the pocket of pants that are designed to look like pizza?

"Came across these lights at a Gelato bar."

When you get past the strangely unsettling energy of a bunch of hanging ice cream cones, you have to admit that this is pretty cool. After all, there are no better lights to hang up in a place that sells gelato.

"The shape of these sinks while staying at a KOA in Texas."

I have to say, I love the commitment here. Sure, a Texas-shaped sink basin may not be the most efficient thing in the world. But you know what? It's cool, and sometimes being cool is enough.

"This public bathroom in a sporting goods store in Sweden has a urinal with a built in Aquarium."

As long as the pee doesn't get in with the fish water, all is good. I don't even want to think of what would happen to those fish if they got exposed to dozens of drunk people's pee every day.

"Solar park bench with USB charging ports."

I haven't seen a solar-powered park bench yet, but I'm so excited that they exist. Maybe I'll start going to the park more. If I can charge my phone, I'll gladly go anywhere.

"This keyboard has tips for CTRL hotkey shortcuts on sides of buttons."

This may be bad of me to admit, but I don't know all my keyboard shortcuts. A little guide like this one would be helpful for people in the world like me (in other words, forgetful).

"A cold pack for your finger."

This is the perfect little icepack. It isn't too bulky and it fits right around one finger. The idea of having to use one seems unpleasant, but at least you'd still be able to (mostly) go about your day.

"This rentable electric scooter has Braille instructions?"

You may be wondering how someone with a visual impairment could drive a scooter, or even if they should, but that's not what the Braille is actually for.

Instead, it contains information for who to contact if the scooter is left in the middle of a sidewalk where the impaired person might have tripped over it.

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