20 Choices We Can't Even Begin To Explain

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A ziplock bag full of rocks and an add for a roofing company.
reddit | thelivinlegend

We've all been there: a friend of ours is making a decision that we don't agree with in the slightest. Not only that, but we have no idea how they even went with this choice to start with! Our brains just aren't meshing, leaving us confused and sometimes a little horrified.

This list contains moments similar to that, except it's better because the people here are strangers and you have no skin in these choices, so you're free to judge away!

"My neighbor has indeed a bright light."

A photo of an extremely bright light shining from someone's house. Text on it reads, "My neighbor has a super bright pink light that shines directly into my room into my bed. I don't have blinds."
reddit | TheNotTooDarkLord

You seem to address the problem right in your own caption there my good man, it's high time you buy some blinds! Well, blackout curtains may be the better option, whichever you prefer.

"The color palette of these microwave meal instructions."

Instructions for heating up a frozen meal, but the text color is the same as the background.
reddit | Exogenesis93

What's in the pack? It's a fun little surprise! Heating instructions? We dunno, give it your best shot! It's a microwave meal, what's the worst that could happen if you just guess.

"My school’s decision to put office tiles in a gym."

A gymnasium ceiling with many, many tiles missing.
reddit | henry1679

I was on my middle school volleyball team and we were playing an away game at the oldest school in the district. My teammate bumped the ball a little too hard, it grazed the ceiling, and tile came crashing down right beside them. Don't use tiles for gym ceilings.

My mail was delivered today after it was set on fire... somehow."

A magazine with the bottom right corner burned away in a USPS slip that apologizes for the damage.
reddit | Sorabros411

Accidents happen, yes, but there's something about a huge "WE CARE" label slapped on an item that was clearly on fire that's just too funny. At this point, just tell me it got lost.

"Just got handed this in the middle of class. I’m in high school."

A note telling someone they still haven't bought a yearbook, then asking them to do so.
reddit | thehighguy9

Wow, they're using direct marketing within high schools now? Feels a little out of place, but whatever drives those yearbook sales.

Though, when I was in high school if I had received one of these, I know for a fact I would have not purchased a yearbook afterwards on principle. Teenagers are like that.

"That’s not how gears work."

Three mirrors with decorative gear frames, on one side the teeth interlock but on the other they just touch.
reddit | ponytail15

The gear in the center is only holding hands with the one on the right. With the one on the left, their fingers are interlocked, there's definitely more of a connection happening there.

"My wife looks at me like my crazy when I tell her the vacuum has to be cleaned regularly."

A vacuum simply full of long, brown hair.
reddit | EotEaH

What do you mean the thing that we use to pick up all our dirt and shed subsequently gets dirty and full of hair from doing so? Sounds annoying, my mess should just vanish into thin air!

"Floating advertisements blocking the view on Miami Beach."

A boat with a large Aerie billboard on it.
reddit | cup_1337

Every day we lose one more otherwise peaceful location where we can face away from the media that bombards us every second of every day. Before we know it, we'll have ads in our own bathrooms!

"My neighbors keep dumping all their construction trash in the creek between our yards, which is home to a bunch of wildlife."

Construction garbage tossed in a small pond.
reddit | blairbitchproject-

This is just deplorable. Start to finish, there's no good reason to dump your garbage anywhere other than a trash bin, let alone in a pond. Hopefully they get some sort of karmic punishment for this.

"Who in the world thought clear wrapping paper was a good idea?"

Clear wrapping paper with circular dots.
reddit | danexperiment

As many pointed out in the comments, this is used for gift baskets and the like, but I get how they could be fooled. I once bought a roll of what I thought was silver wrapping paper. Nope, just clear cellophane.

"It’s Taco Tuesday and all my taco shells are broken right out the package."

An entire stack of hard taco shells, broken.
reddit | mildlynaughty_

Now it's taco bowl Tuesday, woohoo! ...Yeah, I know it doesn't sound nearly as fun or exciting, but I figured I'd try. At least I didn't say taco salad, that sounds even worse.

"Throwing garbage in my yard is a great way to get my attention, but a terrible way to get my business."

A ziplock bag full of rocks and an add for a roofing company.
reddit | thelivinlegend

Their advertising strategy is...throwing rocks at peoples' houses? You get one employee who doesn't know their strength and you're about to start paying for some broken windows.

"My Boston cream donut I was very much looking forward to. They forgot the cream."

A Boston Cream donut with no filling.
reddit | idrow1

All Boston, no cream. I'll be honest, I don't know how one could recover from something like this. It's so deeply painful and heart-wrenching, how are you meant to cope with such a betrayal of trust?

"My brother bites our metal straws."

The end of a metal straw bit shut.
reddit | fey_philosopher

You have two courses of action now. Get him silicone ones that withstand quite a bit of chewing, or get him glass ones that definitely won't withstand any chewing, but he'll never do it again after.

"Coffee got 'a bit' cold."

A mug with a cylinder of frozen coffee in it.
reddit | Extension_Swordfish1

You say that like this happened by accident from you leaving it out on your desk. There's no way this wasn't the result of being forgotten in a freezer for a few hours too long, meaning it didn't "get cold," you froze it.

"My mother still has this screen protector on her car even though it’s like 4 years old, and she won’t let me take it off."

A car monitor with the film still on top of it.
reddit | Mr_Meowsels

These types of people are the worst. These are meant to be taken off, there are actual screen protectors you can buy that'll keep it safe after you peel this initial layer off. Please, let your screen be free!

"Artificial or not."

A container of Nesquik mix that says both "artificial flavors" and "no artificials".
reddit | hushitsu

This is where that packaging fine print will get ya. There's a tiny asterisk next to "no artificials" and while I can't quite make out what that fine print text says, it's definitely some BS about how, sorry, there actually is artificial stuff in here, because nothing is simple anymore.

"I feel kinda ripped off."

A box of 8 chocolates that could easily fit 9.
reddit | SnooCalculations5244

As you should! They didn't need to include the brand name another time, I know what chocolate I'm eating, that's why I bought it. I would like more of it, please, and could if you all had just opened up that ninth slot!

"Gotta love a surcharge for not using enough."

A power bill with a "minimum bill adjustment" fee because this household didn't use enough power.
reddit | Ezzy17

Trying to reduce your power usage to save on money? Maybe you're doing it to be more eco-friendly? Doesn't matter! We're going to charge you a base amount anyway because our profits matter more than your lifestyle. See you again next month!

"My local CVS has so many big yellow sale tags, you can barely see what's being sold."

A length of shelf that's covered in large sale tags, covering what's actually for sale.
reddit | XxSoullessSpiritxX

I can't make out what aisle this shelf is even in, but apparently it's full of free stuff, so it's pretty cool. No, I don't think I'll read that label any closer, I'll just load my cart up and be on my way.

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