30 Bad Decisions That Somehow Got A Green Light

You would think that, based upon how supposedly advanced we are as a species, that there would be no more bad ideas lurking around. However, this is far from the case.

So, from people who mixed up bottles of water with bottles of rubbing alcohol to individuals who balanced tractors where they shouldn't have, here are 30 bad decisions that somehow got a green light!

"Sure, place an ad with a guy drinking water next to rubbing alcohol of the same brand."

Can you imagine taking a swig of a load of rubbing alcohol while thinking it was water, that would be one hell of a shock. It would certainly get you hammered though — if it did not kill you, that is.

"Nothing wrong here!"

I hope that it is an incredibly straight trip home, as they are going to have some real issues when it comes to turning a corner...or just turning in general for that matter. I would have been tempted to follow this guy for a while to see how he got on.

"The single worst clock I have ever seen."

I cannot think of a single solitary reason as to why anyone would want to have this clock, aside from them being clinically insane. It is impossible to read, it is hideous, and...well, that is enough reason to not buy it, surely?

"This parking space in front of my apartment."

At least people who are driving motorcycles and/or scooters will be able to squeeze into that space! Also, to have a parking space that has its own light source, what a damn luxury! God, I'm really trying to see the positives here.

You Sure About That?

The name iFloat is spectacularly poor. I mean, it is made much worse when you consider the fact that it does not actually float, but it is still a bad name even if it did float! Also, $129 for this? Insanity!

Choking Hazard...

The individual who uploaded this wrote, "This coupon was mixed in with the dog food. I barely noticed it, saw just the tiniest bit of blue/clear plastic sticking out after I poured the food into my dog's bowl." Stop trying to choke dogs, Buckley, okay!

"This bootleg Thanos snapping with the wrong hand."

The person who designed this had one simple job, and they managed to botch it. Although, maybe this is just a model of Thanos practicing his finger clicking so that he can really nail it when his big moment comes around!

"These stairs look sharp."

My God, my shins are hurting already just by thinking about living in a house with this hellish staircase! I am amazed that the end of that corner is not already stained dark red with the blood of unsuspecting tenants.

"This 'Emergency Response Numbers' sign doesn't have any emergency response numbers."

I suppose that if you find that there is a fire, or a crime, or a health emergency happening then you can now write a quick letter to the appropriate location. Also, they managed to spell "response" wrong, which I didn't notice at first.

"A helmet with, well, a hole in it. And why does it have 'Gucci' on it?"

Apparently someone suggested that this was so that the person wearing it could fit their pony tail through it. Although, doesn't that seem like a bit of a large gap for just a single ponytail or am I going mad?

Pretty Lazy!

The people who made this plate probably thought that no one would ever notice, but you should never underestimate the general public's love for Finding Nemo! Anyone who doesn't notice that Nemo is missing here clearly didn't pay attention to the film!

"Stall door with knee cutouts."

Well, unless you are planning on having food served to you while you are sat upon the toilet, these are truly ghastly...and even then it's still really weird! The person who posted this also wrote, "to add to the crappiness of the design, the stalls where cramped enough to need cutouts in the first place."

"Hmmm, so what should I do?"

One person suggested that they should maybe try putting in, "RobertButIGoByBob." Some of the other suggestions were, "Bobathan," "Bobstopher," and my personal favourite, "Bobert." I think that any of these would be a perfectly fine full name to go by!

Just Incredible...

That person who is sat atop the ladder on the left is probably the health and safety inspector, just there to make sure that they're sticking to all of the guidelines. God forbid that they should break any rules on this building site!

"Zero plastic huh?"

If you look carefully, you can see a little asterisk next to the "Zero Plastic" message. I can only imagine that if you were to follow that asterisk, that you would find a little message on the back that read, "Lol, gotcha!"


I am assuming that this monstrosity is meant to say, "dining"? Actually, I think that it might be trying to say "Dig Inn"! Wow, I am sure that they were made up with this sign when they got it, but it's abysmal!

"Ok I guess I won't read what's on the packaging then."

They either do not want you to know what the heating instructions are, or it is meant to be a secret challenge! Although, I would also be slightly more alarmed by them trying to hide what this food is made out of!

"My hotel bed has the power outlet and light switches very nearby."

Is this a hotel for robots to stay in, so that they can use the plug to charge their brains while they sleep? I am a restless sleeper as well, so I know that I would knock the light on midway through the night.

"Just looked at my suitcase and it was made in Norway and has an Australian map"

How the hell does a map of Australia end up on a suitcase from Norway? It's not like they're easily confused — they're on different end of the planet, and they're not exactly neighbors on the alphabet for that matter.

"Not where headphones go"

By Christ that's an amazing photoshop mess up! They had to go out of their way to create a new, completely different orifice to stick that ear bud into — just a bizarre decision when it could have been so much easier.

"These stegosaurus earrings definitely look 'crappy.'"

There's no getting around it, is there? They don't look nearly as much like dinosaurs as what dinosaur droppings. And it's not subtle at all — and yet, someone decided that they're perfectly fit to go out into stores.

"Faucet and drain are on opposite sides so you can't sit comfortably in the tub."

Well, if I had to choose whether to have the faucet dig into my back and shoulders or the drain control, I think I'd have to go with swearing off baths altogether and taking a shower instead.

"Lex? Sex? Derp? Lox? Nope, it's supposed to say Jax for Jacksonville, Florida for $18 million dollars."

I guess kudos to the good folks of Jacksonville for trying something big that would catch people's imaginations. Guess it just left a bit too much up to the imagination.

"Used to wait for the train here... until they added spikes."

The thing about anti-homeless architecture is that it actually hurts everybody, not just people experiencing homelessness. And of course, they're people too, and don't deserve to be targeted like that.

Missing One All-Important Thing...

"My cooking measurer has every important measurement between 0,5 and 2,5 DL. Except 1 DL, the most used measurement..." explained the person who bought this irritating utensil. I kind of cannot help but love how needlessly infuriating this thing is.

"The layout of my medication"

Ooh, so close to a useful design! They had the right idea labeling each pill's pocket with a day of the week to help people remember if they had taken their meds. But laying the days out willy-nilly just gets under your skin, doesn't it?

"The way a local restaurant hangs framed posters"

I can just picture a proud handyman blowing the sawdust of the end of the drill and remarking about how that bad boy wasn't going anywhere now. Which is true! But it sure hurts to look at that.

"Is it me, or does this mannequin look like its head was blown off?"

This style is perfect for anyone who wants to go for that whole John Carpenter aesthetic at their wedding! And, I mean, who wouldn't want that aesthetic for their wedding... Well, probably quite a lot of people now that I think about it.

"This hallway."

Just think of all the process stages this must have gone through, from the page to the blueprint to the construction, and at every step along the way, nobody objected, nobody said, 'Hey, how are people going to get their couches through here, how are paramedics supposed to get a stretcher down this hallway?"

"The sign of this restaurant looks like a roll of toilet paper."

It's even hard to tell if it was supposed to look like something else — because why on Earth would a restaurant use a roll of toilet paper as its insignia?? What else could it possibly be, though?