20 People Who Confused Very Good Ideas With Very Bad Ideas

There can be a fine line between insanity and genius. Although, sometimes that line can be as wide as a hundred elephants.

With this in mind, from people who thought that they needed to make their feet as uncomfortable as possible to individuals who required a lesson on the importance of formatting, here are 20 people who confused very good ideas with very bad ideas.

"On today's episode of 'Extremely Poor Formatting...'"

Wow, if there has ever been a certificate that you do not want to hang on your wall of everyone to see, then it is this one. How did no one spot the problem with this earlier?

"Made cake toppers for my wedding and forgot to check the oven's temp before putting my fiancé in..."


This was so close to being a lovely idea, but the only way that they could still use these toppers now is if this guy is marrying Cthulhu.

That Seems Like A Bad Idea!

I dread to think how many people have been trapped in the elevator because someone wanted to save a bit of electricity. Maybe they should try and fix this instead of just putting up a sign.

"I'm never wearing overalls again!"

Everyone likes to think that they would be able to pull off anything, but there are some looks that only Italian plumbers can own. I hope that this guy at least had a moustache as well, you've got to go 100% at this look or don't bother.

"4-year-old me was not pleased with this toy gun apparently."

You would have thought that getting a kid a toy lazer gun would be the safest possible bet for a toy. However, clearly this kid was more of a lover than a fighter!

"Keyboard Flip Flops... That Is All."

Are you sick of actually articulating yourself in the comments section of YouTube videos? Then why not get a pair of these and simply stamp your angry responses instead?! Guaranteed to make you sound angrier than you really are!

"Let us all hope that this guy never leaves Tesco for a competing supermarket!"

I can understand people being loyal to certain brands, but why Tesco of all the brands? At least get a tattoo of your clubcard so that you can scan it!

"I don't want to toot in my own horn..."

I wonder if there is a feature where this toilet will play a tune and blast out everything that is inside it at the same time. I don't know why anyone would want that though.

That's Inflation For You!

You cannot argue with the logic behind this helpful little notice, but a little more information may have been nice. Although, what good would knowing the ins and outs of the lobster market really do anyone?

"This is statement upcycling."

You can combine this jacket with a pair of trousers made out of Pringles tubes to really complete the look. I do not know what that look is called, but you can sure as hell complete it!

"My grandparent's carpeted bathroom."

I think that she might have tried to create a "bathtub in the woods" aesthetic, not that I understand why anyone would ever want that. it is almost quite nicely done, except for all of it.

"I hope they have a room for good employees as well."

"Wait a minute, there aren't any bins in here. This is just the break room?"

"Correction Dave, this is your break room, you little stinker. The rest of us will be in the non-trash employees' break room."

"The actual logo of a school near me."

My favorite response to this image was, "That looks like the logo for some forgotten pizza place in the mall." I also think that it could be the logo for someone who thinks that they left the cooker on.

"Apparently they work, but I wouldn't necessarily believe that!"

I especially enjoyed the line, "Guaranteed to make them land!" I wonder if there were earlier models that only made the space ships linger in the sky? People were clearly not content with simply looking at the space ships!

The Exhaust Pan...

"Seems innocent enough, but this frying pan's handle is a metal tube with two openings at either end. This effectively turns it into an exhaust pipe for the stove and it becomes untouchable within 5 minutes," wrote the sore-handed chef who posted this.

"Put up the electricity line, boss."

So, who was in the wrong here? The person who put the pylon there or the person who built the road where there was going to be a pylon? We need more information to assign the blame damn it!

"This door will never be opened. Found in an Austrian Spa."

I mean, you could probably open it a little bit, but you would need to be built like Paper Mario to get through it. I really want to know what is behind it, but it's probably something very boring actually.

"Clock in my school's band practice room..."

Is there any real reason why they would leave it in the box while hanging it on the wall? Maybe this class's teacher is just waiting for the perfect moment to return this clock.

"Anybody want a shower?"

Someone did suggest that, "That's for if someone is on fire or has chemicals all over their body…" However, would you not have thought that they would also have put in a drain? They're kind of essential.

"Chocolate dentures..."

Okay, I really cannot work out whether I love this idea or I hate it. They would make a pretty cool gift for a dentist, not that dentists ever eat anything nice or fun. It's just water and apples for them.

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