20 People Who Went For The Laughs, No Matter What

Ashley Hunte
A person wearing a "Metal Fest" shirt. There is a list of literal metals (aluminum, lithium, etc.) on the shirt.
reddit | cassert24

I have to say, I have respect for people who commit to the joke. Sure, it might not always land, but they went for it anyway.

In terms of the things in this list, I like to think that these jokesters were pretty successful. It just goes to show that if you have the opportunity to make people laugh, take it.

"Sure hope zombies can read."

A license plate that reads, "EAT MY." The license plate has a slogan on it that says "family first."
reddit | Pathosx

I'm not gonna lie, this is pretty clever. You'd hope that no one in your family would want to sacrifice you to the zombies first, but I guess honesty is the best policy?

"It's about time."

A fake news story about the Catholic church's counterpart to Mary, named Waria.
reddit | The_Sad_Memer

I guess someone had to think of it at some point. If evil Mario is Wario, then... yeah, it checks out. Ave Waria, I guess. But it calls into question the existence of a...Waseph? Wajoseph?

How each work day feels.

A graph showing relative energy levels, productivity, etc. during a work day.
reddit | matts41

I hate to say it, but it's pretty true. Everyone wants to work until they actually get to work, and then it's like your productivity and energy is just all over the place.

"Fun art in my Girlfriend’s apartment!"

A painting depicting multiple Goldeen (Pokemon) dressed as the characters from Golden Girls.
reddit | realHDNA

I've never wanted a piece of art to hang in my own house as much as I want this painting of the Goldeen Girls. Perfection might not exist, but this is pretty close.

"His girlfriend asked him to take her somewhere expensive."

A limousine parked in front of a Home Depot.
reddit | Skaffer

You may laugh, but have you seen the prices of lumber lately?

Also, if you look close enough, you can see someone loading something into the back of the limo. Are they... using it instead of renting a van?

"I cancelled a call mid-presentation bc my 9yo told me water was running all over her bathroom floor…"

A bathroom floor that has several running shoes with water bottles in them.
reddit | Mahhhbster27

Sure, you might get in trouble with the boss. But you also have to admit that this kid is going places. She may or may not be a comedic genius.

Who's winning?

A billboard for Audi that reads, "your move, BMW." A second billboard for BMW that reads, "checkmate."
reddit | 11001100110101100

I wish I knew which billboard came first, because one of these car companies has just dealt a devastating blow to the other. And I, for one, am amused.

"This ambiguous license plate."

An ambiguous vanity plate that reads, "MRSTANK."
reddit | captmexicanamerican

So... this license plate is either meant to be read as Mrs. Tank, or Mr. Stank. Either way, this is one car I wouldn't want to deal with on the road.

"Water Bottle Words of Motivation at Different Levels - Made This One as a Joke for Co-Worker."

A motivational water bottle with encouraging phrases along the side. A second, much larger water bottle next to it mocks the premise, making pee jokes.
reddit | Marty_McWeed

I hope OP's coworker found this water bottle joke as amusing as the rest of us did, because it's pretty great. It makes the actual water bottle look easy to get through in comparison.

"Chicken loses job."

A sign at a gas station that reads, "Chicken loses job. Chicken is broke. Chicken strips $4.99."
reddit | scrffynrfhrdr

I'm kind of losing my mind over this pun. It's just too dang good!

But... I really hope that's supposed to be $4.99, and not $499. Otherwise, people are getting ripped off like a tear-away thong.

"My wife drinks kefir as a pre/probiotic. Sometimes she has trouble finding it in the fridge. I thought I’d help her out."

A bottle of kefir with a vampire face taped to it.
reddit | opietown

Well, that's definitely one way to make sure you never misplace your kefir in the fridge. Classic Kiefer.

"Hope they find their dog soon."

A missing dog poster... for an anthropomorphic CGI dog.
reddit | nicholas2704

I don't know why, but I get the feeling this person's dog isn't actually missing (or real).

I kind of want to know what that QR code leads to, but I also really don't.

Just this one area, though.

A camera trained on a sign that reads, "This area is under constant video surveillance."
reddit | envelopeeleven

I mean, the joke kind of writes itself here. You couldn't not turn the security camera onto that spot. It had to be done.

"Well... they really want you to break down your boxes."

A sign telling people to break down their boxes, even if it's too hard and they're tired.
reddit | ItSpAcEy1

The real question here is: what happens if all three apply? My guess is, you'll still have to break the boxes down.

You have to shoot your shot, no matter how old you are.

An eldely man in line at a fast food place, wearing a white sweatshirt that says, "single and available" on the back.
reddit | TyWebbsTies

I want to believe that this man woke up in the morning and decided to wear his "single and available" shirt out in public just because.

"Wife’s gift to MIL for Easter."

A Christian cross made out of several stakes.
reddit | arachnikon

I know that the wife/mother-in-law relationship is always kind of contentious in fiction, but I didn't think it happened in real life. Either way, if you feel the need to give this kind of gift to your MIL, you might want to take some self defense classes while you're at it.

"Came across this missing cat flyer. Anyone speak cat?"

A missing cat flyer that also describes how the cat meows.
reddit | tikiyadenola

I don't speak cat, but I also feel like this cat's might actually know what his meows sound like, so this'll probably work.

"I briefly wondered what are all these metal groups that I've never heard of."

The back of a person's "Metal Fest" shirt. All the "bands" are actually kinds of metals.
reddit | cassert24

This is when you ask, "Oh, so you're into metal? Name three elements." Which should be easy, since there are more than three on the shirt alone.

"That’s definitely one name you can chose for your plant nursery."

The front of a plant store called Plant Parenthood.
reddit | Stock412

I'm not gonna lie, I'm actually pretty surprised that no one's thought of that name sooner. Or maybe they have, but no one's had the guts to name a store Plant Parenthood before now.

"At least he is honest."

The back of a truck advising people to pass because the driver is slow.
reddit | namecannotbeblankk

Hilarious, but also surprisingly considerate. I don't know about you, but I really hate getting stuck behind someone who's driving really slowly.