15 People Who Successfully Conquered A Home Reno

Home renovations are some of the most satisfying things to see on the internet.

There's nothing better than seeing a house badly in need of some love get the makeover it deserves. No one understands that better than the people featured here, who turned some drab spaces into fab places.

This kitchen went from '00s drab to modern fab.

That kitchen is so reminiscent of the early 2000s trend of turning kitchens into pseudo-Italian fantasies, yikes. The new one is gorgeous, and I am LIVING for that waterfall island.

This is my dream kitchen.

There's nothing I want more than a pink kitchen, guys. This kitchen is so cute, and the pink is so perfectly integrated! I love the rose gold features on the oven, too.

I am LOVING those black windows.

This makeover was badly needed. Stone fireplaces definitely have had their time, and it's time to say goodbye to them. This new, brighter, more modern living room is just what the interior designer ordered.

Tile paint goes a LONG way.

You can take a brown, dingy bathroom and make it chic with tile paint alone! The walls and tub were all done in a gorgeous shade of green, and even the radiator was touched up!

I don't know who needs to hear this, but no one needs wall-to-wall carpeting.


My god, they even carpeted the stairs. Listen, I understand wanting to have something cozy under your feet, but carpet on stairs is an accident waiting to happen.

Source: me, whose grandparents still have carpeted stairs.

Never underestimate the power of furniture.

The room got a paint upgrade and new floors, but I truly believe the big impact here is that couch! Adding bold pieces can totally change the energy of a room.

This bathroom came out of the '90s.

I love a good bathroom reno. It's fascinating to see which things people hate the most, and which they're cool with keeping. In this case, the whole damn bathroom had to go!

Thank goodness they kept the floors.

Not every renovation requires all-new features. Those floors were perfectly fine, and actually add some warmth to the all-white space! I love a good kitchen island, too.

This home is on wheels.

Can you believe this was once a school bus? I love mobile home renovations — people really have to fit so much into such a small space, and they always do it in style.

This kitchen just needed a bit of paint.

I mean, let's be real: that was a perfectly fine kitchen. But adding new hardware and paint definitely gave it some personality that was sorely lacking before. I love it!

This spare room became a badly needed home office.

If there's one thing 2020 taught us, it's how crucial it is to have a dedicated space to work from home. This awesome makeover took a haphazard room and turned it into a delightful space to work!

This attic became a stunning bedroom.

That bed couldn't stay on the floor for long! Instead, it became part of it. That platform bed looks so cozy to sleep in. I'd take a nap in there any day.

Don't forget the outside of your home needs some TLC too!

A new paint job and some stone accents gave this home the facelift it desperately needed! Seriously, these look like two completely different homes in these pics.

This "patio" is a jaw-dropper.

Well, that's a big change. This renovation added an entire kitchen, and it is a STUNNER. I'm loving that it can open into being an outdoor space too! All the comforts of home, with none of the uncomfortable patio furniture.

This bathroom got a massive upgrade.

I am in LOVE with this renovation. I really love that they kept the same window and trim, but updated it with black paint. That new wallpaper is to die for.