20 People Who Will Never Pass Up An Opportunity For Jokes

There are some individuals who simply cannot resist turning everyday life into a joke. Everyone knows at least one person like that...God knows that I do.

So, from people who could not help making fun of their cat to individuals who used Lego for the weirdest purposes, here are 20 people who will never pass up an opportunity for jokes!

Passive Aggressive Lego Sets Available Now!

The individual who posted this impromptu Lego crime scene explained, "My brother cleaned and organized our bathroom while I was away last week. Last night I accidentally left some things out, so he set this little scene up with his Legos."

"A job well done..."

I am assuming that this is the mystery novel section? There are some people out there who like stacking their books like this as they think that it is more aesthetically pleasing, but those people are the scum of the Earth.

"Props to the troll that put this sticker on the wall in a busy airport terminal. Been here for 10 minutes and have seen 5 people try it."

I like the idea of this joke, but I know that if I fell for it that I would be incandescent. No one is at ease in an airport, so that is one of the most contentious places to put something like this.

"Hospital's campus in Fenton, MO is shaped like a kidney."

For one individual this was a truly staggering revelation, as they wrote, "Huh, so that's the reason that stupid entrance road curves like that. While driving it, I always thought it was just poor design."

"All these new lockdown rules are going a bit too far."

I hope that this was put up as a bit of a joke at least. If it wasn't then I really want to know what happened for them to feel the need to specify that this rule is in effect.

"The side of my big mug. It has a design saying 64oz in the style of gasoline's octane rating."

"Pfft, if I want to be a car then I am a God damn car! You cannot tell me what to do you stupid mug!"

"Please, Dave, don't get into a war of attrition with a mug, I'm still paying the hospital bills from the last time!"

"Construction company with a sense of humor."

I bet that this still will not stop some people from welding without proper eyewear. There are just some people who you simply cannot stop from doing stupid things! And, well, the world is a little more exciting for those people being in it, if nothing else.

"I made a stained glass Mr Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants."

I really feel as though I need one of these to hang above the desk where I work. Then everyone will clearly know that my constant emotional state is one of ruin and unending panic which could burst forth at any moment.

"Golf course hosts an annual shootout. I got a kick of what they put in for the winner of 2020."

As much as I quite like this little gag that they have put on this trophy, there is something much more distressing at play here. How can they not have just three set columns for each of the individual elements?

"Little Easter egg on the back of this forklift."

The one thing that you do not expect from a company that provides people with forklifts, is jokes. And yet, here they are, pioneers of the forklift comedy community! I wonder how pleased the person who came up with this was with themselves when they thought of it.

"On the back of a wipe from the Spotify car tablet."

And if you are also confused as to what the hell a Spotify car tablet is then join the club! Although, I'm just gonna go the 100% hipster route and have a turntable in the backseat of my car for records.

"Upside down on the back of an Innocent almond drink."

Of all of the companies who really nailed that "Happy go lucky" tone for their advertising, Innocent are the best. I mean, err, not that I would ever by such a capitalist slave as to enjoy an advertising campaign...no you shut up!

"This corporate pride thing has gone too far."

I know that this is clearly a spoof product that someone has left in a supermarket, but I would absolutely buy this if it was on offer. I like my mayo to be smooth and sassy, both of the things that I am not.

"That's it. Australia has gone too far."

One Australian, who is immediately an expert on this stuff, explained:

"As an Australian I feel that I should add that in Australia we don't necessarily do things because we think it will work, we more do things because we think it won't but want to try anyway."

"They're on to me."

I cannot believe how genuinely suspicious that damn peacock is looking in this picture. You also do not want to get on the wrong side of a peacock, me and my mate once got trapped in our car by three furious peacocks.

"This is a cycle that must never end."

I wonder how long it will be before this very picture makes it onto a cushion of its own? If I had that adorable cat, I do not think that I would be able to resist putting it on cushions, in fairness.

"I think we have truly gone too far..."

I have seen a lot of weird foods that I have thought, "Aye that looks pretty weird, but I'd still like to taste it!" However, I can safely say that I have absolutely no desire to ever eat this creation.

It's Not What You Think...

Reddit | inarasarah

I was convinced that this was some dog poop at first. However, the person who posted this explained, "This [is a] tiny metal dog sculpture cemented at the base of the steps of a restaurant. I didn't even see it until my husband pointed it out."

"Saw this in my daughter's shorts while changing her diaper."

I suppose that this is a much more delightful and quaint thing to find than most of the unexpected stuff that you will find while changing a diaper. Nothing like a game of tag with an inanimate object to liven up your day!

"Spilled my drink so the bartender made me a sippy cup."

And just when this guy thought that he had graduated into being able to drink from grow up glasses, he goes and does something like this. It is actually quite a good impromptu sippy cup considering this bartender probably didn't expect to have to fashion a sippy cup today!

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