20 People Whose Bad Luck Must Have Set Some Kind Of Weird Record

Car squished by garage
reddit | Fuchs_Falke

What's the current status of your luck? Has life been luckier than the Blarney Stone, or are you firmly in, "If I had no bad luck, I'd have no luck at all," territory?

Regardless of how things are going, this list should cheer you up. After all, bad luck is universal, so you know you're not alone — so you have that going for you, at least.

"She has separation anxiety."

Wall hollowed out by stressed dog
reddit | Aubu

It would be so hard to respond appropriately to this. On one hand, this poor dog must have been pretty stressed to do this. On the other hand, the repair bills might be even more stressful.


Boat motor smashing Ferrari windshield
reddit | B-L-O-C-K-S

Smashed windshields happen. Usually it's just a rock flung up by a semi on the highway, not an outboard motor, though. Nevertheless, windshields are totally fixable, especially for a...is that a Ferrari? Are they cheap to fix?

"Moved to Australia and was warned about the snakes and spiders. I give you a single ant bite."

Hand swollen after ant bite
reddit | NefariousMuppet

Australia seems like a gorgeous place — rugged landscapes, great weather, gorgeous beaches and friendly people. Unfortunately, thanks to photos like this, I will never, ever visit.

"Driver with prosthetic arm places new Mustang in neutral instead of park."

Ford Mustang submerged in water
reddit | Automatic-Evidence20

The difference between neutral and park is only an inch on your gearshift. But in real-life terms, the gulf is vast.

"16 years of ivy growth destroyed in a single night of high winds. The entire brick wall was covered to the top."

Ivy peeling off a wall
reddit | ComradeVISIXVI

Not only is all that pretty ivy peeled away, this person is going to have to figure out a way to clean up this whole unwieldy mess.

"Was getting ready for bed, walked into my bedroom to this."

Bedroom with collapsed ceiling
reddit | Imterrifiedofsharks

I'm going out on a limb here when I say that having your ceiling collapse directly above your bed must be an unsettling experience.


Fallen crane ripping through house
reddit | B-L-O-C-K-S

Because this isn't my house, I can appreciate how hilariously cartoonish it is that the crane sawed right through the house. Still, it's hard to think somebody didn't lose their job over such a blunder.

"My toaster lets you pick six different levels of how toasted you want your bread to be (6 being the most toasted). This was what I got for level 2."

Burnt toast
reddit | geosunsetmoth

No one likes having burnt toast pop out of their toaster in the morning. Based on this toaster's capabilities, perhaps OP should have opted for level 1.

"I came by my storage unit to pick up some stuff just to find that someone cut my lock off and placed their own."

Padlock cut off and replaced with a different lock
reddit | Good_Is_Evil

This isn't quite a finders, keepers situation, but it doesn't seem far off. Does putting your own padlock on something mean you own it?

"Customs office destroyed my sculpture someone bought from me because they wanted to check if I didn't hide drugs inside."

Sculpture destroyed by customs
reddit | tadamig

This is unfortunate, but perhaps this person should look on the bright side. Thanks to some thorough investigative work, it's now known that this sculpture does not contain drugs.

"I’m a teacher and l made some flowers for decorations and this other teacher took them and used them for their decorations instead."

Sign made with stolen decorations
reddit | naoshimii

I know that teacher rivalries exist and all that, but surely stealing another teacher's handmade decorations is crossing some kind of line.

"My roommate’s dog peed all over my bed while I took a 30 second bathroom break."

Bed covered in dog pee
reddit | dudiez

This person is sleeping on the main thing here. Sheets can be washed, but that laptop is going to smell like dog pee until the end of time. And the mattress, too.

"I asked my chemistry teacher for some help and she scribbled on my screen."

Computer screen damaged by scribbling
reddit | kaislash

I'm trying to envision how out of touch a person must be to think they can just scribble on a computer screen like this.

"State of an oven during my first shift last night at a known hotel, and certainly my last."

A disgusting oven
reddit | Rheavens

There are certain expectations you have for a professional work environment. A layer of char that was clearly years in the making covering the interior of the oven ain't it.

"Toddler got a hold of one of my favorite books of sheet music. Can't stop crying."

Book of sheet music with pages torn out
reddit | MrsKoliver

If there's a silver lining here, it's that the sheet music still exists...even if the book it was once a part of is gone forever.

"First time ever making waffles for my husband’s birthday breakfast."

Failed attempt to make waffles using a waffle iron
reddit | Lululabear

At this point, I'm pretty sure that this picture is more indicative of the waffle iron experience than anything else. Seriously, I've never been successful with these terrible appliances.

"Was washing a (very sharp) greasy piping tip at work. Slipped right onto my finger before I could stop it."

Piping tip stuck on finger
reddit | abby_petty

This is one of those situations that probably doesn't hurt in the moment, but will hurt like the fires of hell once it's removed.

"Define disappointment."

Ice cream container full of peppers
reddit | benznhoj

If you're the kind of person who puts chilies inside an ice cream container, you have only yourself to blame when you open that container up and feel disappointed.

"Is that the way it's supposed to be?"

Car squished by garage
reddit | Fuchs_Falke

I've never operated one of these fancy schmancy car lifts before, but this is probably how it would go if I did. At least it would be easy to explain to the insurance company?

"Why is my watch stopped? Oh."

Watch stopped because hand is caught on number
reddit | darthtankerous

Take a good look at this, because it's truly fascinating. Do you see it? You might think the dial is missing its 9, but the 9 is still there. It's just wrapped around the minute hand.