20 People Who Leveled Up Their Bad Luck

We all go through periods of having some bad luck from time to time. However, there are some individuals whose bad luck blows everyone else's out of the water.

And so, from people who got a treehouse when they really didn't want a treehouse to individuals who got caught in the rain at the worst time, here are 20 people who leveled up their bad luck!

"Neighbors hired someone to cut some trees down…"

I hope that the person who posted this is a fan of treehouses! A lot of people would relish the chance to live in a treehouse as big as this when they are kids. Although, I cannot imagine it is very waterproof.

"Friend of mine hid my AirPods in a box of chicken nuggets that I proceeded to microwave without opening the box."

Look, if your friend has already gone to the trouble of cooking them, then you may as well eat them. At least they will not smell of chicken nuggets, and they say that your sense of smell is half of how you taste...probably.

"My AC exploded on a record breaking heat wave in Oregon."

What amazingly poor timing for something like this to happen. I wonder how they managed to stay cool after this. One person did also add, "I like to think this machine committed suicide and decided he'd rather be reborn as a toaster."

"Yes, just another reason to hate pigeons."

Not only do pigeons have no concept of personal space, enjoy stealing your food, and love pooping all over your newly cleaned car, but they also love ruining your newly leveled cement! I wonder how long he was running around on there for.

"Someone's gonna have a bad time after work."

The person who posted this also went on to point out that, "[the] sun's shining pretty good today too," which will just help that cling film to stick to the paint even more! What a truly abysmal "prank" to pull on someone.

"In ten seconds I'm going to discover the value of lifejackets and renter's insurance."

I am amazed at how watertight this house is in order for the person who took this to take the time to take this picture! If this was my house, I would just feel as though I was on the lower decks of the Titanic.

"A dump truck fell through the top level of a parking garage..."

Apparently, "[the driver] blamed it on his GPS." I admire the attempt to completely blame this catastrophe on a GPS, but I cannot see a lot of people buying it. What a spectacular mess, I dread to think what the floor below looks like.

"Dude, seriously?"

I suppose this goes to show that some people learn things the hard way. I am baffled that anyone would ever think that putting a bike lock on such an easily detachable part of your bike is a good idea.

"My landlord cheaped out and hired a friend to rebuild our back fence. I don't think this is his area of expertise."

Everyone has had experiences with a landlord who will try and pull this sort of thing at some point in their life. I had a landlord one who claimed they had a friend who could "fix anything," and by God he could not fix anything.

"Just got home from a 10hr shift and my front door key broke off in the lock. The SO won't be home for 3 more hours."

There was one person who explained that, "If you insert broken key back into the lock, you have a chance to unlocking it. But do it slowly and with constant twist. It worked for me when I broken one." Although, the person who posted this confirmed that this did not work.

"The box said 3000 pieces. A week of quarantine tells me it's 2999."

That piece will only turn up when you have given up and put this jigsaw away. Alternatively, as someone suggested, they could cut a replacement piece out of cardboard and try to color it in so that the puzzle is completed?

"Was in a middle seat and paid extra $ to upgrade to a 'window' seat."

I mean, if you get a big hammer or saw then you may be able to fashion your own window so that you can still enjoy the lovely view! Although, I don't think that airlines like you taking those sorts of utensils onto planes these days.

"Bought some raw honey for the 1st time at a Farmers' Market. Knocked it off the counter getting something else out of the bag."

Fortunately, this wasn't as sticky as you'd imagine. They went on to add, "Cleanup went easier than I expected. I used 2 dough bench scrapers to pick up the honey and glass. Then used hot soapy water to wipe the floor. Will go back to sweep the floor and check for sticky spots once it dries."

"Pizzaria forgot about my pizza and delivered it 2 hours late."

I think that if my pizza was two hours late I would be so hungry by the time that it arrived that I would still devour this. Sure, I would complain after the fact, but I would not let it go to waste.

"When the flash flood is the least of your worries."

This really does not feel very safe, nor does it feel like any repairs are going to work, but what I know about fixing an engine in the rain you could write on a pinhead twice. Either way, that's one hell of a bad day!

"Gift from Mother Nature."

I wonder what the person who owns this car did to piss off Mother Nature so much, she hit back hard whatever it was. I was unsure as to whether this was a Jackfruit or a Durian, but either way this sucks!

"Guess what I need to open my new screwdriver..."

You should clearly have thought about buying a secondary screwdriver to open this first screwdriver! That is just a rookie mistake! I mean, I do not know how you would open the second screwdriver... But, that is not my problem!

Poor Thing...

"Finally get her out to the dog park for the first time in 7 months, and a bird [craps] on her within 5 [minutes]. Poor girl," this dog's owner wrote. But, at least some dogs like it when they smell even worse!

The Worst Trip To The Dentist...

Yes, this person has, count them, 7 wisdom teeth! They explained that, "I have 7 wisdom teeth. I am probably in the 0.0001% but at a wrong competition. (35% have 0 and the rest usually 1-4) Dentist was surprised more than I was."

"Oh. Ok I'll come back later. Sorry for the interruption."

An unfortunate individual with a lot of experience in this area added, "As a cable tech, this resonates so hard. That plastic box on the house? 75% chance it's filled with wasps. The underground thing in the front? Wasps. 30ft up the telephone pole? [Expletive] wasps."

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