15+ People Who Are Obviously Still Waiting For Their Lucky Day

Good luck is a blessing, an absolute breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, its cousin, bad luck, is way more common. It seems like good and bad luck really ought to balance out, but sometimes it feels like they never do. If you're on a run of bad luck, these pics might make you feel better.

If these folks didn't have bad luck, they'd have no luck at all.

That'll cost a few bucks.

Reddit | TrappaTroopa

A lot of things had to go wrong in order for this absolute disaster to take place. At least now we know the best equipment for sawing a house in half.

Close but no cigar.

Reddit | AusFail

Bad luck begets bad luck: a delivery driver completely misses the mark with this parcel, and the parcel's recipient has to deal with the bad luck of, well, having their parcel on the roof.


Reddit | queendank

This doesn't look like much, but trust me: it's gross. She walked through a sticky, sticky, fly strip, covered in dead flies. Now she'll spend the next few years shampooing it all out.

His phone bricked.

Reddit | samfisher457

This is a classic scam that, unfortunately, is still claiming victims today. This guy ordered a phone. What he got was satisfyingly heavy, but let's be real here: a piece of brick is not a phone.

No more battles.

Reddit | Latricc

Not sure if these are Pokemon or Magic cards, but, from what I gather, we might be looking at some poor soul's retirement plan strewn all over the street.

So close, so far.

Reddit | friendscallmeadolph

That little strip of metal inside the gap is something very important: the keys to this car. When this happens, it's time to bust out the wire coat hanger.

Hot enough for ya?

Reddit | wurstmuesli

It's nice to have candles, either for their pleasing flicker and scent, or just as an accent piece. But when it gets hotter than the surface of the sun, don't be surprised if they melt into a waxy mess.

Done and done.

Reddit | hilltophermit

The landscapers intended to spray some nourishing stuff into the grass to help it grow. Instead, they sprayed grass killer. It's so hard to tell one spray from another sometimes.

Drive up on the beach, they said.

Reddit | Frago242

Somewhere in the distance, you can see the water that this boat was being towed towards. Evidently, the driver didn't account for the possibility of sand that would devour everything.

This gives me anxiety.

Reddit | S0Ldado_WC

Yes, this is an example of terrible luck, but all is not lost: if the occupant of the car realizes what's going on, they can save their phone. I wonder how this one turned out.

Is that how it's supposed to work?

Reddit | product-of-my-time

When you try to wash a load of laundry and your washing machine inexplicably starts spraying water everywhere, it's time to call a repair guy and go back to bed.


Reddit | deiwor

This smoothie wasn't able to fill the glass because of a weird force field. Well, it's either that or the glass is upside-down. But nobody's that dumb, right?

Eating his pet.

Reddit | tefunka

This kid clearly thought he was getting a pinchy new pet (one that came in a box marked 'seafood'). When his parents literally boiled, murdered, and served said pet for dinner, the little guy was a bit peeved.

A door's a door, right?

Reddit | BlahMehUgh

"My wife said measure the door, I told her all doors are the same size..." wrote the failed handyman who posted this. At least he's willing to own up to it.

I'll take it under advisement.

Reddit | Present-Spiritual

Imagine if you were in the midst of a full-blown emergency and you encountered this thing. I guess, at the very least, the sign allows you to plan ahead and have emergencies elsewhere.

Summertime in England.

Reddit | Naggers123

The houses and lawns look nicely sun-kissed, but that sky is going to be a problem. This is one of those days where you're not sure whether to go to the beach or find the nearest tornado shelter.

At least they tried.

Reddit | nityamadaan22

This couple either screwed up the point of their shirts entirely, or they're legit cheating on one another. Either way, I hope they got a decent selfie out of it.

Time for a new toothbrush.

Reddit | Carinamaple8

I think this is a pretty relatable thing for most people. My clumsiness, combined with this possibility, are the reasons I always have a stash of extra toothbrushes on hand.

Dinner's served.

Reddit | xTHEMONx

Speaking as someone who can't cook to save my life, this looks like the work of a cook even worse than me. How do you mess up spaghetti so badly?


Reddit | Loki1783

So that package contains a vinyl record. It's one of those things that you can't really bend, or else it'll break. I love how the folding job is also taxing the mailbox.