20 People Whose Days Started Iffy, And Just Kept Getting Worse

Ashley Hunte
A person holding a paper bag that had broken, causing the food inside to fall on the concrete below.
reddit | SnooDuck6767

I think it's safe to say we all experience bad days every now and then (after all, Mondays exist). I think it's also safe to say some bad days are worse than others.

It may not be a competition, but the people who experienced these pretty terrible days are probably winning. And by winning, I totally mean they've lost.

"Oh give me a break."

A mostly empty vending machine with a row full of various chocolate bars. In the front of each section, almost every chocolate bar is Coffee Crisp.
reddit | maxman162

It looks like this person isn't going to get a break at all (because they can't get to the KitKats). No offence to the people who actually like Coffee Crisp, but how do people actually like Coffee Crisp?

(Editor's note: For American readers, Coffee Crisp is a Canadian chocolate bar. I quite like Coffee Crisp, but still, Canadian KitKat > Coffee Crisp. But Coffee Crisp > American KitKat. Deal with it.)

"Closed the door of my car & the mirror glass fell down to the floor."

A car side mirror. The glass on the mirror has broken.
reddit | Teilzeitbayer

I can't tell if this happened because OP was closing their car door too hard, or if it happened because the mirror was just cheap. Either way, maybe don't drive that car for now.

"My garlic bread caught on fire."

An arm with an oven mitt reaching into an open oven to retrieve a pan that's on fire.
reddit | FIGLIT007

There's honestly nothing worse than looking forward to having garlic bread, only for it to be burned beyond recognition. Hopefully it was just the garlic bread that caught fire here, and not, like, the whole kitchen or anything.

"My car did this on my way to school."

The front side of a red car in snow. The tire has broken away from the rest of the car, showing the axle to which it attaches.
reddit | V_oidmann

This honestly doesn't make sense to me. Like, what do you have to do to a car for the wheel to just, like, give up like this? How do you even fix that?

"Most recent storm knocked a tree down… guess where my chainsaw is."

A shed with a sign that says "chainsaws." A snow-covered tree trunk sits directly in front of it, blocking the door.
reddit | 31spiders

Now this is what I call irony. OP needs a chainsaw to move that tree so they can get to their chainsaw. I'm not gonna lie, if this happened to me, I'd probably laugh and cry at the same time.

"Dropped my second monitor onto my primary monitor."

A closeup of a Samsung computer monitor. The screen is cracked, causing different coloured pixels to show on the otherwise black screen.
reddit | Theguywhousespaper

What's better than one monitor? Two monitors, of course. What's worse than one monitor? Two monitors, but one ended up dropping on the other, breaking it.

"And it’s not even Monday yet!"

The bottom of a white washing machine, leaking bubbly water onto the tiled floor.
reddit | themothertucker28

Having a bad day on a Monday is so tired. It's so been there, done that. Having a bad day on a Sunday, though? It's unexpected. It keeps things fresh. It's... way worse than having a bad Monday.

"Just spent $40 on CDs just for my CD player to break."

An older CD player, which is showing an error sign on the screen.
reddit | ladyparanoia

I'm not gonna lie, listening to a CD is still really cool. Like, when you can get your CD player to work. Otherwise, well, at least the entirety of human popular music is available online.

"My dryer got a piece of cloth stuck in the heating element last night and decided to almost burn the house down."

A charred clothes dryer. The inside shows burnt remains of fabric.
reddit | ststephen630

It's funny to think about how we all have so many dangerous things in our houses. Take dryers, for example. You don't even need to have an excessive buildup of lint in the trap for a dryer to decide to catch on fire, apparently.

"My customer’s new RAV4 that she waited 3 months for…"

A grey car at the end of a driveway. It's crushed beneath a large tree that had fallen on top of it.
reddit | HunterI64

This is actually so tragic. But there are two silver linings here.

The first is that nobody was in the car when it got totally crushed by a giant tree. The second is that this is the kind of thing car insurance is for.

"Contractor let his laborer install the hardware (the whole kitchen looks like this)."

A cabinet in an unfinished kitchen. The handle was installed off-centre.
reddit | robot_exterminator

The absolute worst thing about this is the fact that it can't really be fixed. Like, if you try to center the hardware, the old holes are going to show. I'd be asking the contractor for a refund (which probably wouldn't happen, anyway).

"Pressed '1min' twice instead of '30sec' start, didn't bother to check."

A white mug in a microwave. Both the mug and the bottom of the microwave are covered in some sort of burnt substance.
reddit | xblipx

Apparently, OP was trying to boil tea in water. See, this is why it's better to just, like, get a kettle. So that you can boil the water before you put the tea in.

"Just opened up my brand new Newton's Cradle."

A Newton's Cradle where all the strings for every metal ball is tangled together.
reddit | firecoloredfeathers

I don't even know how to describe the pain this picture is making me feel. It's simply just tragic, and sometimes that's all you can say.

"That looks like it hurt."

A closeup of a pole in a bus, where a chunk of hair is stuck in between the pole and the console that contains the stop button.
reddit | k41zo_

As somebody with long hair, this is kind of my worst nightmare. Not only does this pour soul have an unfortunate bald spot, but this happened to them on a bus of all places.

"Moving across the country in a few weeks, invited my friends to a farewell BBQ. All canceled or just didn't show."

Several rows of barbecued ribs and chicken in foil.
reddit | erokitel128

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Since OP is moving away, they don't have to bother keeping in touch with any of these "friends," and can just try to make new ones.

When you get a nail stuck right through your tire...

A closeup of a car tire. A nail can be seen sticking through the tire at an angle.
reddit | Lazy-Ad-770

There's honestly nothing good about this. The second you pull that nail out, there goes all the air. And I bet replacing or fixing that tire is going to cost a lot of money.

"I’ve been sitting down on this chair at my grandparents' house for 10 years, and it finally gave up on me."

A blue and white woven lawn chair. The seat of the chair has completely broken, leaving a large hole in the weaving.
reddit | Short_Stuff4520

It must've sucked being in that thing when it decided to give in. But on the plus side, if OP really wants to, they can probably fix it.

"Drove 25 miles just to get right outside of the delivery point just for this to happen."

A hand holding a paper bag. The bag broke due to liquid, causing the noodles inside to fall on the ground and spill.
reddit | SnooDucks6767

We can file this one under "pictures that cause me physical pain." I honestly don't even know what I'd do about this if I was in OP's position. It just sucks.

"The ceiling in my in-laws' stairwell, and yes, I have ran into it face first on multiple occasions."

A tall man standing on a staircase, showing how his head touches the wall above the stairs.
reddit | Allanon124

Sometimes I wish I was a little bit taller. But seeing things like this make me a little more grateful that I ended up being average height.

"After a grueling day at work without food where I had to wait 4 hours for a sample to arrive which got canceled..."

Several garbage bags lined up in a hallway.
reddit | km1180

"I come home at 7pm to find all my [expletive] in garbage bags cause the cleaners my landlord sent cleared the wrong apartment."

Okay, this person wins the "worst day" award. Hopefully they can get some kind of compensation from the landlord, because this is literally a nightmare situation.