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10+ Baby Photo Fails That Didn't Meet Pinterest's Expectations

Is it just me or are you as obsessed with cute animals or baby photos? I can spend half of my day looking at those. But what's even better are those photos that didn't turn out as originally planned.

Check out these hilarious baby photos that seem to have taken a wrong turn.

1. When You Can't Get Triplets To Cooperate

It's hard enough getting one baby to pose for that perfect picture. But imagine getting triplets to do so? Not so much.

2. When Lunch Comes Back To Haunt You

You've got your kid all dressed up and ready to go and then lunch comes back with a vengeance. Not pretty lol!

3. When You Try For That Photobook Cover

Remember those cute baby photos on cards and books? Somehow it doesn't seem to work when you try it with your baby.

4. When You Try To Show Off That First Tooth

It's so exciting when your baby gets their first tooth. Too bad they won't let you show it off.

5. When Pumpkin Season Comes Around

Who doesn't love a cute baby pumpkin? Apparently, this kid is not very fond of being the chosen one for a human pumpkin picture.

6. When Props Backfire

Babies look so adorable when they play with stuff. But getting that perfect picture without them poking their eyes out can be a challenge. Too cute!

7. When Your Face Doesn't Cooperate

So you set up the perfect lighting and you've got your kid all dressed up and then this happens. OMG, this face!

8. When You Don't Feel Too Cool

You got the perfect baby onesie with the best message and you're dying to show it off and the baby won't have it.

9. When Your Sibling Is Just Too Amusing

Ha ha ha, I love this picture. The look on the one kid who's totally amused is just priceless. Perfect!

10. When Your Kid Does A Faceplant

Ohh I feel bad for this little one. It's so hard for them to hold themselves up when they're so little. Not smooth!

11. When Your Kid Says No

Parents can drive their kids crazy with all the picture taking. So this is what happens when the kid just has enough. Good for him!

12. When Dad Is Having A Rough Day

Being a dad can sometimes be a challenge for any man but I can't imagine what went through this guy's mind. Oops!

13. A Surprise From Above

Reddit | Missbrooooke

Oh no, Dad! Don't look up! I mean, the good thing is that baby spit up will wash out, right? Oh, the joys of fatherhood.

14. When Taking Pics Makes You Tired

I think I saved the best for last. I can't say I blame this kid. Taking pictures can be such hard work. LOL!

Oh, those adorable babies just made my day.

No wonder parents go through so much just to have the perfect memento of them growing up. Can't stop looking at these.