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10+ Fans Share The Nicest Experiences They've Had With Celebrities

Have you ever met someone you idolized, only to find out that they were a total jerk? It can be heartbreaking, sometimes totally altering your perception of them altogether.

But then there are those other, far rarer moments when celebrities are exactly who they appear to be: kind, genuine, and self-sacrificing.

Here are just a few examples of fans sharing the nicest experiences with famous people.

Norman Reedus loves saying "happy birthday" to people.

Not only did this happen at a comic con, but he actually also does it on his Instagram quite a bit!

He really cares about his fans.

Mr. Rogers loved a good conversation.


"I was lucky enough to spend six hours sitting next to the man on an airplane [...] We ate lunch. I spilled on him. I thought I had ruined everything, but he just smiled and gave me his dessert."

I can say with confidence that if harpejjist spilled on me, I would not offer up my dessert.

Louis Tomlinson takes time for his fans.

If Louis Tomlinson takes a second to come and say something to you, I feel like the world would definitely stop turning.

How magical.

John Mulaney pays it forward.

"I checked John Mulaney into a hotel room once. He wanted to pay for someone else’s room, so he was at my desk for like five minutes while I set that up."

Thanks to rebrandingmyself for the submission!

Bend it like Beckham.

Twitter | @TravisEGates

Getting hit by a car is bad, but I suppose if a celebrity is in it, it makes it a bit better.

Especially when those people are David and Victoria Beckham.

Enter Sandman and stay awhile.

"He [Adam Sandler] is super nice we met him at my aunt's lake house. Such a sweet guy he brought his family over and we hung out with him for like three hours and we just chilled. He's an amazing dude."

We wouldn't expect anything less from the Sandman, hshdhfjde!

Muhammad Ali was always a hero.

Twitter | @joshhayes51

This is such a beautiful story, I will probably be thinking about this for the rest of my life.

As this fan definitely will be.

Faking accents with Alison Brie.

Instagram | @alisonbrie

Hotel employee MarvinLazer recalls a run-in with Alison Brie:

"By the end of the afternoon we were talking to each other in stupid accents and laughing like hyenas, and to top it all off, she left a great tip and her friend told my boss what a great job I'd done."

Rob Benedict of *Supernatural* is as godly as his character.

"What was even better about this moment was that right after, he took me aside and told me how much my letter meant to him, and how much he appreciated it," one fan wrote on Instagram.

Making silly faces with Peter Dinklage.

"When I met him, he seemed a bit overwhelmed by the enthusiasm around him, but he was still great. He wanted to take silly pictures with me."

Great story, eachdayisabattle!

Morgan Freeman cares.

Twitter | @DomesticDervish

Honestly, Morgan Freeman proving that he cares about a fan's health is so heartwarming.

More people like him, please!

Ziplining with Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas.

Instagram | @sophiet

"My sisters met Sofie Turner [sic], I had just left to go get something to eat and she apparently lined up to do zip lining behind them. They were so amazed they met Sansa Stark and showed me the picture. I [...] realised from the picture angle someone else took it. Asked them who took it? Some dude she was with.... I laughed so hard I cried when I explained it was Joe Jonas [...] They said he took it like a champ and took thier [sic] picture with her and then small chatted a bit about stuff to visit in the city.

That's gotta be the biggest face-palm ever, Jade0Knight.

Gal Gadot is a real life Wonder Woman.

Twitter | @DrWider

Gal Gadot already looks like such a sweet woman, but she proved that when she made a little girl's day by making sure she got noticed.

Home alone with Scarlett Johansson.

"Made her laugh after I told her I was a huge fan of one of her earliest films, Home Alone 3 [...] She just had this charming aura about her."

My mission in life would be accomplished if I made ScarJo laugh, Filipinoweirdo.

Prince gets personal.

Twitter | garveyschild

Honestly, not many celebs would actively physically touch a fan on their own.

So this experience is just super sweet.

Southern charm is a serious thing with Kelly Clarkson.

Instagram | @kellyclarkson

"The southern charm thing isn't an act."

Don't you love it when your heroes live up to your expectations, Ryguy55?

Angelou the angel.

Twitter | MsTessMcGill

Maya Angelou is obviously a treasure in every way, and I think we can all agree that this fan will treasure this moment for the rest of their life.

Screenwriting tips from Dave Chappelle.

"He and I frequented the same Starbucks. I ran into him about ten times. One day he sat with me for about 45 minutes and talked about screenwriting."

I wonder how hard it was for cwills815 to not mention Rick James...

Queen B.

Twitter | jbsuperman

The queen really didn't have to go out of her way to take a photo with this fan, but she definitely made his day by doing so!

Head over heels for Anne Hathaway.

Instagram | @annehathaway

"We were backstage waiting for her cue to go on [and] started chatting. She told me how she was such a klutz and we joked around a bit. Then, when she was called on stage she tripped hard going up the stairs and face planted [...] we both started laughing."

Awesome story about how Anne doesn't take herself too seriously, menicknick!

Ryan Gosling jokes with a fan.

Twitter | CidStoll

Listen, Ryan Gosling didn't have to speak to anyone if he really wanted to stay undercover.

But he was super nice to this fan!

First-name basis with LL Cool J.

Instagram | @llcoolj

"I worked at a Barnes & Noble in high school. LL Cool J lived right next to it and would come in almost daily. He knew most of our names, really nice guy."

That's what we call a class act, snufyou.

Jack Black can sing.

Twitter | HooteyOwl

Imagine you're standing in line minding your own business and Jack freaking Black decides to sing alongside you?

What an amazing experience.

A new phone from Tracy Morgan.

Instagram | @tracymorgan

When a young girl couldn't afford to fix her phone:

"My sister I guess clearly got emotional because Tracy Morgan, who had been talking to my mom for a bit before while they were waiting (my mom and sister had NO idea who he was until my dad came in and recognized him) bought the phone for her. My mom tried to say no but he just said to pay it forward."

Truly he is a kind soul, leese216.

Taron Egerton is a riot.

"Thank you, @taron.egerton, for laughing at my idea, for bringing to life incredible stories, and for coming to see us in Seattle. You’re going from strength to strength and you’re all kinds of brilliant," this fan wrote on their post.

Take Colin Firth to work day.

After signing an autograph for ninjakaji's mother:

"I had told Colin where my mom worked and he went in the next day and made a point to stop and chat with her. Truly a class act."

Sebastian Stan telling people they are beautiful.

Going to a con after having your wisdom teeth taken out is a BOLD move.

But even while in pain, Sebastian made sure this lucky fan knew how beautiful they are (even if they weren't feeling it themselves).

Tom Hanks the tour guide.

Instagram | @tomhanks

GenXer1977 talked about Tom Hanks at Disneyland!

"I worked at Disneyland in the late '90s and I saw him giving a tour to a group of about 25 kids. He was leading the tour and the Disney tour guide was just tagging along, so I could tell he’d done this many times before."

Wow, Tom Hanks is a nice guy? Next, you'll tell me water is wet.

Tom Payne is Jesus in real life.

When Tom Payne of The Walking Dead found out that one fan couldn't make it to the con, he recorded a video to send to them, to make their day a little better!

Talk Dothraki to me, Jason Mamoa.

Instagram | @prideofgypsies

"Can confirm, met him twice. First time was a photo op at a convention [...] Later when I got him to sign my bag he said, 'moon of my life' in Dothraki to me and I responded back with, 'my sun and stars'. He said my Dothraki was good."

Good thing you're fluent in Dothraki, ThirstyBarbarian!

Jared Padalecki pays it back.

Twitter | @suchaknitwit

I mean, we already knew Jared Padalecki was a sweetheart, but he had no reason whatsoever to pay this fan back.

He just did it because he has a good heart.