20 Tweets About Avocados That Have Us Nodding In Millennial

Ashley Hunte
One whole and one halved avocado, leaning on a second whole avocado.
Unsplash | Gil Ndjouwou

Loving avocados seems like a millennial rite of passage. Sure, you don't have to fall in that generation to love avocados, but if you are a millennial who loves avocados, no one is gonna be surprised.

To be honest, that's part of what makes the tweets in this list so funny, and strangely relatable. It's the avocado's world, and we're all just living in it.

How else will people know you had an avocado?

If you eat an avocado and no one's around to witness it, did you really eat an avocado? Still yes, but what's the point if it isn't plastered all over your socials?

I see no problem here.

Having an avocado tree in your yard makes more sense (and honestly sounds ideal), but the idea that somebody would be throwing avocados on your yard every day seems both hilarious, and also ideal.

You win some, you lose most.

I guess it's better to love the avocado you've lost than to never have had an avocado to begin with. Or something like that.

You know, that stuff with the avocados?

To be fair, guacamole is literally avocado sauce. But people forgetting the word for guacamole will never not be funny to me.

They'll never know how to go without.

If you live somewhere that doesn't have the climate to grow avocados, then you know they ain't cheap, but there was a time when they weren't easy to find when you're not local. But now, they're easy to find.

Avocado anxiety.

There are some things you should probably buy yourself when you're at the grocery store. Avocados are definitely on the list, especially if you're the one in the house who likes them.

Their timing is never great.

Why is it that avocados are ripe for literally 2.5 seconds? The rest of the time they're either too hard, or they've gone completely rotten.

There's just so much to love.

To be fair, avocados are very exciting. They also seem super trendy, and it's almost strange how the trend has lasted for so long. I guess it just goes to show you that avocados are actually good.

Bury me in avocados.

I wouldn't be surprised if people started having avocado-themed funerals. Avocado-shaped caskets, guacamole for the buffet... They'd probably just stuff a casket with avocados while they're at it.

They're too sneaky.

I don't eat a lot of avocados, so it's very hard for me to tell when one is actually ripe. Most of the time, they aren't and I just have to live with my mistake.

Your expectations get so much lower as you get older.

Kids always expect great Christmas gifts, while adults would just be happy with a few avocados. It's just what happens as we age.

It's a true dilemma.

We as human beings face a lot of problems every single day. One of those problems is when you want to use an avocado but it still isn't ripe. I don't even think therapy can solve that one.

It always ends up on your chip, too!

No one else ever picks it up, just you. On the plus side, it's just part of the avocado and nothing super dangerous. Just annoying!

The beginning of the end.

Kids will never understand how expensive avocados really are. Not until they get older and have to buy them themselves, that is. Then it's all downhill from there.

Avocados: they're just like us!

To be honest, this is... pretty accurate. Maybe that's the secret reason why so many millennials (and people of all ages) love avocados. Because we relate to them.

I wouldn't try to bite into it, though.

I never thought about it before, but I guess avocados do kind of look like goth pears. They are very, very different from pears, though.


Hey, that's another thing humans and avocados have in common! They're both good in moderation.

The benefits of working from home:

Sure, there are probably a bunch of other reasons why people might work from home. But let's face it, the best reason is to be nice and close to all your avocados.

When you forget the word for avocado:

I don't know what's funnier, this, or the tweet where the dad called guacamole "avocado sauce." They seem like two sides of the same coin.

The beginning of the end, pt. 2.

Luckily, the kid is only three, so there's hopefully a chance to get him to forget that avocados even exist. Quickly, before it's too late!