Studies Say Millennial Dads Are Spending More Time With Their Kids Compared To Previous Generations

There's nothing like the bond between a father and their kids. While they may be busy providing for their family, nowadays, they always try and find time to spend with their kids. Now, we have the research to prove that millennial dads are more involved than ever before.

Years ago, many dads went to work and saw their kids for dinner when they got home.

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In the past, moms had the majority of the parenting duties, from changing diapers to making lunches. Dads used to be more "hands-off" when it came to raising children.

New research, however, shows that dads today are more "hands-on" than ever before.

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In fact, Pew Research Center found millennial dads are taking the cake for the dads who spend the most time with their kids.

Studies say that millennial dads spend three times as much time with their kids as previous generations.

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In 1982, 43% of dads claimed they had "never changed a diaper." Can you imagine?

In 2000, researchers found only 3% of dads admitted they haven't changed a diaper. That's 40% decrease in just a few decades.

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Research also showcases that millennial dads want an equal partnership in terms of parenting duties at home.

Some dads are even saying that they spend more time at home than their own fathers did.

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Another study identified that millennial dads on average spend 30 minutes every day helping around the house than their own fathers ever did.

These trends help strengthen the relationship between dads and their kids.

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The more time spent at home helping out and the more time spent with their kids, all contribute to a strong father-child relationship.

And, it also strengthens the relationship between mom and dad.

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Studies say that when 60% of the "parenting" duties fall to mom, a mom and dad's relationship tends to suffer. So, stepping up more at home helps out the love life, too.

While some polls and studies show mom is still doing more, dads feel that guilt.

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Studies say that half of dads who are busy with work and other responsibilities want to be spending twice as much time with their kids as they are now.

All in all, it's a step in the right direction.

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Having dads be there more for their kids, what can be better?

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