Company Turns Leftover Avocado Pits Into Eco-Friendly Cutlery

Are you a fan of guacamole? Oh, my goodness, I can't tell you how much I love this stuff. I never get enough of it, ha, ha!

But what happens to all those avocado pits that you can't put in your guac? What if there was a way to reuse it and make something out of it? That's exactly what this company does. Get a load of this.

Did you know that Americans consume roughly 6-billion avocados each year?

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Wow, that's a lot of pits being thrown away, huh? What if you could turn those pits into something useful. A Mexican company called Biofase does just that.

Biofase turns about 130 tons of avocado pits into forks, knives, spoons, and straws each month.

Isn't that so amazing or what? I've never heard of a company doing something like that. And I must admit, I'm so impressed by this whole idea.

Here's the best thing about this process.

Biofase claims its bioplastic food products have a lower carbon footprint than any other comparable material — including paper.

Now, that's something to get excited about right now. Am I right? It's pretty amazing if you ask me.

Here's a little back story on the company itself.

Biofase was founded by Scott Munguia, who at the time was a 19-year-old university student. During his second semester, Munguia spent all his time at the lab working on his idea.

Then he started Biofase with his student savings.

He made the first prototypes back in 2013 with a small team. A year later, Biofase opened its first factory and got an award from MIT. They also became part of the Paris agreement.

In 2016 Biofase expanded and opened its second factory and started exporting the cutlery worldwide.

In 2019 they opened a third factory. But more importantly, the same year, Biofase technology was recognized by the UN. The UN even thinks it can solve the problem of plastics.

Now the company has more than 200 employees.

They export their unique products to more than 20 countries. Yet their goal is still the same — to save the world. So how does this technology do that? Let's find out.

The great thing about bioplastics is that they could help reduce pollution.

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The products break down faster and use fewer fossil fuels. That's amazing news for all of us. Don't you think? We all deserve to breathe cleaner air for generations to come.

So what do you think about this idea?

Do you think this type of technology is the way of the future? I definitely see a lot of potential uses for it. And I hope we can use it for many different things.

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