20 Times The Execution Was On Point, But Taste Was Out In Left Field

Ashley Hunte
A floor covered in slices of tree trunks rather than wooden planks or tiles.
Reddit | veggieplant

Art may be subjective, but that doesn't mean it can't be ugly. Ugly doesn't always mean bad, after all. And when it comes to the ugly things in this list, that couldn't be any truer.

Yeah, they probably won't win any awards, but it's clear that someone put effort into these atrocities. This is what happens when you have questionable taste.

"This house in Oakland, CA."

A house painted pink with yellow and blue accents.
Reddit | Kellan1243

I would honestly hate living at a house like this. Like, imagine inviting people over and the first thing they say to you is, "wow, your house is pink!" Sounds like a nightmare.


A piece of bread baked in the shape of a Croc. Charms made out of mini croissants and butter in the shape of flowers and stars fill the holes on the front of the Croc bread.
Reddit | actualcatfish

As much as I hate this, I'd probably still eat it. Bread is bread, after all.

And to be honest, that pun is probably the best thing about this.

"Swarovski Crystal Car."

A small car covered in rhinestones that make a gradient from white to lilac. Cherry blossom branches and flowers cover the side.
Reddit | Tacoma_uwu

This is, like, actually kind of pretty? I still wouldn't drive around in a car like that.

But what I'd hate more than anything else is to be stuck behind this thing in traffic. On a sunny day.

"Monster Prius."

Three Toyota Prius cars with large wheels affixed to each of them.
Reddit | ohkittycat

This is what happens when your friends keep making fun of you for owning a car like a Prius. You end up going overboard while trying to make it look "cool."

This medical cake is looking a little too realistic.

A white cake with red ganache on top. The decorations on the cake are made to look like bio waste, including blood, urine, and stool samples.
Reddit | FakeBenson

I applaud whoever made this cake, because it's doing a really good job at grossing me out right now. Like, I know that isn't actually blood, and that "stool" sample is just a chocolate bar. But it looks really real.

"Boot buddy on Wayfair..."

A dog statue made out of rubber boots. Two boots with their soles touching make the face.
Reddit | Firekeepr

On one hand, this thing is surprisingly cute. On the other hand, it's also kind of terrifying. Somebody had an idea and decided to make it real, but I almost wish they didn't.

"The olive bowl acts as a pop socket!!"

A phone case decorated to look like a mini charcuterie board, complete with meats, cheeses, vegetables, and an olive bowl.
Reddit | cheesuscharlie

This thing is horrendous. It's also horrendously clever. It's something I can appreciate from afar, but would never want anywhere near my phone.

This... water... fountain?

A water fountain made with three empty bottles of Jack Daniels.
Reddit | stompeychops

I mean, at least we know it isn't a whiskey fountain. But how can we be sure it's water, and not something alcoholic?

Either way, I surprisingly like this one.

"Heads in a wall. Found in Rome, Italy."

An old stone wall featuring statues made to look like realistic human heads.
Reddit | CheesePalmTree

I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say that those heads are incredibly unsettling. Nicely made, sure. But they feel a little too realistic, if you know what I mean.

"This Bedazzled Sprite Clutch in a Storefront Window."

A clutch in a store window. The exterior of the clutch is covered in rhinestones that form the Sprite logo.
Reddit | bb9497

To be honest, as horrendous as this Sprite clutch is, I feel like whoever decides to buy it and walk around with it (in public) would be the most powerful person on Earth.

"Gucci Baby Bed I saw for sale."

A crib decorated in black and gold, with the Gucci label on it multiple times.
Reddit | ItsIdaho

Any baby that sleeps in this crib is probably going to grow up with the most unrealistic expectations about the world. Unfortunately for that kid, not everything in life is going to be Gucci.

"These Patrick Star Nails."

Two hands with long fingernails painted with feminine Patrick Star designs on them.
Reddit | hybridginger

Am I uncomfortable? Only a little. I'm mostly impressed by the fact that somebody out there made these. Patrick has never looked more fabulous.

"Measure cooking ingredients by the rule of thumb."

A cooking spoon with a thumb design on the opposite end.
Reddit | Severe-Draw-5979

I actually hate everything about this. I honestly can't think of a single person who would want a spoon with a giant thumb on the end in their kitchen. Like, what??

This cable knit... armchair?

A white armchair with cable knit designs on it, including knit buttons right on the seat.
Reddit | CaVeRnOusDiscretion

As much as I love knits, a knit chair seems a little excessive. And this one in particular is really strange, because it has buttons on the seat! That can't be comfortable to sit on.

"Tray made from coins."

A top down view of a tray made out of dozens of identical coins, and nothing else.
Reddit | blugre118

I think what makes this tray so offensive to me is the fact that it's just made out of coins. Like, not a tray covered in coins, but one that's nothing but coins. It's just plain bizarre.

"Princess Diana Cabinet."

A wooden cabinet with an image of Princess Diana painted onto the middle drawer faces.
Reddit | ButtMunchSupreme420

I get that people used to really love Princess Diana once upon a time (and many probably still do), but this is just ridiculous.

This cute teddy bear with a little surprise!

A purple teddy bear with a flower on its head, and a second bear with three eyes sticking out of its stomach.
Reddit | awkward-comics

For the most part, this is a pretty cute teddy bear. Of course, it would be way cuter and much less terrifying without the second bear coming out of its stomach, but you win some, you lose some.

"Seen on a weird secondhand finds group. It did not go home with them."

A plaid shirt with an embroidered image of a woman on the shoulder. The woman is lying on her shoulders with her legs in the air, and is visibly farting.
Reddit | KortanaXO

This seems like one of those things that was custom made for a specific person, and then that person decided to give it away for whatever reason. I somehow doubt this shirt is gonna be leaving the shelves of that thrift store anytime soon.

"...Wood floors?"

a room with floors covered in tree trunk cross-sections rather than planks or tiles.
Reddit | veggieplant

I mean, these are technically wooden floors. But the fact that somebody went and did this is making me really angry. I don't even know if the execution was all that good, if I'm being completely honest.

"Table spotted on eBay."

A wooden tabletop attached to a single, metal leg shaped like an arm and hand.
Reddit | kiepye17

I'm not gonna lie, I kind of like the table. I wish the hand looked a little less like a hand, though. But I guess that's part of the table's charm.