15 Pictures That Are Questionable At The Very Least

Have you ever just looked at something that made you think, "something about this doesn't add up"?

Either there's something where it shouldn't be, or something isn't where it should be, you get me?

In any case, you might need to ponder on these pics for a hot minute.

There's something to be said about the caliber of your character when you think wearing a sweater covered in serial killers is a good fashion choice.

Reddit | gijoeusa

The only thing more evil than this sweater is wearing stripes with plaid or white after Labor Day.

I feel like this lifeguard spends more time waving his arms than actually saving people.

Reddit | NachoEatuh

But when you build your car dealership next to a pool, you need to work with what you've got. The good news is, his entire body can be used as a flotation device.

Where I come from, dessert bites you!

Reddit | funkydinosau47

This is actually a weird new method of speed dating for the elderly: whomever's dentures you get a slice of, you have to go on a date with. It's like a weird Cinderella system with teeth instead of shoes.

Fun fact: honey mustard is a crawdad's favorite food, and also doubles as the perfect catalyst for diabolic rituals.

Reddit | cubedegg

In addition to being the High Priest of the Great Old Ones, the Great Dreamer, and Sleeper of R'lyeh, Cthulhu is the patron saint of crawdads and dipping sauce.

That's certainly one way to pass the time at the laundromat.

Reddit | sexapus

That'd be quite the business model, actually.

"Come down to Moe's Laundromat & Tattooery, where the only thing that gets inked is you! Help yourself to the watermelon halves interspersed throughout the establishment."

Another fight breaks out at a Wiggles concert after parents cannot agree on which Wiggle is the best on behalf of their children.

Reddit | CancerousMalzahar

Final injury tally: 27 broken bones, 48 fractures, and 300 ruined childhoods.

When you bought the casket but can't afford the funeral, it pays to seek alternative ways to get rid of Grandpappy Owen.

Reddit | massivecoiler

Just make sure whoever's in there has actually passed on.

I don't remember this scene from Transformers.

Reddit | v1ncent97

Still, I would probably prefer a killer robot chasing me at night than the spider Volkswagen from hell. This must be the Slenderman's summer car.

Don't forget to share this hack with all of your construction buddies! 

Reddit | Sio30

A little bit clever, a lot a bit questionable. But if it works, it ain't stupid, I guess.

The title for "most disturbing Tinder profile pic" has a new challenger.


He's definitely got a green thumb, but I don't think that makes for a great pick up line.

I guess they're taking Bessie out to see her relatives? Unless they're getting some chicken or fish, that is.

Reddit | RamalamDingdong89

Sorry to any vegetarians reading this, I know that was dark.

Small brain: lighting your fireplace on a cold night

Reddit | Banbit

Big brain: playing the fireplace channel when you have a perfectly good fireplace
Galaxy brain: getting someone to dress up as fire and sit in your fireplace.

It might not look pretty, but it definitely, sort of, kinda, not really gets the job done. Beats having to sit in a hole at any rate!

The Chive | The Chive

This is a pretty good representation of my problem-solving skills, actually.

The subway might be closed, but it's been replaced with the world's longest slip-n-slide.

Reddit | Dreamcaster1

A day pass is just $15, but I think there have been plenty of people slippin' right in.

The local wolves are getting pretty crafty, I must say. They get you to do the hunting for them!

Reddit | ecstatic_broccoli

The trick is fitting the antlers in, because those things don't fold easy.

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