10+ Genius Ways To Hide The Ugly Parts Of Your Home

Is it just me, or does the new year make you want to organize your home space? If getting rid of clutter in your home is on your mind, I think you'll love these ideas.

I've recently stumbled upon genius ways to hide the ugly parts of your home, like outlet covers; air conditioning units; and radiators, so nobody will ever be the wiser. Check them out and let me know what you think.

1. This Cord Cable Management Drawer

Isn't it annoying when you've got cords and cables all over your space? Well, there's a better way to organize it. Dedicate an empty drawer and set up a charging station like this one.

2. Book Storage Boxes

How fun do these book storage boxes look on this desk? I love this idea. Isn't it a great way to organize your space? Nobody would even know there are things hidden in these clever boxes.

3. This Stairway Storage Idea

How do you utilize all the space in your home? If you have a stairway with a little space like this one, you can create a storage cabinet alongside it. Isn't this so cool?

4. Install A Closet Curtain

Are you sick of opening those closet doors in the morning to get ready? Well, you can easily remove them and install a curtain instead. It's an adorable way to add some color to your room.

5. TV Cord Cover Idea

A mounted TV always looks so great in the living room. Am I right? But how do you cleverly cover all the cables? Here, somebody came up with an awesome copper pipe that hides the cables perfectly.

6. Radiator Cover

I don't know about you, but a radiator isn't exactly the prettiest thing to look at in a home. Am I right? No worries. You can always buy or DIY a cover like this one. Doesn't this look so much neater?

7. This Kitchen Trash Can Idea

Just like the radiator, visible kitchen trash can be so unsightly. So a great way to hide it away is to place it inside one of your kitchen cabinets like this. Isn't it so much better now?

8. Fabric Stairs Upgrade

Is your old carpet on your stairs an eyesore? Oh, my! So what can you do about it that's simple and easy? Well, you can invest in a fun fabric and reupholster the stairs with it. It looks so pretty, no?

9. Under-The-Sink Bathroom Storage

Who loves a well-organized bathroom? I sure do. One of the areas that usually gets super messy is the under-the-sink area. So it's a great idea to invest in some clever bins and storage containers to tackle that mess.

10. Laundry Room Overhaul

The laundry room is another part of the house that can get very cluttered. One way to keep it tidy is to set up a folding area and some baskets for sorting the laundry. This is such a great example of that.

11. This Pantry Organization Idea

If you have enough space in your house for a proper pantry, I truly envy you. But having space isn't enough. You've got to organize it well to really appreciate it. I would die for something like this.

12. Built-In Dog Bowls

Speaking of the kitchen, nobody likes to run into a dog bowl full of water. That can make such a mess. This built-in cabinet idea is such a nicer way to keep the bowls neat and tidy.

13. This Hidden Closet Idea

Oh my goodness, have you ever seen anything as cool as this hidden closet idea? I can't say that I have. In a place that's space-challenged, this would be perfect. I can't get over this.

14. Tiny Mudroom Storage

I would love a proper mudroom someday, but until then, here's an interesting idea. This cute bench is a great seating area. It's also a nice way to store things like shoes. I love this.

15. Storage Baskets

One cute way to hide some ugly things in your home is to use storage baskets. Not only do they look so pretty and can serve as planters, but they also provide extra storage solutions. Don't you think so, too?

16. Pillow Storage

Speaking of baskets, you can also use them to store all those extra pillows you like to keep on your bed. Once you're ready for bed, just throw them in the baskets, and voilĂ ! Easy peasy, no?

17. Front Open Boxes

Do you love reading books when you sit on your couch? I do, too. However, if you have too many books to display on your coffee table, you can just get these front open boxes. Aren't they so pretty?

18. Home Office Cabinets

Working from home can be a challenge, especially when it comes to storing all your office supplies. So, I'm really digging these storage cabinets here. Everything is nicely put away and out of sight. Am I right?

19. This Home Locker Idea

How do you hide all your kids' accessories they use every day, like shoes and jackets? Why not set up a home locker system like this one? Isn't this such a fantastic idea or what?

20. Storage Ottoman

I've already mentioned this a few times before, but I love storage ottomans. They're such an easy way to hide a lot of bulky and sometimes unsightly stuff. And you can also use them as an extra seating area.

21. This Sliding Pantry Door

Oh my gosh, how amazing is this sliding pantry door idea here? What an awesome way to keep all the stuff in your pantry hidden from plain view. I love how chic and classy this looks.

22. An Outlet Cover

I'm not a fan of outlets that are visible around the house. If you're like me, perhaps you'll like this "mouse door" outlet cover somebody came up with here. I think this is super cute and adorable.

So what do you think of these clever ways to hide eyesores in your home?

Would you use any of them in your space? I do like at least a few of them. A well-organized home makes me so happy.