9+ Times Creative Designers Took Homes To The Next Level

Most people can only afford a regular house. You know, one that comes with four walls, a bunch of rooms, and perhaps a basement or a backyard.

However, if you have the means, you can turn your home into something with both function and amazing esthetic. That's where talented designers come in. They come up with the most unique ideas worthy of a second look.

1. This Slide

Fireman's poles are so yesterday. Am I right? As it turns out, powder blue tube slides are definitely in, ha, ha! Why walk down the stairs when you can just slide down to the next room, huh? That must be so much fun.

2. This Kitchen

I've always wanted to have a gorgeous kitchen. I'm used to seeing white kitchens, but there's something special about this wooden marvel. Don't you think? I love the rustic appeal of it and all the plants that were incorporated into the decor.

3. This Sink

Why settle for just an ordinary sink for your kitchen when you can have one carved out of rock? Hmm, I think it looks cool, but good luck getting a plumber if you need one. Perhaps a stonemason would be better in this case?

4. This Library Room

Who wouldn't want to spend a whole day reading in this library room, especially with a view like this? I can think of nothing better to do on a rainy day and a sunny day as well.

5. This Loft

Who knew that you could turn an industrial loft into a cool living space like this? Well, obviously, the designers of this place figured it out right away. I love the whole concept of this awesome idea here.

6. This Living Room

How do you create the coziest sitting area in your living room? You can utilize the idea of sunken seating just like you see here. Isn't that such a fantastic concept or what? I could get used to this.

7. This Bathtub

This carbon fiber hammock bathtub may appeal to those adventurous types. I think it could be a hazard for me because I'm pretty clumsy, ha, ha! But I think it's pretty stunning to look at, huh? What do you think?

8. This Dark Bedroom

If dark and gloomy is your thing, I believe you might be quite impressed by this bedroom concept here. It might be a little too depressing for me, but I do enjoy this moody aesthetic here.

9. This Kids' Playroom

Switching gears here for a second, we all know how much kids like to hide. Am I right? Someone designed this amazing wardrobe with that in mind. I think this is such a fantastic idea, no?

10. This Backyard Deck

Most people would be satisfied with just having a deck to enjoy the outdoors. But these folks had to create something much better. Wow, how stunning is this incredible deck here, huh? I bet the view is pretty grand, too.

11. This Bathroom

Anyone who's ever wondered what it would be like to go to the moon, this bathroom is for you. It might be just a little bit too trippy for me, but you go ahead and knock yourself out.

12. This Violin Pool

If you're a fan of music, why not opt for a different kind of pool for your home. This violin-shaped one may be right up your alley. What do you think? Are you digging this, too?

13. These Stairs

Where do you hide all those unsightly things in your house? It's easy when you set up this hidden stair storage space. I really need to get something like this going one day when we get our own house.

Are these designs too over-the-top for you, or are you totally digging them?

If I had a bunch of money to spare, I would definitely get a designer to create something unique and special for our home. Until then, I can dream, right?