McDonald’s New ‘Hacked' Menu Items Come With A Big Catch

Secret menus at fast food restaurants have been around forever. McDonald's has made the move to make these items a little less secret, though, as they've added four menu hacks to their menu for a limited time.

Read on, though, because there's a catch.

What's your favorite secret item?

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Some folks like ordering stuff Animal Style at In-N-Out Burger, but I'm partial to a specific McDonald's concoction. Its name is kind of rude so I won't say it here, but it consists of putting a junior chicken sandwich right in the middle of a McDouble burger.

The items are secret no longer.

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This new McDonald's promotion has identified four popular "secret" items and is bringing them out into the open.

The star attraction is the Land, Air & Sea, named because it combines a Big Mac with a McChicken with a Filet-o-Fish.

What if you want something else?

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No worries, the Golden Arches has you covered. Another menu item, the Crunchy Double, adds six Chicken McNuggets to a standard double cheeseburger. The whole thing is topped off with barbecue sauce to tie it all together.

Breakfast is covered, too.

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The hash brown McMuffin sounds intriguing, as it adds one of those hot, greasy, delicious fried potato patties onto a standard sausage and egg McMuffin. It's simple, but it would absolutely work well.

The final item? Surf and turf.

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The surf and turf is a double cheeseburger combined with a Filet-o-Fish. It's like a toned down version of the Land, Air & Sea.

For my money, it's the least exciting of the four secret items.

What's the catch?

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We told you there's a catch, and we weren't kidding. It's hidden somewhat in the fine print, but you can see it right there.

That's right: you have to assemble this stuff yourself. You're basically just getting standard items, but McD's is encouraging you to combine them.


While it's fun to see a fast food chain officially embrace some of the secret menu items that customers have been ordering for years, it's disappointing that they won't put the items together for you.

And as writer Bill Oakley pointed out on Twitter, it's not terribly convenient for a business that's so focused on drive-thru.

It's still kinda cool, I guess.

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Now that I know McDonald's won't craft me an official Land, Air & Sea, I'm not especially eager to hit up my nearest drive-thru.

What do you think? Let us know what your favorite secret menu items are in the comments!